Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Rot of the West

The Most Dangers Woman in Germany

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In beholding the face of Ursula Haverbeck, one is beholding the ruin of Germany in how absolutely impossible it will be for that nation to continue on under the guise of Angela Merkel, and the Fatherland is so in need of reformation from the Alternative for Germany and the leader of the Motherland in Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to bring reason to the state crimes committed against Germans on German soil.

Haverbeck's great crime is she has an opinion based on historical records, that Auschwitz, a work camp in Poland, was not an extermination camp, but a forced labor camp. For this the German regime has been for years trying to throw this 91 year old woman into prison, and now they have.

The turmoil now is, Haverbeck has served 2/3rds of her sentence, and the Germans will still not according to normal sentencing standards let this old woman go, and are going to keep her confined for another year behind bars.

This is the most certain example of how the ridiculous criminalization of citizens proves the West is finished in this current form of liberal degeneracy. Donald Trump is impeached not for crimes, but because he is President in the United States and in Germany, the Gramma Nazi is thrown into prison for stating historical fact.

Germany: 91-year-old neo-Nazi denied early release

A German court has decided that a notorious 91-year-old neo-Nazi serving a two-year sentence for Holocaust denial shouldn’t be released early.
Ursula Haverbeck was convicted of incitement by a court in the northern town of Verden in 2017 and started serving her sentence last year.
Haverbeck has repeatedly asserted that the Auschwitz death camp was just a work camp.

I am going to share some photos from a German forced labor camp. The only difference between Germany in 1941 and the United States in 2020, France in 2020 and England in 2020, is the forced labor imported by the Rothschilds and Rockfeller conglomerates, are held captive on VISA's and forced to prop up the state by their labor, with the illusion that they are not being worked to death.

Nom des Deus, in this photo the women have their heads all shaved!!!

Do you know why they shaved the hair off of inmates? Because of lice. These were people of the ghetto. Europe was rampant with typhus, which was spread by lice.
Americans dusted all the Europeans with DDT to control it, after Americans, British and Russians spread typhus in their bombing campaigns, which also spread rats in the plague.

Nits live in hair. Nits live in clothes. That is why all of these inmates are washed, shaved and in new clothes, because the work camp was creating a clean environment as plague is deadly.

As fox Zyklon B. Thee Americans used quantities of it too for spraying vermin. When America did it, was kosher. When Germans did it, combing a shower and fumigation, it was for propaganda billed as gas chambers.

As I have pointed out, there simply was not enough petroleum to burn up 6 million Jews, nor enough time, nor enough crematorium space. Zyklon was for lice. Work camps are hard labor camps, and people are worn down and die.

Oh those evil Nazi's, making fat old Jew men suffer by overfeeding them!

We have witnessed the piles of emaciated bodies and they did exist. The reason for their appearance at the end of the war, was war crime bombing by British RAF, American bomber wing and Russian artillery. The allies cut off supplies to Germany. That meant that inmates did not receive food, medicine and supplies .So they starved and died. It is a fact that the allies caused the plagues which swept through these camps, but not wanting to be held responsible, the Nazi losers who had no press, were the scapegoats.

As you can witness by the picture below, Jews were well fed in German occupied lands, and in the camps, because you can not produce war material for the Reich if your workers are all starved.

 Those Nazi's were such beasts working everyone to death!!!

Yes but they had bands as this photo indicated, so not everyone was turning out machine parts for the war effort. These were production complexes built in slave labor, as England was before slavery was outlawed, as Egypt was before the Israelites left. As the United States has been propped up by Black Niggers from Africa for cotton, White Niggers for Germany who pioneered the land and are now being replaced, and now by Indian Niggers for technology to Microsoft, Jesuit Mexican Niggers for hard labor, and Muslim Niggers for intimidation.

This is what National Socialism is. It is what Merkel's Germany is. It is what America's Bush Obama work camp is.

The lamentable Child Survivors!!!

The lamentable part is not the examination of reality in these children are in very good condition, well fed, and have warm clothing. If these were the death camps they are heralded to be, the children would have been mass murdered, and here they were alive.

I have never denied that the poor Ashkenaz Jews were sold by the elders to the Nazi war machine so the elders would profit and live. I have never denied that Jews died in numbers, but they did not according to now censored Red Cross data, die in the numbers of 6 million. The numbers instead revealed that Jews were double counted. They were counted "dead" coming out of their residence nations and counted "dead" at the camps. The real number of dead Jews as a people was around 1 to 1.5 million, but that inflated number counts Russian communist Jews who were in the Soviet army, Jews dead from typhus in cities, Jews dead from natural attrition.
The fact is the Jews did not die in any larger numbers than Russians or Germans, in fact those peoples had larger population numbers slaughtered as did Japan by American carpet bombing.

For the record, if you added up American war dead, and natural attrition deaths during World War II, more Americans died than Jews did, at the hands of their own regime ruled by Franklin Roosevelt, rationing death to the poor.

When a nation has to throw an old woman into prison as it feels threatened or a liberal group has to frame a sitting President, again, in Donald Trump, that signals the rot of paranoia of the rulers in that nation, and the grip of the police state strangling liberties and making criminals out of the citizen.

The West is in the death throws of the police state. What follows in the ruin is the dying stench of historical examples in peoples who never recovered. Protestantism built by God's Grace the West, and it is now being exterminated in a holocaust of global proportions. Without that work ethic humanity is doomed and not even robotics will breathe a soul back into what is humanity.

Ursula Haverbeck is not going to endanger one person or empire. She exposes the danger that all of us are in for thinking. As John Adams spoke out for imprisoned British soldiers, I speak out for an imprisoned old woman, as other wise there is nothing but tyranny in the mob throwing people into prison.

In Germany people are thrown into prison for thinking. In America Presidents are impeached for talking.

That is the rot of the West.