Saturday, August 17, 2019

Trump 2020" Scaramucci Smack Down

I learned it all from 2016....


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been wondering what Trump WWE would be for 2020, as 2016 repeats would not get Donald Trump past that 15% Andrieu Riera's casino vote stealing, and would allow Joe Biden to fossilize at 1600 Penn Avenue as that hot Kamala Harris lubed up the door knobs.

As I have informed you, Donald Trump is running against Congress and the Federal Reserve. He will run against them as mentioning that fucktard Joe Biden only gives him press time which is not what you do to even a fucktard.

So Trump has rolled out a rather not ready for prime time caste to run against, as they are not going to get any votes. See you get #NeverTrumperParDeux, to keep any real volume appearing to inform the public which you can not control the message.
It is all Mockingbird, so you trot out a lezo like Ann Coulter and pick out of the toilet her used douche in Anthony Scaramucci.

Pussy Man and the Troll

Yes the one day Trump employee, is now a heavyweight, that brings all the Presidential focus of a direct focus by the President of the United States. Yeah this is Trump WWE of the soap opera in the Prodigal Trump brainwashing the audience to not remember his past indiscretions, due to the fact no one likes the antagonist,   Anthony The Troll Scaramucci.

No Trump theater would be watchable without the promise of the West Wing Vixen, Ivanka, ready to administer the Pussy Punch, in the true artform of her husband, Jared's, Cunt Punch to Hillary Clinton in 2016 AD when he was not suppressing the black vote.
Will it be Ivanka pinning Ann Coulter for the tap out, or will the duo accidentally get wet, fall into pool of red jello, where their clothes will slip off and there will be lots of hair pulling, shrieking and know what it is like when Mike Pence and the Mrs. break out the Viagra.

 I call this the West Wing Wettie...

The main event though is Donald Trump putting the Thorax Thumper to the Solar Plexis of The Troll.

I think I forgot my nut cup...

Yeah those Evangelicals really like pulling the lever for the President supporting the Jews who look like Ivanka.

I know you want to pull your lever for me....

Yeah 2020  AD in the year of our Lord AD in the opening tour is showing promise. It is the Art of the Deal in 2020, Sucker em Fucker em Trump em.

WinRed gifts these t shirts for 49.95.....69.95 to queers...


Just a note my children and my brats, if you do not buy into this stage theater, you will have Ivanka baptized in a see through when wet Baptist robe in the River Jordan, saying Jesus was a great guy.

I intend to get saved at every rally where there is enough
bottled water to get me wet....

 The Trump 2020 campaign begins with the Scaramucci Smack Down theater.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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