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Why is the FBI covering up who posted the Crusius Manifesto?

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When this poor orphan girl broke the story that someone within hours had hacked into Patrick Crusius online account and listed a great deal of right wing nonsense, what has begun to unfold a MI6 engaged in the same operation in the United States that the American CIA is unleashing in upheaval in Venezuela and Hong Kong, in the same coup extension as the Pissgate file they fed to John Brennan at the CIA.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Heat of Patrick Crusius

Patrick's Bio



DEEP STATE: "How many minorities must we murder until you give up your guns?"
Trump/Epstein Right-Wing Zionist St Patrick Crusius has a power level of over 9000. We know that Patrick's political affiliation is currently Democrat; ethnicity is unknown; and religious views are listed as Jewish. 7 Countries Wesley Clark, Illuminati, Rotherdam, Franklin Coverup, Jim-Bo Saville, AIPAC, Pepe, Sharia by taqiyya, free tibet, Tianemen, Earl Turner, MKUltra, Kalergi, Agenda 21, Bilderberg, Black Cube, Monarch Program, MLFairness, USS Liberty, Frankfurt School, Elder Protocols, Operation Mockingbird, Kol Nidre, The Bell Curve, Lavon Affair, Black Pope, JewsuitMason, Hitler Did Nothing Wrong, Jack Rubenstein, Anne Otto Leo Frank, Talpiot Program, Besta Pizza, feminism is cancer, death to pedophiles. View All Details

Gayway pundit added additional information to this, but it is evident that some trolls were impeding a criminal investigation by creating a false narrative. This is an evolution, beyond the pranks of the AltRight. This was state sponsored as no one has been arrested for this and it is not a  talking point in gun confiscator Donald Trump's tweets from Dan Scarvino.

Leftists Change Shooter Patrick Crusius's MyLife Page
after Saturday Shooting from Democrat to Republican!

What is of interest in this is an investigative journalist blurb from Kelen McBeen at Infowars.

The deep state part in this, is what Jim Watkins at 8 Chan posted as his platform is being targeted to be shut down and is already coming under severe pressure.
Watkins stated that he had informed law enforcement that there was not any way that Patrick Crusius posted his "manifesto" to 8 Chan. To back engineer this, the reason a webmaster like Watkins can state that Crusius did not upload the manifesto, is because every computer or smart phone has an indentifier in it like a fingerprint. Every system that accesses the internet has an ISP or internet address. That information is logged by websites. Some like Amazon or the Republican WinRed of Gerrit Lansing, sells this information to others for profit in your personal data. Cookies are set and the system tracked.
For 8 Chan to know that Patrick Crusius did not upload that document, is based upon the ISP. We know that Crusius was in El Paso Texas, because that is where he was arrested. 8 Chan has an uploaded document when Crusius was in El Paso, at another location.

Jim Watkins, owner of 8chan, the website the manifesto was uploaded to, released a statement Tuesday claiming the manifesto was not uploaded by the Walmart shooter.
“I don’t know if he wrote it or not, but it was not uploaded by the murderer. That is clear, and law enforcement was made aware of this before most people had even heard the horrific news,” Watkins said.
8chan was dropped by internet security company Cloudflare following the attack.

In short, either Patrick Crusius had an accomplice or accomplices, or handlers who put him up to this, or there was an individual or group who created a manifesto. Now manifestos do not write themselves. Manifestos do not write themselves including British MI6 generated Christchurch manifestos.

The question now is who or what group uploaded a manifesto, about a mass murder in El Paso Texas, that has Donald Trump braying like a democratic jackass about gun control?

Do you need this repeated so it soaks in? There was someone immediately after this horrific event, who was on various websites, hacking in, or uploading material that could not have been written or produced this quickly.
This is like the Patriot Act written by Gary Hart before 9 11. Someone not only interfered with a criminal investigation in pointing to Conservative Evangelicals, but someone appears to have had foreknowledge of the El Paso attacks which the media is focused on for gun control driven by President Trump currently, produced guiding propaganda, posted it on 8 Chan, for one of several purposes, including shutting down 8 Chan in the same way Infowars was smeared and shut down.

.......and Jim Watkins has informed law enforcement and they have allowed a bogus narrative like Pissgate to prevail in not informing the public that the manifesto could  not have been uploaded by Patrick Crusius.

Whether Crusius wrote it or not, is no longer the point. The point is there is an accomplice out there or there is someone out there who had foreknowledge of the El Paso attack, and as this is looking more pre planned, it is reasonable that the leftist Elizabeth Warren shooter in Dayton, was activated to provide confusion, so the agenda being driven now in Patriot Act fashion these realities are initiated:

Linking Amnesty to Red Flagging Americans BEFORE they ever commit a crime to confiscate their guns.

Fast track executions.

Executions for hate crimes.

Tying this to the fiction of White Supremacy to suppress gun owners, Conservative and Christians.

This is all being generated by President Donald Trump in Dan Scavino tweets.

Do not hold your breath in the Truth ever coming out about this, as the FBI covered up what took place in Las Vegas' mass murder, just as LaVoy Finnicum's murder has no one indicted on that either.

This is more than pranks. This is going after people on the right, shutting down 8 Chan and law enforcement is aware of this, and has covered this up.

While these allegations don’t prove the manifesto was fabricated, they are worth looking into.
Last week, Alex Jones predicted that major violent events were poised to take place in the near future after the FBI designated the Q movement as a terrorist organization.
The move was likely meant to demonize patriots ahead of false flag attacks to be blamed on conservatives.

The Mockingbird shattered the dreams of Patrick Crusius and he was at El Paso. It makes little difference if he was an active shooter or was like Nikolas Cruz in Florida in being a patsy, because this is British MI6 manipulating the events after a mass murder, and there is reality that someone or some group was hacking into Patrick Crusius' information and uploaded a manifesto that was not posted by him. There is another or others at large, the FBI knows about this, and no one has alerted the public of these revelations,  as the narrative is state sponsored in shutting down free speech and the right to keep and bear arms.

The facts do not lie.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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