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The Chesters and the Cheeseman

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With the latest round of gun control hysteria over drug induced violence, and there being no calls for Drug Control, the Mockingbird operation of the CIA to so intimidate citizens with tin foil hat smears in just wondering how these events always come out of nowhere, always have political agendas waiting in the wings, and always come in multiples for effect, and the disappear, and mentioning a government program like MK Ultra, that no what is left of independent journalism will not examine what really happens to a pedophile like Jeffrey Epstein or what is a thread of connections in just how these shooters appear, in where is the funding coming from.

I am not stating that the Dayton and El Paso shootings were state sponsored terrorism. I am stating though that when I see a massive push for gun control now from democrats when Obama did nothing but make a fortune for the NRA to waste and for foreign conglomerates selling guns to Americans, that something has changed and that is state generated and it is coming from some place.

When this blog exclusively revealed the strange degrees of separation between the assassination of Ronald Reagan and the shootings in Dayton Ohio, it begged for follow up in just how all of this funding mechanism works, as not all is Stefan Halper framing Donald Trump out of John Brennan's CIA and being paid off out of the Pentagon leaving money trails. In most instances the funding is off book, which comes from foundations, or from the meticulous funneling of money to certain private companies who are not under Congressional oversight, and who then provide the safe haven for intelligence operations.

The book on the Bush family is they were bag men for Brown Harriman, and that is how this group rose to power, but in George HW Bush, something changed as his father, Prescott, was the guiding hand behind Dwight Eisenhower and Prescott treated Richard Nixon like his own private imp.

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The Coincidence of Presidential Assassinations and Mass Murder

It was in the Bush family who moved into Texas that we began to witness and off funding apparatus be established beyond Chicago and New York. The reason in the Kennedy assassination there was such a hot bed of rumors of Cuba and Texas oil men funding overthrows with the mob, was the CIA was using those accounts in Texas to run operations the Kennedy brothers were instigating.

 A President does not have to tell Congress and the CIA Director can claim ignorance in white lies, if asked by Congress if the CIA is running an operation, when it is someone else who is making the inroads into that arena of American policy.

One of the most destructive policies was the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, for creating Militant Islam in Shia Iran, which was British MI6 in their agent Khomeini who hijacked the revolution. The American CIA was in constant contact with Khomeini as they were Sheik bin Laden.  For all of the theater of Iran and the bloodshed of Americans, the American and British globalist obtained exactly what they wanted in the Islamocommunists of Iran. The reason Iran is still a regime, still laundering money to select western leftists and international bankers, is because of just that reason. Iran is a cash cow.

Iran just did not happen. It was a decade long operation, and in this CIA Director George Bush was at the helm setting things up in Iran, just before the Shah was deposed by Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Carter hid behind Human Rights for his operations, which  were nothing more than creating Islamic terror as a war tool against the Soviet Union
In those tools though from bin Laden to the assassin of Ronald Reagan, America has bled, and in that John Hinkley was part of an Iranian revolutionary group operating in the United States. Hinkley's family was  friends with the Bush family. Again, I am not stating this was a Bush operation, but people who wanted HW Bush in the White House were behind this, and for some reason from the Kennedy assassination to Reagan's the people behind this always found a way to link the Bush family to the events to make the squirm.

John Hinkley was connected to a Khomeini pro terror group. Again where does the money come from for these front groups, but the same funding which overthrew the Czar in Russia for communists. What is most interesting is John Hinkley had two targets in Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.
Hinkley was caught stalking Carter, but let go, where he then shot President Reagan, in a strange event again where a shot came from the hotel at Reagan from the Secret Service. There has always been speculation that the shot which almost killed Ronald Reagan, did not come from a deflected shot from Hinkley, but from security.

In short, just like Abraham Lincoln, British MI6 tried to take out Jimmy Carter and almost took out Ronald Reagan in more London intrigue which would have silenced Carter and would have installed George HW Bush as President.

Magestic 12 Research

For that very same day, John Hinckley's older brother, Scott, had a dinner date with an old friend of the family: Neil Bush, son of the vice president

In the NBC special reports aired immediately after the shooting, correspondent Judy Woodruff said that at least one shot was fired from the hotel, above Reagan's limousine. She later elaborated, saying a Secret Service agent had fired that shot from the hotel overhang.
Either way, Woodruff's account might explain how a slug managed to strike Reagan when his limo's bulletproof door stood between him and Hinckley.

