Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Trump Fat Stocks

I heard fat people were happy people.....

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The other day, I noticed Melania Trump getting off of Air Force One and I was stunned how frumpy and hippy she has gotten. That woman has put on some pounds.


You got Barron a brother in there......

 Now don't get me wrong in Melania is not in the two zip code sized ass of Michelle Obama is in ugly, but it just surprised me that she put on the feed bag in ordering up round the clock Hillary Clinton entrees.

It has gotten so bad that people on Twitter are hinting that Donald Trump is going to deport her, in she is the reason he is pushing all the deportation laws.


Almost time for my snack before lunch, before the snack before supper...

Melania Trump Is Verbally Attacked on Twitter   lifezette 

As  I said, it is not like she is unattractive in I still would gladly hire her to be a masseuse as a massage from Melania would be nice, in she is a tall girl, and those long arms would have lots of leverage to give a good rub down.
Hell with her extra 30 pounds she is carrying, the President should send her up to Capitol Hill to beat up that Skirt Squad, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer. Well maybe leave Pelosi off the list as that woman is so botox brain, I don't think she knows which century it is any more.
We all can appreciate a Slovenian with a few extra pounds as those Slavs are strong women and can carry a few extra stone.

Thing is Anthony Scaramucci, who is Trumps tag team troll in the WWE 2020 theater, has been mocking the President for having an ass fatter than Taft.

Damn put too much weight into that one...

I think it was a bit much that Twitter put Scaramucci into time out for several hours for bullying the President, but the fact is that Donald has been ordering up Michelle Obama menu of fat burgers and fries as often has Melania has.


They were eating eclairs as big as me....

Scaramucci: Twitter Suspended Me for 'Fat-Shaming' Trump

It has gotten so bad that the President and First Lady have started posing with Tiffany Maples Trump, the daughter more liberal than Jewess Ivanka, and who has decided her career is try and out fat Meghan McCain.
I can see the vocation though in being fat. I just don't know what kind of salary Donald Trump is paying his plumper daughter. Does he pay by the pound or the appearance or is it a flat salary? How much do you pay a fat girl to stand by you so that you don't look so fat, and make no mistake about it, as you can see how fat Donald is and how paunch Melania is, and they look holocaust famine standing by Tiffany, so Triff must be really the blimpo. She must have a radar signature as big as the White House on the Secret Service scopes.

Tiffany's not fat. She's just not Ivanka....

I just wonder too in how does this list on the resume? I eat pork chops well. I have a degree in making fat people look skinny compared to me. I am a\paid by the pound. I am ballast in Air Force One.

The Secret Service tells me objects like Tiffany appear larger than they are...


So anyway, this is about Melania held hostage, in a new book is coming out FREE MELANIA.

There appears to be a problem with money laundering in the Trump Inauguration. I think the Attorney General though is not finding any of the money, because the Trump's turned it into eclairs and ate up all the evidence.
The attorney general appears to be particularly interested in payments being made through the inaugural committee to Trump-owned businesses, and whether there was a fair bidding process for contractors.

It all started when Ivanka touched Jared Kushner's manhood in public when Jared was swelled up looking at a Muslim woman at the White House.

Jared why are you glad to see Dina...

The event shook Ivanka terribly, but the next day, Jared mentioned to his wife that she should walk one pace behind him and they should both walk behind Dina Powell, as Jared liked the view.

I really like Dina's policy Ivanka...

From there, Jared ordered Ivanka to stand off to the side and Dina would pose next to him in photos.

I hear you like Jews, Dina....

From that point on, Ivanka started ordering up the Muchelle Obama and  Hillary Clinton appetizers in the all you can eat Lesbian Fridays.

Months of doing that, and Ivanka had to drop out of sight and started posting old photos of her. It all so distracted her that she started giving bad advice to the President.

Mommy I don't want to catch your fatness...

I think we should all to the positives in this. Anthony Scaramucci finally has a playmate in Donald Trump. Donald Trump has proven that being fat is not a health risk for an old codger. Jared can get hard over a woman without plastic surgery. Melania has a career as a shot putter from the future Putin Eastern Bloc if she stops shaving her arm pits. Ivanka being fat and old will probably stop attracting men not good for her in Jared Kushner and Justin Trudeau, and best of all the world will not wobble out of balance as Tiffany Trump has enough weight now to balance the poundage of Meghan McCain.

See 2020 is going to be a good year for Trump fat stocks.


Arr, there she blows and she's a big un....

Once again, another Lame  Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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