Saturday, December 21, 2019

Where the Impeachment of Donald Trump Began

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is about to explain something beyond your comprehension and something which you will never peal away. All of you are stuck on the paper skin of the onion, and some of you think you have pealed away the layers, but you have not. What you are about to learn is something that most of you will reject, but it is the center of the onion, but you are so brainwashed that you will not be able to connect all of this, and instead of building grey matter bridges to understanding, you will be enter the void and scurry back to your paper thin onion skin, like a black fungus growing there.

Fortress by David Drake

You will read about that novel from 1987, puzzling over it's prophetic content. You will learn from this blog in that post that Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was feeding David Drake information. It spoke of an alternative time line of 1965, when John Kennedy did not die, but Robert McNamara did. An alternative  time line of Star Wars, but not a Ronald Reagan who built it, as it had already been built by John Kennedy, instead of going to the moon.

But none of that happened, so you will say what did it matter. It matters because David Drake reveals in 1987 that the United States and other parties were employing the Kurds, in northern Iraq for their purposes. Yes those Kurds who were operating under the cover of ISIS to steal oil from Syria and Iraq for Turkey. A Turkey who was warned of an weak link in NATO, a revolutionary hotbed, a pit of American hatred.

For those with any intelligence, you have read of Victor Ostrovsky of the Mosaad, in exposing that agency in the Jewish state, being a criminal enterprise, and operating it's own American Intelligence unit, so top secret that no one got near it even in Mosaad. A Mosaad that funded itself originally like the CIA in narcotics trade, and now has graduated to cyber stock manipulations to fund all things Jewish and deep state.

You learned here that the Trump Pissgate frame up was paid for Jewish billionaire Paul Singer. You learned that the Trump impeachment was paid for by Jewish billionaire George Soros. Of course you squirm in your minds at the Jewish thing from conditioning, as you were brainwashed into even thinking the word Jew is anti semite.

John Kennedy though was assassinated. It was a brilliant operation which began with Prescott Bush and his chosen general in Dwight Eisenhower who signed off on this. It does not matter why everyone wanted Kennedy dead, as what matters is everyone was blamed, except the Tel Aviv Jews who wanted uranium for the Jewish atomic bomb, and Lyndon Johnson in his first act was to give that uranium to the Jews.

Lurking in the background of the framing of Donald Trump has always been Mosaad. Hidden in the forefront of Barack Hussein Obama was the British MI6 intelligence and Rothschild financiers. Again, the details like Kennedy, do not matter, because the events which transpired all reveal that the faction who installed foreign birther Barack Obama, did so to the complete rejection of another group of socialists who created an anti Hillary Clinton operation, in Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chuck Manning.
The Clintons were punished for selling Asian uranium the cartel were not given a cut out of. Obama was handed the US presidency, and in this intrigue, Donald Trump arose in the murkiness of a group who saw in Trump being humiliated by Barack Obama, the perfect conduit to front an operation for that greater purpose, of undoing that thing which Barack Obama represented.

There has been what seems a frantic focus on trying to root out a group inside the US regime who is foreign in nature to those who are involved in the current operation. It is not anything hidden here, that on June 13th 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, events changed with Birther Hussein, in he had not any political victories after this and his body changed. Obama was replaced, because Obama had left the building due to actions by the Control it was published here.
There was an operation engaged and under the cover of coups against Donald Trump it has continued manifesting and is still in process to fulfill what is planned.

Webster Griffin Tarpley revealed on that those in power intended to split the democratic party into two factions, a Nazi faction and a Marxist faction, so the left would rule the United States and the GOP right would be relegated to Green 3rd party status. That is in process taking place and Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton who Tarpley envisioned in this role is forming this 2020 party for the future with Futurus Ivanka set to be elected by this leftwing majority.

The evidence is the realities which you are experiencing years after you were alerted to them.

What does it all mean though in this complex factional fight which has been taking place?

The answers are in Fortress, because Newt Gingrich leaked them from his access to those in power who he was privy to the future.

Fortress is about a group of Nazis who escaped to Antarctica, with a flying saucer, and then built more saucers, in order to take over the nuclear platform called Fortress to nuke the earth and rule afterwards. The Nazi's employ the Kurds to do their dirty work.
Somewhere in this the heroes are Reptilians, a fragrant race of telepaths who work for humanity against the Nazi's.
Somewhere in this, the hero of the book, Thomas Kelly, has exposed the Jewish mass murder of Americans on a US surveillance ship, just as the USS Liberty was a real event, and just as the Liberty is now an Alt Right talking point in those assets who hound Donald Trump jr. from the novel stage of book tours. The Jews are most vengeful of Tom Kelly, and have assets in US intelligence, who view all those against Tel Aviv policy as Nazis and have them try to murder Kelly, even with the fate of the world in the balance.

In this, Newt Gingrich inspired David Drake, that it was not Mosaad which was intent on assassinating Tom Kelly, but it was Shin Bet. In the real world, the Mosaad is the CIA and gets blamed for everything. Shin Bet is the FBI and is made to look like they are incompetent, while Israeli Defense Forces intelligence wing, is mute to what the other two members of the triad are in engaged in.

Shin Bet, now that is not even a blip on Victor Ostrovsky's expose', but here in a book where Newt Gingrich and other interesting characters provided unclassified material on, has the Tel Aviv FBI as the group in Turkey murdering an American who exposed their crimes.

