Thursday, August 22, 2019

Lolita Express on Line 1 Mr. Clinton, Line 2, Mr. Obama for the Boy Butt Club

She looked 18 to you too for a 14 year old right?

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Most Citizens have no idea that the creedo of the Secret Service is to keep  their mouths shut and to never tell the secrets of those they protect. In that, there have been stories featured in Pedo Island in Jeffrey Epstein, that Bill Clinton was along for the ride. Secret Service Agents are trained observers, meaning the detachment of Agents who accompanied William Jefferson Blythe Clinton to Pedo Island, know what was going on there, due to the fact that it is their job to scope out the entire compound and ALL the people who are there.

For the record, Prince Andrew of England was on Pedo Island. He is protected by British Secret Service, in other words, they know what crimes were taking place there, as much as Mosaad, in this blackmail island.

So it does not matter whether Agents were on all the Clinton trips to Pedo Island, because they were there, they heard things, saw things, and there IS a coordination of information with other intelligence agencies to carry out security operations for ex presidents.

The Secret Service knows what happened with Jeffrey Epstein as much as Bill Clinton.

For those who have forgotten, in the infamous Wikileaks emails, there is an exchange between Hillary Clinton and others lamenting the leaving of a "trained" Secret Service Agent who Hamrod and Hillary really liked. Liked is the key word in this, because this Agent was trusted in they had witnessed what was going on behind the scenes and was keeping their mouth shut.

BOMBSHELL! Hillary Clinton Pedophile Sex Ring Continues to be ...

This update is in regards to the private emails of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin found on the computer of Huma's pedophile husband, Anthony Weiner. The files in the folder named "Life Insurance" contained emails that revealed bombshell evidence that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin are running a pedophile sex ring. Out of the 650,000

There is an interesting side note to this story in there was reportedly found on Anthony Wiener's laptop a clip of a snuff film involving Huma and Hillary. The reason it is mentioned here is, Snopes and Fact Check deployed resources to knock this story down, and did so in a most unconvincing manner.
Most of these stories are ignored, so it makes one wonder just what was involved in this story that the forces of perversion moved to try and call it a hoax.

Tell them I look younger naked in the video...

If the regime is serious about getting to the bottom of Jeffrey Epstein, there are a dozen Secret Service Agents, who are the best in the world, who have a great deal of information in this. They have to file reports. Their itineraries are set a week in advance. There have to be lists of names of people and places where the individuals or groups are being protected. There are records in this and those records have not yet been examined, in Hillary Clinton's emails nor in Bill Clinton at Pedo Island.

Just stating the facts to Attorney General William Barr.

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