Monday, August 5, 2019

The MI6 Slaughters of El Paso and Dayton

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If you have not noticed, even after being alerted her, the same cartel which created the Pissgate coup against Donald Trump out of London's MI6 has been the group who have been pushing the smear propaganda for gun control in the United States and blaming White People again out of the Queen's Court.

This is the Tavistock Institute at work along with Stanford mind control of the infamous Col. Edward Lansdale protocols to overthrow nations.

NBC featured this headline which is bogus, as the writer from London deliberately lies to the readers about the shooters in El Paso and Dayton. The Lame Cherry will inform you exactly who these shooters are as the media has published who these people are.

After El Paso, Dayton shootings, world media warns about right-wing extremism in U.S.

"U.S. in the midst of a white nationalist terrorism crisis," ran a headline in one foreign newspaper.

While the motive of the man who killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio, is still unclear, the alleged shooter in El Paso, Texas, is believed to have posted online an anti-Latino, anti-immigrant screed before the attack.

The shooter in Dayton, was a liberal, atheist who stated he would vote for Elizabeth Warren. This person also stated he was going to hell, and also stated that chose to use Obama Stalin violence to achieve socialism in America, and not wait for the ballot box.
In short, the Dayton shooter was a LEFTIST.

The El Paso shooter espouses the same ideology which appeared out of New Zealand in another Tavistock Institute event. The crux of the factual data presented, is that which is embraced by the phantom "extreme right in America". The problem with that is the extreme right in America is the National Socialists, who are dwindling in number, except for the paid numbers of FBI and BATFE moles who keep posting things on those sites, just as German intelligence is behind the spiking of stories linked to the "right wing" in Germany.

The short of this is, the El Paso shooter was part of the 8 Chan sponsored CIA Mockingbird propaganda, which is all AltRight, or LEFTISTS.

There was not one White Nationalist involved in these shootings. They were both Caucasian, but were at extremes of this Nazi Communist spectrum of the left. The Dayton shooter was an Obama resistance revolutionary community organized communist. The El Paso shooter was a socialist whose shattered America Dreams triggered him to strike at what was presented to him by the Mockingbird media.

So both of these triggered shooters in one being an anti moralists in Dayton and the other being a moralist in El Paso, were produced by the same rhetoric of Frank Davis Marshall and Bill Ayers. Remember Bill Ayers had Black men raping Jewish girls infatuated with him. Marshall just raped White girls and molested little Obama boys.

The Tavistock media is producing a false narrative, knowing the moron will accept it, and then studying the known response of media outlets as this one refuting the propaganda with facts, which is designed to increase the vulnerability of people by Tavistock to generate more of these events.

SERIOUSLY, MI6 had a hand in the exploitation of Dayton and El Paso, to further rip apart the United States. The please of Republicans and Democrats to work together is code for deep state Nazi conglomerate traitors to shepherd in the leftist rule of America as Webster Griffin Tarpley predicted three years ago in America would be Nazi or Marxist.

Those are the facts in this and just like Pissgate, the shootings in America are being exploited by British MI6 against the United States.

It is time for Donald Trump to be President of the United States and inform Prime Minister Bojo that the War of 1812 is going to be finished on American terms if he does not hand over the MI6 agents making war against the United States, and the bombing starts in a declaration of war in the next month.

These are acts of war against the United States, they are continued, designed to destabilize America and begin a war between America and Russia.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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