Monday, September 2, 2019

Hillary Clinton Missing L in being Back

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Well it's official after Jeff Rense predicted it, as he apparently has nothing interesting in his life at all, in he wasted time pondering that Hillary Hamrod Clinton was running again for President in 2020. This woman is the Pat Paulsen of political candidates, with Paulsen actually being a candidate someone would  vote for.

Ed Klein: Hillary's Delusion: 'I'm Going to Run Again in 2020 ...

Hillary Clinton intends to keep her campaign organization together for the next four years and run again for president in 2020. "She's convinced that, sooner than later, the voters will come to their senses and realize they made a horrible mistake by putting [Donald] Trump in the White House," a source close to Hillary told Ed Klein Confidential

The first campaign ad for Hillary Clinton is currently filming at Obama's NETFLIX. Remember that Hillary has been having this type of free propaganda for her in 24 had a skirt for President like Obama, and then there is Madam Secretary, and now it is Hillary Clinton's memoir of losing, I think, the 2016 election. I think it is 2016 as this woman lost in 2008, lost in 2012 because she was too timid to take on Obama, when Bill told her to primary that foreigner, and then lost to Trump in 2016.
The thing is Hillary had control of the entire vote fraud apparatus, and she still lost. She cheats and still can not win.

So what the hell having the life story of Hillary Clinton in "LOSER, My Success at Losing", is something I doubt anyone will get Hamrod elected, as all these other propaganda enterprises failed to brainwash voters to cheat HRC into the White House.


Hillary has surfaced recently. Here is a photo of why Hillary Clinton. Her ankles are on the left, while a normal fat assed friend of her's is on the right. Hillary Clinton as you remember fell down, had a brain injury, and the rumor is she tips the bottle back starting at about 26 hours a day in why she keeps passing out.

You can see in this photo that Hillary Clinton has water retention. That is not because she is pregnant, but because her old heart is weak and she is dying. She looks at about 18 months out from going tits up.

The kind of shoes Hamrod wears, is because her feet are swelled up, and her feet hurt. She can't wear any heels, because she can not balance herself..

Here are the ghastly photos of Hamrod recently published with her friend.

Hamrod is plumping out as women do in their gut, ass and thighs. She can not exercise to take the weight off, so she waddles around like a penguin.
Donald Trump is a fat ass, but he at least looks healthy. Hillary Clinton is the poster geezer for fill your will out and Chelsea come with the truck to take a tax donation to Goodwill.

The thing is, as senile as Joe Biden is, Hamrod looks like her dilemma is if her diaper will hold enough pee from her water retention pills.

Even among fat assed old women, Hillary still looks twice as large. She is suffering even with all her blood transfusions, like all old people. She is cold due to poor circulation. Her skin is papery thin. She has no energy so does not go outside, so she has no tan and looks morbid.

The odd part in this is, Bill Clinton is the one who had heart trouble, but he is the one who is wearing summer clothes while his wife is always dressed like it is winter on hot summer days. Literally Bill Clinton could drop dead any day, but compared to his wife, Bill looks like a marathon man.

These are not the only photos of Hillary Rodham Clinton. This all began in New York in her dressed in these ghastly old woman clothes the size of a tent, looking like Mama Cass' ghost. Every one of these photos looks like Hillary is being led around, because she is about two thoughts behind everyone else.

She reportedly weighs 171 pounds on a thin day. It was disclosed by Ed Klein that Hillary Clinton has a number of serious conditions, which reflect the photos in she has a torn heart valve, along with forming  blood clots.

All of us dealt with this in 2016 and now she is lurking around, waiting for the Balkanized democrat communist party to fall down for her again like Bernie Sanders.
The facts are all there as Kirsten Gillibrand was forced out of the race, as there can not be two candidates coming out of New York, one who actually could get huffers to get hard over her and one who could not get a hard clit spot with a suitcase of Viagra.

Hillary Clinton is back. It would be better if she was Black for her political career.

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