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The condemnation of weak men is that they have to preface statements by saying they are objective or recuse themselves for bias. In the Lame Cherry world, I admit my prejudice and bias, and still judge correctly, as here am I, one of the few moral people alive.

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I preface this with, I like Lyndon Johnson. His listening to the inept Robert Wall Street McNamara, a Kennedy wonk, got two of my relatives killed in the Vietnam War, but I still like the man, as I know what made him tick. Lyndon was always that little Texas boy of the pans, who wanted his mama to love him, and she never would unless he done good.

There has been filtering through  the fringe media for some time, a story that President Lyndon Johnson, after leaving office, not only had a heart attack, but also began confessing to a psychiatrist, the sins of his past. No one ever rose in big league, big money politics, without manipulating elections, breaking numbers of commandments, taking bribes and at the top totem, having a number of people killed or your associates killing a number of people for you, to protect their interests in your being President.

The center of the story about LBJ going nuts before he died, centers around Lyndon Johnson's fixer team in Texas. The Fixers, were a lawyer group, led by an early Johnson legal adviser in Edward Aubrey Clark. Clark did not need to know where the bodies were buried, because the dead, were all buried in public cemeteries and their deaths were all explained away by Texas Sheriff's, The Dallas Police and the Warren Commission.
Some say Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy. I maintain that a group of internationalists, with the sanction of Dwight Eisenhower, coordinated by Mosaad, framed about everyone in government in the United States in complicity, so Tel Aviv could get the nuclear bomb, and Lyndon Johnson was just a component in it, and in his interests over Texas cotton bribes, covered it all up so he would not go to prison, any more than the rest of them.

I do not believe Lyndon Johnson was ever insane. He had psychotic episodes, but his entire after life in growing his hair long like the dopers, was Lyndon just wanting to be loved by them and wanting an America which they would have peace in.

Who Johnson's psychiatrist was, is really of no matter, as he is probably dead, was a Johnson loyalist and his thoughts or notes, were something which never would see the light of any investigation or day, as their appearing 100 years from now, would only confirm that a cartel was active and still is active in setting the course of human events.

Edward Aubrey Clark
Ed Clark's attorney and couragous author of Blood Money and Power, Barr McCllelan, may have some idea, but another possibility of those still around may be one Dr. Curtis Haley, general practitioner of San Ausgustine, according to information a close personal friend of Ed Clark. Also mentioned was Dr. Joe Thomas Nelson (1923-77), a GP of Weatherford Texas who with Claudia Taylor"Lady Bird"Johnson and Ed Clark were on the University of Texas Board of Regents in the 1971-77 period. Drs. Nelson and Haley were 1951 Baylor graduates and may have an in-law relationship.
I have been looking at Ed Clark on and off for years in relation to King Ranch and other Texans in Australian politics (eg Bernie Houghton of the CIA and Nugan Hand and John Connally in the 1975 Whitlam coup)...and note that in 1972 Clark ran the campaign of Republican John Tower to the Senate and the Texas campaign of Nixon vs McGovern. In 1974 Nixon named Clark to the General Adivisory Committee of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency(source Texas Handbook online).
Of course Don Thomas of Clark Thomas Winters and Newtown would according to Barr McClelland know of the psychiatrist
and his trust fund. Clark's apparent legal protege Thomas P. Newton UT regent 1979-85 would be of interest as well.
An interesting area of enquiry. I await Caro's final volume of LBJ biography, but note that he will only admit in previous volumes that Johnson would "do anything" to achieve his goals.

The source of the Johnson psychiatrist stories was Attorney Barr McClellan, and associate and later partner of the Clark law firm. McClellan enjoyed in Texas some might large ambulance chasing profits while knowing Johnson secrets. In short, that kind of success meant McClellan was associating with Texas Big Oil, linked to the CIA, linked to a key figure in the Kennedy assassination, the handler of Dwight David Eisenhower, in Prescott Bush.

