Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Return of JMV

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I hesitate to bring this up, because everyone thinks Jan Michael Vincent died, but as was reported here, JMV reported heroically to President Donald Trump to volunteer to track down and bring to justice another person who faked their death and fled to Vietnam in John the hero McCain.

There have been signs of JMV's work in earthquakes which were really Airwolf being flown into deep underground caverns, and igniting methane with Airwolf's rocket engines and causing massive explosions and John McCain's lair bunker is no place that he can hide from JMV.

I have mentioned that JMV put his life on the line, in taking fountain of youth waters and potions, mixed with gourmet beers like Hamms and Schmidt. It is in this that the Lame Cherry must produce this exclusive as JMV made an appearance in the brier patch.

It happened like this.

A few weeks ago a Vietnam Veteran, approached me and asked if I knew anything about helicopters.  I naturally claimed I did not. He then went on to relate that a two prop herc had flown in, circled the hospital, and then flew off.

I thought nothing of it until the events of today, but I know now that the herc was really Airwolf with a second prop for cover as JMV had come to the brier patch.

It was today in doing a good deed for the uncle, in we spent 6 hours waiting for his vehicle to be repaired, after 3 hours the day before, that we were being treated to a cold drink, when who should sit down by us, but a young Jan Michael Vincent.

I did not notice at first as I only have eyes for TL, but as this person made a point of walking around the place, and I looked into his eyes, and knew it was Jan Michael Vincent as a 16 year old boy.

Of course this was JMV having done all he could for America in taking a youth serum in his secret mission for President Donald Trump in bringing John the hero McCain to justice.

Now I hope he does not go ovum on us or became the original semen wiggler as he has taken off like 60 years since his faked death. So if this does not stop, he is like going to be a conceived egg in a few more weeks.

I know John the hero McCain is hoping that if he waits it out, that he will be dealing with JMV as an egg sack as a crippled old light saber cocksucking traitor. I have faith though in JMV being so testosterone loaded that he will not be able to get past the puberty barrier as he has like man hormones coursing through his veins like most people have like 6 pints of blood, but JMV has like 10 gallons of testosterone in the 6 pints.
JMV is like sleeping in sheets and his sweat makes the cotton sprout roots and he has a crop like overnight.

Is it any wonder that Airwolf has two props after JMV was flying her.

So I knew this was JMV, letting me know he is hot on the trail and knows that I have his back while he lays out the plan for capturing John the hero McCain.
I have been humbled by it all, as who else would JMV choose as the greatest television actor ever, but me. It gives me hope when President Trump enlists Joaquin Phoenix to save the world, the way Joaquin Phoenix saved the Batman franchise that Ben Affleck obliterated, that Joaquin Phoenix the greatest actor ever, will visit me in the brier patch on this top secret mission, as he knows I will have his back too.

So there you have it, the proof of JMV being alive, and proof he is on a secret mission for President Trump.

This is top secret so please do not share this private information in a private conversation.

Nuff Said.