Now consider for a moment that maybe Mosaad is not the only player in this intelligence group. Remember Jonathan Pollard was betrayed by Prime Minister Shimon Peres, by direct orders to Pollard's handler Rafi Eitan, but Pollard was not working for Mosaad, but an odd department, which later was incorporated. Someone had created an intelligence operation outside of Mosaad, Mosaad outed it, and George HW Bush crushed it, and hung onto Pollard like a dog with a bone.

Newt Gingrich was revealing that Shin Bet had it's own intelligence operations and assassin squads, and had American assets inside American intelligence.

What if those stories about the end of World War II, and Operation Paperclip in the United States imported high level SS Officers who helped form the CIA, brought in a fortune from German gold for the Marshal Plan, provided nuclear material and fixed the inoperable Manhattan Project, and the scientists who made NASA, as President Dwight Eisenhower was moving the United States to be more like the Soviet Union to manage Americans, produced the Joseph McCarthy era where Americans allied with the National Socialist Nazis, against the Reds, but slowly the Reds leveraged out the Nazis inside the US controlling board.

What if the MI6 operation which installed Barack Obama, and had that bowing Brandenburg Gate feel not to Germans but the Rothschilds of French, German and British banking, threatened something the original Warburg financiers of Germany who managed the FDR war economy, concluded they were in jeopardy.

What if in all of this, there was a Mosaad branch of the Rothschilds in operation, and that other intelligence group which Newt Gingrich revealed in Fortress, is Shin Bet, the Jewish FBI, and their assets are Jared Kushner, Allan Dershowitz and Mike Cernovich are not AI Mosaad, but Shin Bet.

Barack Obama contracted with Jewish intelligence for his 2008 election theft, to manipulate the internet, hijack threads and censor information, all Rothschild Mosaad. What if something happened in this in Benjamin Netanyahu who Obama hated, as much as Nicholas Sarkozy, another Jew hated, is a part of IDF intelligence which he is, what if a situation arose in Netanyahu taken out by the Clinton's in a coup for a series of splitting the Jewish right wing, and later toppling Netanyahu for Ehud Barak, was presented in this an opportunity where the American assets of the Shin Bet group, were gaining an asset in Donald John Trump

If one observes the facets of this prism in this Newt Gingrich enlightenment in what goes on behind the closed doors, it all begins to make sense in the infamous Lame Cherry MISSING LINK, who began a great deal of the Trump phase by initiating actions from Trump contacts, which Robert Mueller was protecting , and shut down his investigation once this blog noted this reality that Larry Klayman for Jerome Corsi in court discovery was about to learn the identity of the Missing Link.

This was an operation to flush out an operational group inside the American government which was connected to having Obama usurp the Presidency. There was and is, supposed to be a war between Russia and the United States to scorch earth eastern Europe. The focal point was Ukraine, in the resources fought over there for the looting of Russia.
That operation has flushed out those involved on the periphery.

What is the factional list by route are the Nazi managers who guided America with German precision. They never appear. Then there are the front men like braying John Brennan or the global rapist of George Soros, who in Marxist Islam, meld into British MI6 and Mosaad, Then there is that intelligence group which is Shin Bet of the Kushner poster boy front who see in Ivanka their princess which the Nazi's have agreed to make President in the future.

But what of those guiding Reptilians? Those fragrant protectors of humanity when dead, are nothing like David Icke and others portray them as, as enemies of humanity, as the Nordics are the protecting friends. Newt Gingrich knew the scales as those advancing humanity, at least in his group, while the fact is both are demonic, as there are not aliens, just these telepathic demons taking on trans b forms.

Too much for your minds to absorb, but like the fictional Thomas Kelly, you just keep moving forward on the information the scales provide, as your minds see the facts, but return to the only answers your mind can process.

I was not surprised that this Newt Gingrich book was suppressed as it was quite anti semite in the terms of not having Jews shit Temple Mount piles of zionism, but are normal murderous ilk. Drake has made quite a career in living well, in being a very poor writer, but Jews never targeted this writer who would normally be defamed as David Duke then David Drake.
Just those prophecies in the book, of  Turkey, the Kurds being the thugs everyone uses, those Nazis, those Marxists, all exist, even Star Wars, and those friendly demons.

Human psychology when it hears things, can not help but leak it out in a version, a version which is guided by those who desire a certain psychology to prevail. Sometimes mistakes are made as in Shin Bet American Intelligence, and then it starts making sense this Jewish enclave surrounding Donald Trump, and it being Newt Gingrich who brought Rupert Murdoch to the United States for FOX.

If you tune out all the diversionary chatter in Trump theater, there is a reality which comes into focus.

This though is now something you can not tell anyone, or they will start looking at you like you are nuts, but I doubt you will get to the nuts part as the anti semite things will have you branded a Nazi, but then Nazi's do not exist in powerful control of government as they all disappeared in 1945, but Bayer just took over Monsanto, but facts just start confusing things, so it is just easier to be ignorant like you are, not grasping anything and being manipulated.

Not that you were manipulated in who was it that created for Donald Trump the Alt Right, with Twitter genius, who disappeared and brought along with their aftermath the banning of Conservatives from the internet on Jewish platforms funded by the NSA in Google, Facebook and Twitter.
Shin Bet certainly could not have created Pepe, but what Reptilian form could that have sprung from in the Fortress saga.

It will be too late before  any of you can admit that the Lame Cherry was right again.