Barr McClellan
McClellan became a full partner in the firm in 1972 and left after a dispute with Ed Clark. McClellan claimed that Don Thomas, one of the partners, revealed to him in 1973 the truth about the president’s murder. Thomas allegedly said that LBJ confessed to him a month before his death that he had ordered attorney Ed Clark to organize the assassination of Kennedy. LBJ had also confessed this to his psychiatrist while being treated for depression. Thomas also claimed that LBJ asked him to reveal the truth to the world after he was dead to redeem himself from guilt. McClellan was astounded by these revelations but kept quiet until after Thomas’s death. In fact, at the 40th anniversary when the book was published, no one was around to contradict him. Not LBJ, not Thomas, not Clark, and of course, not the LBJ constant, Mac Wallace, who died in a car accident in 1971. That makes it kind of convenient to go on TV and say you knew Johnson killed John Kennedy.

McClellan eventually resigned from the firm after a dispute with Edward Clark. In 1977 he established his own law firm. Some of McClellan notable cases include litigation for exploding Ford Pintos, tobacco-caused expenses on the health care system and the licensing and regulation of cell phones. He also obtained a Supreme Court ruling to protect parklands from freeways.
McClellan is the father of Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, and Mark McClellan, the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner.

Barr McClellan was letting loose on his salvos of JFK conspiracies, and in this, it never once entered into the confirmation or did the political media left, ever bring up that reality when his son, Scott McClellan, took over from Tony Snow as White House Press Secretary, appearing for President George W. Bush.

George W. Bush - Scott McClellan

See people get lost in the sexy of stories, like psychiatrists and crazy LBJ, and here is the son of a tin foil hat conspiracy peddler, in Barr McClellan, and the press never says a word to run McClellan out of town to embarrass George W. Bush.
How much do you want to bet that Barr McClellan, in pointing the fingers at LBJ as the ringleader of the JFK assassination, was settling a score for the Bush family, for the CIA and this was all about something else, other than a couch with LBJ on it.

There are many nuances of the JFK assassination. President Lyndon Johnson was quite adamant in questioning FBI Director Herbert Hoover if anyone had been shooting at him in the motorcade at Dallas on that day.

That does not provide innocence as some claim, it simply indicates that LBJ was wondering if someone had tried to take him out too, on November 23rd, 1963 AD in the year of our Lord.

 It is sound reasoning that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy, who was on the fringes of this JFK assassination. Someone who was on Johnson's fringe was Mac Wallace, a rather Jewish looking young man who had a talent for murdering people who were problems for LBJ. Rumor had had it that a fingerprint discovered on the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book Depository, was Mac Wallace's. He had been there at the very least setting up reconnaissance of the sniper's nest or constructing it. The same nest that would frame Lee Harvey Oswald and capture in released photos the young son of Prescott Bush, on the sidewalk outside the depository, who had been asked to appear there, by the group behind this assassination, as a leverage to keep the Bush family honest.

For all his loyal work for LBJ, Mac Wallace would meet a murderous end. Logic would conclude, like many Clinton associates, he knew too much about things which went locked and loaded in the night, and like hundreds of other Dallas citizens, he met a sooner than later end, for what he witnessed and heard.

Malcolm Mac Wallace

There is an interesting Roger Stone posting on this, in which Stone taunts Lyndon Johnson's holier than thou, press secretary in Bill Moyers, to write what he knew of Lyndon Baines Johnson. When the McClellan sourced assassination theory hit the History Channel, a most interesting group of people appeared, in Bill Moyers, Jake Valenti of Hollywood, Gerald Ford and the Johnson family all appeared to demand the documentary never appear again. It vanished. But this interesting Warren Commission group was led by President Gerald Ford, another man I like, but who helped shape the Kennedy cover up, and when Richard Nixon was taken out in a plumbers coup, Nixon chose the man the cartel chose in Gerald Ford to protect him, and ensure that the secrets of Dallas were kept.

