Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Losting the Avocado Virgin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Tonight it is June 28th, and I have lost my avocado virgin.

In a place where salt and pepper are exotic spices, my healthy diet is things like milkweed pods, cat tail shoots or lambsquarter wilted in beef bullion and onion.

I believe that avocados are like most thing's Californians in not a whole lot there for all of the hype. They remind of bear turds really, and while I do not make it a habit of rolling bear turds in my fingers  having eaten baby calf shit, that is  about the consistency, with a slightly fresher flavor than bacteria decomposing milk.

My reason for them is they were on sale, and I see young girls walking out with bags of them, which is why young girls are walking out with bags of them as they do not know what a food group is.

Maybe they might be good in a dip, but the dip would need things in it like bacon and cheese, but then I wonder if the green stuff would make you think on chips, "Why is this green shit in there and it is not all bacon and cheese".

So there were not OH GOD moments in this, is disgust or rapture. There was only this reaction which most people have in discovering California on their doorstep, of "I know it looks better on television", and I hope it stays there.

Nuff Said