Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Inquiry which will change your Life

Futurus Ivanka & Sebastian Rex

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In being Lame Cherry who knows all things, I sometimes forget what it is like to be you.  I mean I never have been you in being rich, and clinging to your portfolio for validation and the money God gave you as you are terrified all the time in not knowing the future, but I do forget what it is like being you and honestly not knowing what the future is like where I reside.

It is such an uncertain place to have all those questions in your heart, having your gut clench up, your chest feel tight, you feeling nauseated and your head hurting away with a dull thud, thud, thud, as you think and you think and you think and you just can't see what is the answer to what lays ahead.

Me on the other hand, I have not been inquiring as I have been exhausted being my geezers keeper, but that all changed as the geez gave me the travel papers, and I have not been inquiring as I was tired, and that visit by Homeland asking me how I knew things as the FBI wanted to know, and their being really nice professional people, it all got sorted out...........but you know that article kept popping up again recently, and when I glanced at it, it explains all what it about in Dick Algire was saying things and that remote viewing was the source of it all.

Any way I do not remote view. I flash read. Is much faster and as I am the only person who does this or knows how to do it, and I apparently am the best at it, because if I get a solid lock on things, and no one has been screwing around like Algire wearing a groove in the matrix, as he draws stick figures, I can by God's Grace figure things out in seconds.

Like I was wondering last night what my favorite Sebastian was up to. He is a rascal that one as here the Dagger Jesuits, Clinton Jews and Steve Bannon plotted to bring down the House of Habsburg, and Sebastian Kurz arose from political death, like the phoenix from the ashes, like an apocalypse vision of a deadly wound which was healed, and that rascal wins his elections months ago, then he does not form a government.
He does though exactly as this blog predicted in bringing in the Salad Party of the greens, as he can control them, while ruling, but that rascal, which is a French word for the little creatures the hounds chase instead of the stag of the forest, that rascal does not form a government, but says it will be next year.

Have you ever heard of a politician not grabbing the power when winning? Well not since George Washington, so that makes me wonder what Sebastian is up to.

Sure the Chancellor is not roaming around indicted like Benjamin Netanyahu or being impeached liked Donald Trump, so he is really ruling now without forming a government, as let us face the facts that while he was in office for a year, he did more for White Christians than Donald Trump did in four years, and the Chancellor implemented trade deals, 5 wave deals for internet and he wears a nice set of blue jeans too, so he really does not need to form a government as the government is running on what he already accomplished.

Here is the thing though, as this is out of character, as Napoleon grabbed the crown and crowned himself, what is Herr Kurz engaged in really?

Now the question is, do you reallly want to know?

How much will you click on that donate button and make a large donation to Lame Cherry?

Think about that like your life depends on it.

Are you thinking?

Now don't try and skip down as I have diarrhea board fingers and can type all kinds of things and post here, so much so it will wear you out, and you will give up, as your eyes will blur and in the end you will miss what was the real exclusive, if it is posted here, and if not, you will be outed before God as a cheat as here you are stealing from a poor orphan girl. Shame on you.

I have been watching some good television as of late. Well not television, more like Thrift store throw away DVD's. I found the series Justified, and the casting was very good. I probably will write about that show in the future, in naming the bad casting as there were like 3 which were just stupid, otherwise it was really one of the best cast shows ever. Well, except for Timothy Oliphant or whatever his name is. I will commend him though as at least when he produced he had the sense to get out of the way. The Chinese writer though sucked. Never get a Chinaman to write about hill folk in Kentucky.

The did good though and when the big donations come in before the end of the world, I am going to cast numbers of those fine actors.


You know some of you pray very well, but some of you really need to work on the donations.

 Meanwhile back at Sebastian Kurz villa.

Say I wonder if that old guy from WND who stroked out from Obama pressure is doing ok. I sure hope so. I can't remember his name, but he had a big mustache and was named Joseph Farah. I guess he gets people to donate and he does not ever offer up neckid women.

You remember you promised now, after you said some very nasty things about me, which are going to  come back upon you in boomerang God reckoning.


The thing is that I found naked women on Justified slowed the story down and sex with Tim Oliphant really dragged the show down. Anyway, I suppose you wondered what nucleus was. That is what Sebastian Kurz is waiting for.
The dates I was getting from the matrix was something about February, but inquiry was pointing to something earlier next year, something economic. Now I did not ask about violent things as I did not have time. What I felt off the matrix was he is waiting for an event which is going to cause upheaval, at which time he will form a nucleus in the cell of Europe.
Think of it more as you have the European Union and inside of that the Chancellor is going to form a super state of stabilizing nations, which he will lead, probably numbering 10.

10 toes and sticky clay. Not even a sex scene on Justified makes that sound inviting. Clay is like sand, don't want it no more than crackers in bed.

This is really big news really, life ending news as this progresses out, but I am not here to answer to questions. I figure the huge donations will come in and then I will have time to relax, do some really in depth inquiry and post some fantastic things.
Most of you are dumb as posts and missed a number of clues provided here so you could do some reading up before I return from my relaxing time not worrying about bills, money, the cold or if geez is going to shoot me, as I figure he is pissed in not getting his way.

Wouldn't it be lovely if Futurus Ivanka dumped Jared, and married Sebastian Rex, and both Europe and the United States were ruled under one matrimonial bed, and their best friend was President Vladimir Putin? With a Christian leadership like that, the world would be at peace. Yes for balance Vladimir is Orthodox, Sebastian Catholic and Ivanka could convert again to Lutheran.

OK am waiting on the donations before the big bang, and I promise Jared that I have not yet written the time line, not heard from God for Ivanka and Sebastian to union. Just did the inquiry and if you are too dense to know what the above means, then what is money going to do you anyway.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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