According to conspiratologist Barbara Honegger, White House correspondent Sarah McClendon made the somewhat more subjective comment that Reagan's Secret Service retinue wasn't in its "usual tight formation" around Reagan in front of the Hilton

According to press reports, at the time of the shooting he was dosed with Valium.

 Hinckley sure got around. In October 1980, he had flown to Nebraska in an attempt to contact a member of the American Nazi Party. Columnist Jack Anderson later claimed that Hinckley had ties to an American faction of the pro-Khomeini "Islamic Guerrilla Army." According to conspiracy author Barbara Honegger, a member of that group told Anderson he had warned the Secret Service about Hinckley's designs on Reagan - two months before the shooting. If Anderson's source is to be believed, the Secret Service did nothing to stop the Jihad-happy gunman.

The day after his Nazi-seeking mission, Hinckley flew to Nashville to stalk Jimmy Carter, but was arrested at the airport when authorities discovered three handguns in his suitcase. Oddly, after only five hours in custody, this unstable character - who had attempted to transport weapons across state lines and into a city soon to be visited by the president of the United States - was fined and released without further ado. Even more oddly, the authorities apparently didn't bother to examine his journal, which in Dear Diary fashion, detailed Hinckley's plans to kill Carter

It is all in the history of this ascension of George HW Bush, that a London led terror group, which was having cover run for it by American intelligence, was unleashing a wolf pack of assassins inside the United States. The Shah's son was murdered as was his press attache outside his home. What was uncovered in this funded terror operation inside the United States was that the Muslim sounding terrorists were ALL Americans.

United Press International

Rollini told the Secret Service two months before the attempted assassination of the president -- in which Reagan, press secretary James Brady, a Secret Service agent and a policeman were injured -- that 'Hicks' had been arrested for illegal firearms possession in Nashville and would try to kill the president, the article said.
A second gunman, known as 'Brother Yussef,' also was sent to kill the president, it said.
The Islamic Guerrilla Army is the same group suspected in the murder of a former press aide to the Iranian Embassy, Ali Akbar Tabatabai, outside his suburban Maryland home on July 22, 1980.
The article said the FBI and Secret Service still are investigating Rollini's story, but that a '50-page Secret Service report makes it clear that Rollini knew in advance' of the assassination attempt.

Ali Akbar Tabatabai

Already in 1981 AD in the year of our Lord, it was known that 200 Persian assassins answering to London, were operational in targeting the Shah's people and had just tried to take out President Ronald Reagan.

Jeffrey Steinberg

EIR began reporting that Iranian exile sources had discovered an influx of Khom­eini's
killers into the United States. By late June, an estimated 200 Iranian-linked terrorists were reportedly operating from the continental United States.

As stated, all the Americans in this operation, had their names changed to Muslim names. None of you reading this has probably ever heard of this story as it was covered up as it was this monumental in all that was connected with the assassination of President Ronald Reagan.

Washington Post

The indictment alleged a conspiracy in which four Northwest Washington men, all of them Americans and two of whom had been identified before, planned and carried out the execution-style slaying of Tabatabai, an outspoken critic of Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
The indictment charges that Daoud Salahuddin, 30, who was serving as a security guard for the Iranian government representatives here, obtained a U.S. Postal Service vehicle, went to Tabatabai's home disguised as a postman, lured him to the door then shot Tabatabai and fled the country.
It alleges that Ahmed Rauf, 36, helped Salahuddin obtain the mail truck and later disposed of the murder weapon. Salahuddin, also known as David Belfield, and Rauf, also known as Horace A. Butler, had been named earlier in connection with the shooting.
The indictment also charged that Ali Abdul-Mani, 26, also known as Lee Curtis Manning, rented the vehicle used for the escape, and that William Caffee Jr., 34, also known as Kalid, wiped the car clean of fingerprints and abandoned it in the District.
Salahuddin was driven to the Montreal airport after the shooting and boarded a flight to Geneva, the indictment said. He is now believed to be living in Tehran.

But again, what kind of connecting thread is in this in who provides the funding for these operations as 200 terrorists are not easy keepers in how much money this requires.

