Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Untouchable Trump Standard

 In Trump they Trust

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Donald Trump's economy is meeting the correction of the natural forces of his GBG, Governing By Goldman Sachs. There are predictions in this. Rural America who have farm economies will be in recession, because  even with Trump hand out of 15 billion dollars to millionaire farmers, those funds are "break even" funds.
That means farmers will not have money to service their massive debts, will not be propping up John Deere with equipment purchases, nor expanding their operations in purchasing land.
Rural  America is fixed to meet the housing implosion in farmers are going to have to begin attempting to sell of land to survive. It is the catch 22 in renters are carrying massive debt, and will have debt remaining. They are gambling on holding grain reserves as prices stagnate, against debt interest rates.
HAARP and Trump trade wars have doomed the last bastion of production in rural America.

Protfolios are being looted, meaning the normal investors are losing capital, while the investment houses are reaping billions in markets plunging. If one listens to the exact conversation, it is a 10 year window of profits being targeted. 
The markets have lost 2 years of profits, and that means 8 years are left. There are rumors of a gold standard which is impossible at these inflationary prices, as it would make Russia, China and the Rothschild cartel trillionaires. In order to produce a gold standard, a global war would have to take place defeating Eurasia. The competitors must be first removed before the devaluation of portfolios is complete.

“If you don’t need that money in the next couple of years, you shouldn’t worry about this,” says Tom Fredrickson, a certified financial planner in Brooklyn, N.Y. “Anyone who has been in the market has already made a lot of money—look at how much the stock market has been up this year, and over the past 10 years. A couple of percent decline is just a blip.”
For those who worry about further declines, however, Fredrickson says there are steps you can take.
“If you do the need money, or you can’t sleep at night, you should rethink whether you need so much of your money in the stock market,” he says. “Then you may want to tap some of your gains and put more in bonds and cash.”

The markets have lost 1/10th of their value in a few days. In 12 days the markets would have zero value at all. Remember in this, that the conglomerates even if all their stock value was wiped out, would still be of value, only the market shares of investors would vanish.
You do not fully comprehend stock markets in what they are. They are only pieces of company you trust your money to. You do not own a brick or a piece of equipment. All you are purchasing is a promise of value in trading, a value in trading which pays only a percentage of that investment each year in a dividend.

To put this in terms you can understand. You give someone on the street 50,000 dollars, on their promise to pay you next year 500 dollars for using your money any way they please. That is the stock market, and if the market drops or the company does not make a profit, you get nothing and your 50,000 could be worth 100 dollars in a collapse.

The huge market drop was triggered by the intensifying trade war between the U.S. and China. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down nearly 800 points, or close to 3 percent. The broader S&P 500 and tech-heavy Nasdaq also fell in the 3 to 4 percent range. 

The United States is in a non shooting war with most of the world. The stock market fraud in a nation like China is a money laundering and amplification Ponzi scheme, which keeps the chinamen from rising up and hanging the Forbidden City frauds. There comes a time in this war that China is pressured as Japan and German in World War to use military might to strike the United States as China's ability to use economic power to have the few rule the billions.

China is in depression. It has already looted itself by manufacturing tons of merchandise and putting it into warehouses.  The keys to Chinese vulnerability is where Donald Trump for the money men are striking. Oil and investment in  the markets.

Chinese oil is being paid for in gold, through Iran and laundered into Europe. The gold is finite, as much as the markets in the value of the Chinese currency being propped up by artificial manipulation. That is why Trump is striking the Yuan. Collapse the Yuan by devaluation and Chinese currency becomes inflationary, or worthless. That makes China worthless.

That is why Hong Kong riots are being fomented. China attempts to send in troops, and Hong Kong collapses as the golden egg flowing money into Peking. That kind of unrest  costs the PLA a fortune, and China begins fighting Cantonese, not Americans, Koreans or Japanese.

