Monday, December 30, 2019

HAARP Cyclone Bomb

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Christmas weather terrorism which stuck the United States in 2019 December is something still being played out today, but I became alerted to this a week out from Christmas, when the forensic tools I use in long range forecasts, began spiking a snow dump on Christmas.
This computer generated prognostication is often correct in alerting what HAARP is being jinned up to as the huge cold snap that struck the United States in early December was a blip of one frigid day in the midst of pleasant weather. It soon became a week, then rolled back to several days as this blog noted.
It is a point though that HAARP weather mods, are driving the tanskin invaders dumped into America out of Republican areas and into democrat concentration camps. The overthrow of Republican areas is being thwarted by weather driving the tanskins form the ground upon which they are enslaved.

The Christmas cyclone bomb was interesting as a wall of pressure dropped earlier and let in a storm over San Francisco which dropped temperatures in America.

The Christmas cyclone bomb appeared over San Diego. It lashed the coast, moved out into Arizona, New Mexico, and then became a river of air flooding into Nebraska.
What was of note in this river, is it struck the I 90 Interstate and anvil flattened out in hitting a barrier.

This is where the real charm began.

If you study the above satellite grab, this is the anvil aftermath. It was remarkable in this super flood of storm emerged over Texas, and blasted into the Nebraska Iowa area. Now remember the original rotating San Diego storm was gone. It became a river, got a flat head over South Dakota, and then for reasons of HAARP became a super storm of a deluge of power which began forcing the blocking ridge over South Dakota to the Canadian border.

This is where it got really next phase, in as the storm started surging into Minneapolis Minnesota, and tore into fragments. This was a morphing as it should have been the end, but instead the storm was shoved back into the Dakotas on the anvil, and the main surge pushed east.

This brings us to the above satellite motion, as the weather forecast keeps saying the Dakotas will have a snowstorm for another 24 hours with nothing there, as  that massive blog terrorizes everything from Illinois to New York.

The east coast bomb is not sexy and not interesting, like having sex with a normal person. No the mutant over the Dakotas is most sexy, like sex with a gimp. I see in the Dakotas rotation. Yes ROTATION, counter clockwise rotation as in a Lo Pressure system appeared out of nowhere.

In order for weather to appear, there has to be uneven heating and cooling. There is only stagnant air over the American interior and is absent of heat. It is why most "weather" appears over Africa  in the tropics or the Pacific for America, with some hyper cold masses out of Siberia, again a large expanse of nothing.

The HAARP models knew though that a Lo Pressure was going to be created, and this Lo Pressure was so important that the storm was lengthened 24 hours. The reason which I will solve of you is cold air from Canada. The Weather Mods are selling fuel to freezing Americans as they are pulling cold air into the interior again, which has been quite balmy.

There is absolutely not any reason for a Lo Pressure to manifest as it has, and there it is. I neither have the slide rule nor the energy to factor out how much Alaskan natural gas was burned to create this massive storm system , and in reality, re create it two more times.