Friday, August 30, 2019

We Miss You Assistant President of the United States

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the revelation that Donald Trump's personal attendant was leaking personal information with the press concerning Donald Trump and his family, and the subsequent firing of Madeleine Westerhout, the Lame Cherry has obtained once again the insider story of this as it went much deeper than her just attempting to supplant White House duties.

It all came to a head when the President was at his New Jersey villa, and this email surfaced:

Of course White House staff and reporters were perplexed and when a call from Attorney General William Barr came in, asking why the President created a new Constitutional office of Assistant President, no one had an answer, except Madeleine clarified the memo in stating that she was now head of Vice President Mike Pence.

There were signs in all of this though, for instance this tweet to the President had Melania asking Donald what it all meant.

Then there was this photo which surfaced in the Marcon Times as Donald Trump was at the G7.

Apparently when Donald Trump was banning elephant hunting and Melania was banning fur in the White House, it was all Madeleine. Donald had scheduled an elephant hunt, but it was Madeleine who cancelled it. There is the story that Melania was wearing her favorite endangered snow leopard panties, but Madeleine had the Secret Service forcibly remove them as she banned all fur from her White House.

The worst of it was that Madeleine would bring her dog to the White House, and make the President call the dog named MONICA, only by the dog's whole name of, HERE IS MY NEXT MONICA, as Melania would stand their shocked.

According to her Facebook page, Madeleine has a dog named “Monica” and is a big supporter of rescue animals and animals in general.

She also shared a video in 2016 from Refinery29 that showed the effects of poachers on elephants and wrote “save the ellies!”

 It was this interesting series of revelations which first tipped Trump Trans off to something wrong, as Donald Trump had fired Katie Walsh for leaking to the press, and it was Walsh who hired Madeleine.
But before Katie there was Mitt Romney and then there was George HW Bush.

She’s been a Republican throughout her career and has posted about other politicians including Rick Perry and her former bosses Mitt Romney and RNC Chief of Staff Katie Walsh

 It was the Mitt Romney's connection though that Ivanka did not appreciate, as she came to the West Wing daycare one day, and found this photo on the wall of "Mama Madeleine" and her little Mormon children, having converted from Jewry.

Ivanka really did not mind the children becoming Mormons as Mormons have a great deal of money too. It was  this photo that Madeleine had on her office desk of Madeleine and her brothers, Don and Eric.

So you can see that Madeleine had overstepped her position. She had converted unsaved Jewish children to Mormonism. She had taken Melania's panties by Secret Service force. She had become Don and Eric's sister. She had become the Assistant President of the United States.
So when Madeleine leaked Donald Trump's golf score to the press, something had to be done in this breach of information.

The thing is.......and this is a slight problem, but when she left, she flew off in Air Force One and took the nuclear football with her. Now the President can't start any nuclear wars until the codes are change, but of course Madeleine can.....

Yes, we are all a little bit emptier in not having that necessary post of Assistant President of the United States.

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