Bill Moyers has always been a sanctimonious leftist toady, and he deserves Roger Stone taunting him, as Moyers is the political godfather of Jimmy Carter, who thought his sins did not stink, but every one else's like Donald Trump's smorgasbord is shit on a platter.

Bill Moyers is obviously a man not ready to deal with the terrible truth about Lyndon Johnson. A prime example of this was in 2003 when the History Channel ran a series on the JFK assassination that dealt with the role of Lyndon Johnson in the murder of John Kennedy. It was called The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Guilty Men, episodes 7, 8 and 9.
Moyers, Valenti and Gerald Ford and the Johnson family went ballistic and demanded that the series, one of the most insightful ever on the JFK assassination, be ripped down off of TV. The History Channel in a spectacularly craven act of folding to political pressure complied.
The truth had hit home.
Jack Valenti, the man who married LBJ's secretary then continued to let Johnson sleep with her, was the man in Hollywood who was also orchestrating the media's vicious attacks on Oliver Stone's JFK, a movie that implied LBJ's participation in the JFK assassination. Those attacks by an army of CIA media assets were occurring full throttle 6 months before the movie JFK was even released at Christmas, 1991.

Moyers and his fellow Johnson coup plotters, actually revealed they contemplated taking Lyndon Johnson out. The legal way with the Constitution, like you hear democrats and those #NeverTrumpers after 45. Moyers and his confederates wanted to make Johnson a lunatic, with all sorts of back chair couch diagnosis.

Johnson was not a paranoid or long suppressed irrationality. Johnson just had psychotic episodes which manifested in violence when under pressure. Johnson's pressure point he was fixated on was not Vietnam. Vietnam was important, but like cheating on your wife was a moral problem, when you find out you got terminal cancer.
Johnson's terminal cancer was World War III, nuclear war. Someone told Lyndon Johnson that, and it was not the Pentagon as he thought them asstards.

Anyway the Moyer's Knoll was about taking Johnson out on nuttery, but he never made his move, because knew Johnson was the best pathological liar ever........not really, he was just a Southerner who like all Southerners can sell sweet when it is sour owl shit. Johnson would have just said, "How could them young boys have betrayed me as I was keeping all their vaginas safe to be violated by tampons".

All three doctors offered essentially the same opinion: that Johnson's behavior - if the layman's descriptions we provided were accurate -seemed to correspond to a textbook case of paranoid disintegration, the eruption of long-suppressed irrationalities."

The thing is powerful men or men in powerful positions are all the same, in over their heads, in good times and bad times, and in good times, they think they are the magicians making the tricks work and in bad times they think the pretty assistants are the ones who screwed their pooch.

It is why they all act the same and the penis profile geniuses who wrote the right lies to get the job next to powerful people, all pass judgment who got them all their pretty things. Odd how moral those people are who could not see wrong when they were serving the darkness, but out from under the protective cover, they become the righteous judges of their former lords.

Last night I spoke at the annual dinner of the Century. I sat next to Mac Bundy and we discussed, among other things, the Khrushchev memoirs. I remarked on the curious resemblance between Khrushchev's account of the life around Stalin - the domineering and obsessive dictator, the total boredom of the social occasions revolving around him, the horror when invited to attend and the even greater horror when not invited - and Albert Speer's account of the life around Hitler. Mac said, "When I read Khrushchev, I was reminded of something else in addition - my last days in the White House with LBJ." [Schlesinger, Journals, p. 333]

You think about it, John Kennedy was put down over 50 year ago and his brother was put down by the same folks, and it is still the same folks using John Kennedy's rotten cadaver as a bat to beat on dead Lyndon Johnson.

Nobody talks about the psychology of that, but then nobody ever would bring your attention to that forensic psychology. Must be high stakes yet to dig up two corpses and use them to wail on each other.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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