Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Trump Prepares for Depression America is In

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It is official in the  Trump economy is moving toward a collapse which is based upon the Federal Reserve money pumping in Quantitative Easing to Wall Street looting as much as Lawrence Kudlow is now pushing for another "tax cut" for the poor which was as worthless as the pennies last time Gary Cohn shylocked out.

The story is:

Millions of Americans pay a payroll tax on their earnings, a 6.2 percent levy that is used to finance Social Security programs. The payroll tax was last cut in 2011 and 2012, to 4.2 percent

So ok, say you are being paid 15 dollars an hour, work 40 hours a week, which is 1200 dollars every two weeks or 4200 before all the other taxes poor people pay. a 2% cut in the payroll tax on 4200 dollars is, 44 dollars a month.
Yes that is going to pay off the mortgage with that sum now is it not.

If you remember the Gary Cohn tax cuts, were not for Americans, but immediately big oil raised gas prices immediately, so that is where that money went. Yes Gary Cohn passed a money laundering scheme for billionaires to steal millions of people's pennies.
In case you missed it, sugar is up 50 cents a bag, so in this round, you are seeing food is gouging Americans again in the coming Trump payroll money laundering scheme again.

If you require this being pointed out to you, then here is the finger, informing you that NONE OF THIS WILL UNDO THE TRUMP RECESSION IN THE OBAMA SUPER DEPRESSION. None of this is designed to MAGA and none of this is for Americans. All  this is, is another Obama type scheme to shift the herd spending to areas the Nazi conglomerates will legally be stealing your pennies.

I once had a good opinion of Lawrence Kudlow when he worked for Ronald Reagan, but like all things Reagan in bringing out the best in people, all who have followed Ronald Reagan have exposed the lack of character in these mere humans.

Donald Trump has been dumping 1.5 million visa vermin into the United States each year, as Obama did. Those vermin from the 3rd world are buying up all the used products which poor Americans once had access to.
I had to move 4 bully boy Mexicans from Texas who refused to give way on a sidewalk just last week, as that is what is in America. There are enough of them now that they are getting pushy. They are taking American jobs and the police state is protecting them and intimidating Americans.

These internationalists are sucking the last drops of coagulated blood from the American corpse.  This group knows to the penny how much revenue is generated out there. It does not matter if Obamcare comes off the books in penalties. It has already been factored in where Americans will be herded to have that money stolen from them.

What is being engaged in is Donald Trump is being pressured or better blackmailed, as the conglomerates have him by the balls in this collapse. They will extort Trump and you will end up paying the bill again.

I would that things were different, but the American economy is in Obama stagnation by design. There is nothing which can be done to turn this around, as America is full of vermin, eating  Americans out of their jobs, and there are no Reagan type measures as in fur trapping in the rural areas to generate appreciable revenues. Even if they were there, gas prices and vehicles prices are too expensive. The day of dollar gas and 300 dollar trapping vehicles is over. Americans have been inflated to the coming genocide.

All of this would have taken place if Jeb or Hillary had been installed. Nothing has changed and Donald Trump has not remedied anything. For the record, that ghastly Hillary Clinton might have gotten Americans a better tax deal like Bill Clinton did. So that is the reality. Trump's amnesty and Trump's budget have set the looting past 2020. All that will follow is the reasons the shooters were activated in infringing on rights by handing over your medical records to try and purchase a gun. See Trump is building prisons, and once the regime has access to your health records, then they have legal access to assess how crazy you are, and not just confiscate your red flag guns, but to put you into a nut house.

There is good news in this though that HAARP has killed off enough weak and geezers, which included the mother hear last year, that Social Security can be looted in this tax cut. That is what it means in the cartel has Mexicans paying into Social Security in high enough numbers, that it is now safe to loot that fund at a 2% skim operation.

In my poverty, I am so fed up with having to post about this garbage and explain the manipulation. The real s story is legalized theft, with you being told you are getting more money. Not a chance in that

Oh and by the way you will be paying income tax on that tax break.

I think the President should just say, "Vote for me and you can look at Ivanka and Melania's fake tits for four more years", it is better than the saggy tits of Kamala or Liz or Bidens and Bern's bald heads.

Throw in a beaver and even pedo Jeffrey Epstein will be voting for Trump from the grave.

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