The most notable example is Zapata Oil, a rather mysterious oil drilling company which was run by two Bush presidents. The short on Zapata is it began life in the 1950's with the help of the CIA, and was managed by Prescott Bush's son, George HW.

In Zapata, there are the shadowy Kennedy and post Kennedy years, when their records were mysteriously destroyed as were Obama's records. Those were the years that the CIA  was pumping money into Zapata, after an infusion by Harriman to start this above black operation of the CIA.



The company was started with assistance from Allen Dulles and (fellow bonesmen) H. Neil Mallon and Bush's maternal uncle, George Herbert Walker Jr, an investment banker, who put up the capital. Walker was instrumental in bringing in others such as Eugene Meyer (owner of the Washington Post, who investments were handled by Brown Brothers Harriman). A CIA internal memo dated November 29, 1975 confirmed that Zapata Petroleum began in 1953 through Bush's joint efforts with Thomas J. Devine, a CIA staffer who had resigned his agency position that same year to go into private business, but who continued to work for the CIA under commercial cover.

If you desire to know Zapata, the place to understand all is the name NOLA, an oil drilling rig, along with the four other rigs the CIA was maintaining under George HW Bush. Bush would deploy these rigs in some of the most interesting locations. Obama's Indonesia experienced  Nola III drilling there, as did the Shah of Iran.
Kuwait was the main source in the Gulf, yes where America would be led into war over Kuwait and Saddam Hussein  after HW told Hussein to invade Kuwait.
Everywhere that Nola III went America  has experienced massive political shockwaves in the following years.
Zapata was a money laundering front, an espionage platform, and a CIA off book revenue generator, just like CBS and  most of the American media was overeas and promoting leftism in America in the Mockingbird program. Zapata oil was the Nazi state or National Socialism in action for the deep state.

Zapata Oil | Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing - eBooks ...

In 1988, a Bush spokesman claimed that the deal lasted only from March to September 1960. However, Zapata sold the oil-drilling rig Nola I to Pemargo in 1964. John Sherwood, who led the CIA's anti-Castro operations in the early 1960s, said that Zapata Offshore was used as a conduit to fund these operations, in the guise of oil contracts.

 Phantom CIA Oil Drilling Fleet
The “Torry” was then replaced by Zapata’s “Investigator” and “Nola III” barges for the remainder of the JAPEX drilling campaign, including four wells on the ill-fated “Gurame” structure further to the north offshore Aceh, where well A-1 blew out with the resulting fire lasting “several months” (but that’s another story).

Zapata is the exposed heel of one of the CIA's operations. It is telling and damning, because where HW went, American policy followed and was  instigated. If you watch the George HW Bush coup against Ronald Reagan, the tell tale markers of the CIA off book funding appear all throughout. George HW Bush was CIA Director and the CIA adored him for reasons which never have been explained. Bush41 brought that same mindset to the Vice Presidency. When President Reagan issued an order to rescue hostages and to support moderates in Iran, he had no idea that Poppy Bush was working with Mosaad and British MI6, in what would become Col. Oliver North being the point man for Bush41 in Iran Contra.

The same CIA Mosaad operatives all appear in the Mideast for this set up. The same funding appears from the Sultan of Brunei, a Muslim. The reason the Sultan appeared and was provided Playboy centerfolds was because Zapata oil drilled in Brunei and made the Sultan a billionaire. When Poppy needed money, he went to the old CIA off book money vaults that he had helped established.

“During 1964, NOLA III worked for Kuwait Shell Petroleum Development Company and Continental Oil Company,” Bush wrote in his 1964 annual report. So the Sultan of Brunei and the Emir of Kuweit were indeed Bush’s business partners.

Surveying the world market for drilling rigs, Bush pointed out that “discoveries off the coast of Nigeria are drawing rigs to that area.” There was also the recent discovery of oil in the North Sea, with the result that, “during the summer, the United Kingdom leased a vast area off its east coast for offshore exploration.”

Bush observed. There was also the Persian Gulf, where “a major lease sale off the Northern Coast of the Persian Gulf is being completed by the Iranian government as this report goes to press.” “All of these developments are expected to have a beneficial effect on Zapata’s business over the next several years,” Bush concluded.

