Tuesday, December 24, 2019


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As it is tis the season, I was shopping for a present for TL, and of course went online and chose Amazon.

Once upon a time you did not get charged for much of anything on Amazon. Shipping was free on order  25 dollar and more, and there were not any taxes. So when I was charged what amounted to 1/4 the price more for the item, I winced and thought, "This really is outrageous".

Odd thing after all this super charges, a storm hit, and I discovered that Amazon has a high price in shipping, but in really wonderful Trump era commerce, Amazon now taxes you, or the government taxes you on shipping.

Item Refund: $28.92
Item Tax Refund: $1.88
Shipping Refund: $5.80
Shipping Tax Refund: $0.38

We'll apply your refund to the following payment method(s):

Credit Card: $36.98

As far as I know, this is Gary Cohn who wrote the Trump Tax Cuts NEW. Trump and the IRS have been collecting record Obama taxes, and that is not enough. Now they are taxing you not on your item, but taxing you on the shipping.

What the hell comes next? The new Trump tax will tax people on taxes?

Honestly Americans are confiscated too much on their earnings and spendings. Is the damnedest thing in you are taxed for every cent you earn coming in and taxed  for every cent going out.

There was a time in America in 1776, where Americans were only taxed on things coming into America, and Americans did not pay them, but importers did. There was no filling out 1040 forms and there were not filling out state local taxes.

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