Thursday, December 26, 2019

Progression of the Chord

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I realize that most people have relatives that are embarrassing. Thankfully I do not have any relatives who are in prison, which is some miracle.
I do though remember my old man getting a letter from some guy he knew who was in prison, was getting out, and wanted some money to get started. I think the old man was scared and he threw the letter away, but it was like I was 7 year old at the time and I thought, "Jesus Christ, old man, what the hell are you hanging around with shit like that for in the first place".

I probably did not the Jesus Christ or the shit, but I even had sense to not hang around with critters like that as idiots are idiots and bad people are bad people.

On the cord progression of this is a cousin named Matt. His family never brings his name up unless it is some story about what a dumb ass this kid was in he had no common sense. I mean one time he tried crawling down an outhouse hole to see what was down there. I mean you smell shit. Flies are there. You should be repelled, but not Matt. This genius was about to take a shit dive head first.

That is the thing, in he was not stupid. He was a smart kid in books. Hell he got good grades, but he was just a weird bastard. It was not anything he really did, but you came away from being around Matt and you were saying, "That is one weird bastard".

Personally, he did not look like his birth certificate father. He looked like his father's little brother. I actually looked it up, and little brother was in that state and he was producing semen, so stranger things have happened.
Gramps always said, that the kid was not his son's. Thing is the old boy was probably right in it was his other son's.

I remember we went hunting on their place one year. Supposed to be grand game bird country. When we got there, after a 2 hour drive, Matt was whining in the pick up. Somehow he had lost his license which cost quite a bit. He was carrying on about the game warden, how he had it in the drawer and knew it was there, and it was gone.
As I sat there thinking, "Goddamn it Matt, you are one stupid bastard". I didn't say the Goddam or bastard, but the bastard part probably was prophetic, but that is the kind of stuff Matt was involved in. He couldn't find his ass with both hands.
Thing is, as I thought about that over the years, I have concluded his little brother probably hid the license or burned it, as he was a little shit who would have done something like that, as Matt was a dumb bastard.

Matt had good looks, but then sort of turned to looking like his brother's bastard. He went to college. Simply loved going to school. He never got a degree or any kind of real education. He just got government loans and kept going to school into his 30's I think it was. I never paid much attention, except for the time they said Matt was not going to school anymore, as he had exhausted the money he could ever get, so he had to go out and get a job.

Next I heard of him, he showed up on my siblings doorstep, and kept calling my sibling by my name. He had no idea who anyone was, just that he was going to weasel his way into a bed, and he did that, for 6 months. My sibling chewed his ass, said shit to him no one would take, and that kid would not leave. The sibling finally rented a locker, hauled his shit down there, got him a bus ticket and sent him out of town to his mothers.

That was the last of Matt for awhile, but his birth certificate father did bring him over to see me, when he was here. I don't know what for, unless the bc father did not know what to do with him, as the kid said nothing but sat there, and they were gone in literally 2 minutes.
Like I said, Matt was a weird bastard.

He surfaced though some place down south. I have no idea how we had all this information on him, unless it was some bulletins he sent out  telling us the progression of his life. I certainly could not have given a shit, because every time you heard something about him, you did not care in the least, and it was followed up by some black hole implosion of life that only Matt could come up with like crawling down a shit hole.

The implosion came soon enough in Matt got a job at a billing company. I think it was a pretty good job, but it was not like attending college and learning nothing. So Matt is at his desk, and as I said billing came in, and logically the way it works for someone without an accounting degree is that the billing comes in and it goes out. You know, a bill, you see it, you file it or you put it into an envelope and mail it out to be paid.
Not Matt though as the latrine of life was following him, as his desk apparently had a large pile of paper bills on it, and they disappeared. Matt had no idea what happened. This is where Matt though showed himself for what he is. The bills were gone, worth millions of dollars, but Matt never said a word. He simply kept showing up for work, apparently not doing anything as the bills all disappeared.
After a month of this, the supervisors started getting notices that no one was paying bills, and of course late bills were sent, and the people being billed said they never got the bills. The supervisors eventually tracked everything down by asking Matt what happened with the billing. Matt not being particularly good at not being stupid on small things like covering your ass, informed his supervisors that he lost all the billing, never said a word and "thought it would come to nothing if he just kept quiet".
Honesty being the best policy, the company rewarded Matt by immediately firing him.

Matt returned to his mother's house as that is probably the only place in the world still available, where Matt started eventually apply for jobs, but no one was hiring him and Matt did not know why.

It had to do with Matt in the interviews, brought up the subject that he got fired for losing millions in billing, kept quiet about it and thought that was a good idea. Surprisingly, no one hired Matt.

I have seen pictures of him, but I never ask what he is doing. I know he is where his mother lives, but I have no idea where he is living. I think he is a faggot or a want to be faggot, but no queer wants to have anything to do with this odd. I know he once said his girlfriend was the comic book character Brenda Starr, so he was impressed with Amazon women with big tits. Maybe he dresses up like her, all I know is he has not showed up here for awhile.

Oh yes, the last time he showed up here, he "left" without telling his mother he was going. He had embedded himself with a group of male relatives, and gone off. No money for beer or any way to get to the hotel, so there his poor mother and sister were drivng around bewildered where he had gotten off too. I mean who knew that a picnic lasts for few hours, then people go the male relatives did who had vehicles to drive home, but not Matt. It simply; never occurred to him to tell someone he was leaving or that they would be forced to try and find the dumb bastard.

When I look back on this stuff, I think this is just a passing sniff of being around this kid. There must be an encyclopedia of dumb ass stuff in what that idiot did in his life.
I remember the Aunt found him hiding the closet one time, not gay stuff, but Matt was not like me, in when adults showed up I ran. You don't go into a closet and hide where you are trapped. Then there was the time his little brother put a hand on his back and touched an electric fence to make him jump. That was Matt and the kind of stuff that just happened to him.

Like I said, his bc dad never mentions that kid. Never mentions his sister who is just as stupid, but I think the girl is the bc dad's, but I can not swear to it. It is ok as I hope he never shows up here. It is odd though that no one ever mentions that dolt in his family. That is why I think there is some secret about him, that he was told about, and he and the old man are estranged, as he probably married the mother, to give a name to his brother's little bastard. I know from stories I heard that the mum liked to sow the wild seed, but that is another story, so what difference does it make among brothers. I know that young one thought he was the pope in religion, but I will tell you baby sister, that no one liked him either and everyone thought he was an odd bastard too.

This is called filler and Matt is all filler in a blog series, as you do not know if I made this up, or there really is someone this goddamn dense on the planet who is causing all the problems in all of our lives, as someone this dense just has to put the Bell curve in retrograde in his just passing through.

I leave this off at that for you to contemplate your like relatives who you wonder did not get et by a gator or marry Justin Trudeau.

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