In the above by Webster Griffin Tarpley, a man who really says too much about everything, you can see how this entire thread of CIA Zapata generated the fortune for the Bush family, the Queen, MI6 and the CIA.
The North Sea deposits became the cornerstone of US and British monetary policy to create cheap oil, to free up money to  topple the Soviet Union. And who was there with his cronies to loot Russia and so inflame the Russians that oligarch KGB head appeared in Vladimir Putin, none other than George HW Bush and his British cronies.

The first acts of Putin were to throw out the British oligarchs who fled to London. Putin threw out the Mosaad out of South Osetia and threw the Americans out of Ukraine. Every tug of the line of  the framing of Donald Trump in Pissgate, from MI6, Mosaad and the CIA, all goes to this period of funding set up by HW Bush to loot Russia.

Tarpley's world view needs updating though, as he is still spreading the "White Hatred" commentary, as this is not about Whites but about Christian Protestants of the Israelite line, being vanquished by the imported tanskins who are Islam and Jesuit, leaving only the ivory tower patricians alive and in control, for when the robots replace the  tanskins, who are introduced by the cartel into Europe and America as a two legged viral cancer to eat the  host nations alive.

By any definition a racist like Bush might offer, the white race, or more precisely the Anglo-Saxon race, is a small and dwindling minority of humanity. Nevertheless, the compulsive imperative of the London-New York financiers is their commitment to Anglo-Saxon domination of the planet. This means that in the view of the financiers, non-whites and non-Anglo-Saxons must be prevented from multiplying inside the imperial homeland and if possible decimated, so as to avoid challenges to Anglo-Saxon financier rule.

This is why Stefan Halper has not been charged, as he is part of this shadowlands which is in operation and initiating all sorts of operations to generate the news to direct politics and to distract the public.

Halper was part of the team which was assigned to make sure that George HW Bush  was to be elected as Vice President.

It all connects and is the same funding apparatus from the shadows.

You really think that two mass shooters by coincidence like all the others that appeared before in groups, just happened to choose the same day to unleash, after a softening up shot was unleashed in California to prime the pump?

Stefan Halper 

It all connects, whether it is the United States Navy off New York being blamed for shooting down TWA 800, when it was the Persian operatives again to give the Clintons something to juggle, to an incident in Las Vegas which is still being covered up.

 World Net Daily

One of them has finally done so. He recently said in an interview that I recorded that he was on the deck of a [surfaced] Navy submarine very close to the crash site and saw TWA 800 shot down.

He was brought to my attention by an acquaintance of his who told me that this retired Navy petty officer had said he was "underneath TWA 800 when he saw a missile hit it and the 747 explode overhead." He had told this acquaintance that he had given a statement to the FBI when they returned to their port, and that the FBI had checked all their torpedo tubes and all their missile silos to make sure they had all the missiles on board that they had when they left port. Asked if there were other military vessels in the area, he had said, "Yes, several."
Our newly found talker was on one of those submarines. The Navy claims that it was at least 80 miles from the crash site, but he says it was very close, and that is confirmed by the radar tracks. In our taped interview, he was more guarded than he had been with his acquaintance. He said he didn't want to do anything that might "mess up" his retirement.
He said he saw "something come up." "I don't know what in the hell it was," he said, "but that's what it looked ..." Not completing what he started to say, he said, "You know, something went up." He estimated that it went up about a mile from his location, which was only a few miles from the shore. He said there were a couple of other subs nearby. When told that the radar tracks of all three disappeared because they submerged when the plane went down, he said, "Yeah, that's what we did."
He acknowledged that a number of Navy vessels were heading for W-105, a large area of the ocean south of Long Island that is used for naval maneuvers. He said that nothing they did off Long Island was classified, but he was not comfortable in discussing it.

 This blog stated that inquiry into the matrix pointed to Persian operatives who turned the tables on surveillance against them, by hiring Latin mafia  to shoot up that city. Iran is quite broke, so where is the money coming from in all of  these operations?
For certain reasons  Obama Inc pulled the clandestine funding for General Electric  and without that revenue this American defense giant is folding hard. 
The money though is still there and the money is still flowing to operations by the same carte. 

It is the Chesters and the Cheeseman as it has been for the past 200 years.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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