Sunday, August 25, 2019

Donald Trump that Money Givn' Away Fool

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have to admit, in I am coming around to that Donald Trump's way of thinking in he is a money givin' away fool.

Think of the trillions he gave away to Wall Street in his tax package.

Think of the billions he gave away to Visa Vermin in bringing them to America to replace Americans.

Think of how much Ivanka and Jared cost us in working for free, but always tagging along on hundred millions dollar overseas vacations.

That old folks Donald Trump has got it all down in a money givin' away fool.

I noticed that he has been busy giving away to cripple vets, a couple of hundred million dollars.

It seems like everyone is  getting free money except Americans. Those Afroids really got their hands in the  till for the democrats in them slave reparations, but you know I checked in the first slaves in America were all White and Asian, so on a first come first serve basis, the way I read it, the Scots and Irish are going to be getting more money than coons. Yes everyone is getting free money.

This all got me  thinking, in I really don't appreciate a bunch of cripples from the military getting money as it like those 9 11 hucksters getting hundreds of millions of dollars to whore around. No one forces these people into those jobs, so why in hell do they get first crack at the hog trough?
As for Afroids, I mean geez louise if you ain't smart enough to run from Obama's Nigger family in Kenya the hundredth time they haul your kin away to be slaves, you really aren't that bright and maybe being a slave is about the best thing that happened to your dumb ass.
Personally I would be ashamed if I was coloured, as who wants to be known as the folk that Obama's Lua in Kenya put the jungle vines on and sold to Arabs, Portuguese and English, because you could not resist a banana in a cage trap.

Well any way, lots of people have no shame when it comes to money, so I thought I would like to submit a group of people who should be getting a few billion dollars. In that, I want President Trump to set aside reparations or payments for big titted women.

Does any one of you have one argument why Raquel Welch should not get 200 million dollars for having big tits?

I mean look at her. She just deserves it. She make you feel good. She make you feel secure. She just is comforting with those large breasts. She has done more for the world than an Everest size mountain of comforters.

I want to stipulate in this though, that you don't get big titty payments if your ass is Michelle Obama sized, as hulks do not qualify. There have to be standards in this and when your measurements are 34 - 45 - 89 that is nothing comforting, but just ghastly ass stuff. Your reward is all them eclairs you Oprah pounded on your fat ass. No mam, no way is America going to be paying for fatty tits like Oprah when she is padded with the donuts compared to someone like Ann Margaret who is carrying the full load.

See that is the deal in this, it is quite a burden to have big tits. Women should get something for carrying them around as you will notice that big  titted women are always friendly, but them small titters are always snarly in the parking lot. Maybe the small titters would grow tits like the Grinch if they just had warm hearts of goodness, instead of hating the world and driving men away, in all they had to do is smile and by the end of the year they would go from A to D by just being pleasant.

I am not limiting this reparation to American women alone. Rachel Ward should get money as she is just wonderful.

In that there, have to  be limits, as liike Ivanka Kushner, she just does nothing for the cause with her fake titties. For that matter, I like Melania a whole lot, but her tits are not comforting. Barron looks like he was cut off after 2 minutes of nursing. I mean a kid can only suck so fast, and women should be rewarded who are pleasantly breasted and have breasts which brought smiles to children's faces.

So Dawn Wells is obviously a woman who will get the 200 million dollars, as everyone knows after Raquel Welch, she has been masturbated to by more males than any woman on the planet. See Raquel only did movies, but Dawn was on in reruns every afternoon, and when you think of the afternooners, that woman has had an ocean of cum poured out for her. She has earned her 200 million for comforting so many men who were having a bad day.

Now there were other women like Nichelle Nichols and Grace Whitney on Star Trek who have done there share, but they just were not in every episode so did not get the hang time that Dawn or Raquel did. One wonders about Betty Rubble, but no Donald Trump is not going to pay for cartoon characters or who knows what Hanna Barbera would be submitting.

Oh yes Peggy McIntaggart, she is in the group of large comforting breasts, in that niche group of women who comforted, when Dawn and Raquel were not on television. There are hosts of these women, and while I do not think they should get the 200 million, they should of course  have like ten million to tide them over, as the economy does need stimulating and what better stimulation would there be than large comforting breasted women, purchasing new cars, fur coats and firearms, for example, to help the American economy.


So that is my petition to that money givin' away fool of Donald Trump. In the next round, I want big titted women to get reparations. All of can agree that they are a group who we  have all been comforted by and everyone treats them like me, in they like what they see, but forget to make  tip before going out the door to pay for the pizza.

That is what I think on all of this money being giving away, as it is going to people I don't want to give it to. I want money to go to groups of people who have actually done something I appreciate. Why should large breasted women who have fed the world, be penalized for being overlooked and an afterthought and all these rescuers, cripples and coons get all the attention. I mean how hard is it to run into a building with smoke at 75,000 dollars a year? It can't be that hard to be a war cripple as lots of them are around. Being black seems a bit easy to as I see lots of them around and that does not wash off. It would be different if black washed off, as there would be some work to it.
No sister, the most deserving of reparations are big titted women. They have to grow them, carry them, and have a blessed responsibility in people expect them always to comfort them.

It is time for Donald Trump to start giving away money to women with large comforting breasts.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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