The United States can survive such trade wars in the Nazi conglomerate control. What is required though is the Dayton Ohio and El Paso Texas shootings, bring about the Trump deep state laws, obliterating the Constitution, in progressing fast executions and transforming Americans into hate criminals for being loyal to American values.
The same FDR criminalization of Charles Lindbergh being against the second World War as a traitor, is the same "White Supremacist" charge which will indict all. The White population is the one which is targeted as the problem by the Trump State, as it was by the Clintons, Obamas and Bush's as it is the segment which is historically armed, capable of organized resistance and defeating the regime. Hence it must be targeted before the shit hits the fan, to make them Japanese internment guilty for simply breathing the air.
There are far too many, so Lindbergh scapegoats will have to be produced to intimidate the mass population of Whites. The structure is one which reflects the German American majority of 2 world wars. What must be promoted is White Supremacy as a crime, so the population condemns itself, and covers itself with a Trump red, white and blue.

All of these events are interconnected.  British MI6 is running a propaganda operation against Americans as they ran one against Donald Trump. This time Mr. Trump is their loyalist in Benedict Arnold espousing the London Line, and his reward is the 2020 election as America is transformed, to the very things which are the new "conspiracy theory" in the manufactured New Zealand manifesto that Whites are being replaced, which they are, but for Whites to state that fact which appears in liberal press, criminalizes them as hate criminals and enemies of the state to be spied on by Facebook, reported and prosecuted by the DOJ, for what was tweeted as broad blanket executions.

This is all the same spider web. The threads all connect. Your thread in this whether right or left wing, is factored in, just as China is. The sovereignty of Republican States in balanced budgets is being targeted in this as Obama targeted those states for flooding or oil spills. Their economies are being crippled as Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota has stated. In observations of the CIA media in South Dakota, Governor Noem continues to be smeared, but John Thune in supporting Donald Trump is championed in his policies.

The Trump dictatorship is establishing itself in Alyssa Milano and Meathead Reiner leftist socialism. Donald Trump is about to release Trumpcare as Obamacare. The borders are open.  Republicans are being named as White Supremacist criminals for wanting to protect the things they have worked for and built for generations.
Sebastian Kurz would be indicted for hate crimes in the United States for what he has said as Chancellor in Austria.  Donald Trump's Kushner media AltRight rhetoric of 2016 would indict him in 2019, but as he is meant to transform the White Protestants to go quietly into the night, his security agencies are being ordered to monitor and define people as criminals before a crime is even committed. Exactly as Peking has enacted, but the problem with Peking is failure to hand over the profits it has gleaned from Americans.

The problem with Americans is they are refusing to get into the pen to hand over what is left of their existences.  The solution in this is stock market fractures in both the world and Americans. Americans, American states can all be neutralized by portfolio collapse as that is what funds retirement benefits.

In one day, the reality of a Tavistock manifesto in New Zealand espousing White Replacement has become defined as a hate crime of White Supermacy of anyone who notes that the liberal press has stated that White culture will soon be in the minority.

The whole world is moving to this, whether it is Charles Lindbergh saying NO in the 21st century or not. It is already established.  People must not act out in frustration or fears, as that will get you into trouble, as trouble is being advocated now for thinking things the New York Times has posted celebrating a race's demise.

What you have been presented again are online published effects, which are cause and effect. Drop and apple and it falls. Link China and American shootings, and the US economy and a patter emerges which projects out to logical results, which Webster Griffin Tarpley stated were being planned for.

It is not logical to allow events to make you fearful or react in ways which would get you into legal trouble. Knowledge allows one to step back and not be sucked into situations which you desire not to be a part of. It is why I advocate a Faith in Christ for stability, and to build your bridges to things you can control, and as you can not stop the sun from rising, you can not stop powerful people from engaging in the things Christ will Judge them for later.

All of this is best dealt with as watching it the way the powerful people do as theater and then going on with your gardening, having a beer, watching a movie, but you say your prayers and have a good night's sleep.

The reason for the above is those who are engaged in this, desire you to be emotional, not thinking, and allowing yourself to be manipulated.

So be aware and behave.

Nuff Said.