Saturday, December 28, 2019

If Looks Could Kill

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am honest.

I don't know who Carley McCord is and I don't care. She never did anything for me and her rich family never donated here, so what is one more wetware off the planet.

Carley McCord though matters, unlike the other dead in a plane crash in Louisiana, because she was attractive, while if she was butt ass ugly, no one would be weeding her out for the laments.

See if Carley McCord was fat or had a brain, she never would have been hired for dyke sports. So if looks could kill, looks did kill Carley McCord, as you know this was not a Howard Cosell speaking of sports.

So whatever cable franchise or whatever else hired this woman, did because she was pretty. Pretty has fat old dykes running their vibrators and text cocks jacking off, which increases ratings, and that is why people with talent are not hired, but instead it is people who sex the boss or people the boss knows are going to be masturbating over to give their programs ratings.

Everyone knows this and no one says it. It is the fact, it is creepy and disgusting, but these women gladly sell it. They gladly shove people who actually could do the job out of the way for their "careers". Carley McCord was not a Don Imus and never would be. The fact is if she was ugly, she would not be dead. It is not that ugly people do not die in plane crashes, but ugly women are home for the holidays, suffering in misery because they are in shit jobs, because attractive people get the jobs they are hired for.

Look I have sympathy for frumpers. I have numerous attractive relatives who are media and public relations people, and earn high dollar salaries. They are nice people, but they are not giant talents. They simply are genital enticements that conglomerates hire to put a pretty face on the product. It is not their fault they are attractive, but they are selling it and when it comes to media, those hired are hired because the lezbo got wood over the skirt and the skirt allowed the flirtation to get the job.

So Carley McCord was on a plane, instead of at home with a husband. She made her choices, pushed others out of the way, sold sex, and was doing well for herself. It is the way the ball bounces. When she dies, she gets lamented over, providing she was not one of those botox freaks at age 50 that no one gives a damn about. Then she would not be mentioned, but the plane would be the sexy thing that crashed.

I am certain she is not so pretty now after a plane wreck, but that is what happens, as I was always told after my attractive sister died in a car crash, riding with someone who had too many drinks and passed out at 2 AM in the morning, "You can't get killed in a car wreck if you are at home and in bed at 10 PM."

You can't die in a plane wreck if you aren't in the plane.

I don't know what is lamentable about any of this, save the frumpers who are still alive and miserable. Because Carley McCord got what she wanted. She was glad for it as much as her family was enjoying things too. They all got their rewards card filled in this life and I know they never gave a thought to poverty girls like me.

So it all worked out, as Carley got her position and now several hundred girls are already thinking they will get her job, the ones who sucked twat got the inside tongue on it, and the bosses have already a short list of attractive girls they will see if they can defile in what they will put out for this job.

Yes no one talks about things like this, but it is the way things are. Looks do kill and in this slab of meat world, there are a thousand people not mourning your death, but already "figuring how to make contact discreetly" to get the inside track on how to get Carley whatever her name's jobs was.