Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Wagsexual Fagsexual

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Look there were signs from the beginning that George W. Bush was a bit strange in the company he kept. Sherman Skolnick made it an open secret in W swang about 90% guy and 10% Laura, as that marriage like Obama's only produced two kids who did not look like the guy on the birth certificate.

Men just do not carry on the way W does with other men, if they are not in the Obama way.

Something though changed as W. ended his presidency and started rejecting "What Jesus would do" and started expressing his attraction in public.

The infamous photo of W. goosing Michelle Obama in public, started off their love affair. It seems as George W. aged, he moved from being a fagsexual to his form of Wagsexual. George W. Bush apparently had enough of the scent of sweaty men, and the girl side came out in him, in he became the wagsexual in rubbing around on sweaty dykes and shemales for his sexual attractions.

George W. Bush by his friendships, which have become more AH HAH moments, were with men who were with black women, men who were homsexual, and women who were lesbian.

Do any of you think that a Michelle Obama or an Ellen DeGenneris, is going to hang around with a straight white, Christian, man, take heat for it from the radical left, suffer the consequences........because they like George W. Bush that much?

George W. Bush was the most boring person in Washington and Texas. He went to bed early, he conversed like an inbred who could not pronounce words and there was nothing interesting about him. DC socialites detested him, but suddenly Michelle and Ellen are fascinated by this guy?

I mean just look at the guy. No one wants to be around the 80 year old fuzz brain whose story starts with, "Yeah I got me an apple know I like apple sauce as it is easy to chew...........I'm glad my dog only licks my nuts", yes that is what it ends with, and no one wants to hear that, so what is the real agenda, as George W. is not preaching the Gospel and converting souls bent for hell.

Kind of odd is it not, in the Obama's supposedly hated W, and now they love him. The Clintons supposedly hated W and they love him too. John Kerry hates Trump, but cuddles with W on stage. Seems like all the leftists who hate America and call you deplorables, all adore George W. Bush.

Now why is that?

As he sure as hell is not hanging around with Franklin Graham.