Monday, December 30, 2019

The Cow Treat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking the Mulberry Lady would find this interesting as she mentioned about a dream of getting a Jersey. This though is not about a Jersey, but about Baby Moo.

Ok Baby Moo is......

Does not look like the brightest stock in the world. That though is Baby Moo's game, as she is most intelligent and most frustrating. She also is a darling who gets picked on by Baby Belle and Daisy. This will change in the next year as Moo has horns and she will grow up, and then she will start to show the Jersey's who is boss.

Baby Moo is out of Audrey, who is out of Posey, not named by me but by the Vet's little girl. She was a 4 H project as the Vet shot her mother, Bossie, as she had kidney cancer and cut the calf out to save her.

Taking that back that far, Bossie has in her Hereford, Shorthorn, and probably some milk cow stuff that I have no idea of. She also has Galloway, a most kill you breed.

Moo has in her Simmetal, Angus and that is it. Lots of different blood lines, and that is what makes Moo to be Moo.

Moo almost died as it was cold, so we brought her in. I did not think she was going to make it, but she did, and spent some time in the house, like until May pissing on the floor and being a calf that got into lots of things.

Moo loves TL as her mother. Moo always responds to TL more than me for scratches and other things. She is a good shit, to use the vernacular of our part of the world.

What this is about is the opening of banana peels. See I had this 25 cent blender, and when things are on sale, or beyond expiration date we get almond milk, some bananas and strawberries and make smoothies. It breaks things up from the mundane.

I throw things out in the yard or across the fence as that is what rural people do, and one day I noticed Baby Moo eating the banana peels. Great surprise to me, but she loves them. I make it a point now to feed her banana peels, and interesting fact is Daisy and Belle like them too.

When the old bananas go on sale, I think I am going to pick up a bunch and cut them into slices and see if Moo likes them, or if it is just the peels. I for one hate bananas. Yes I will eat them with cream and sugar, but that is about it, as if they are not green, they gag me. I just do not like them. I would that I liked them, but my body says DON'T EAT THAT, so I don't.

I never heard of cattle liking bananas, and sort of would like Dole to have a processing plant here, because I could probably get them for really cheap feed.......they do not last so it would be daily banana dumps and I could imagine the flies come the hot months would ruin that episode.

So anyway, I would suggest trying banana peels for the cattle as a treat. They love apples too, and that is nice to have them pick up all the ones that fall off the tree. They really like apples.

That is the great knowledge imparted today. Cattle and banana peels.

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