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Do you believe a Jew or God?

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Recently, I was brought into a discussion of I Kings 22, which was the story of the death of Ahab, as brought about by God in Heaven. The background of this story is Ahab and Jezebel of the House of Omri had corrupted the 10 Tribes of the Northern Kingdom, and God was moving to have Ahab removed. God's solution would be a general named Jehu, who Donald Trump represents in modern times.

In the scene which set up the death of Ahab, Ahab had a visit from King Jehoshaphat of Judah. Hundreds of Ahab's prophets had prophesied that Ahab would in a war with the King of Assyria. The King of Judah would not listen to this religious order, and asked if there was not one Prophet of God who could speak.
Ahab says there is one named Micaiah, who was a follower of Elijah, and Micaiah was summoned and ordered to Prophesy the facts. Micaiah detoured but was castigated by Ahab, and then the Prophet of God unleashed and said Ahab was a dead man in going to war with Assyria.

Ahab was furious, ordered Micaiah imprisoned, and went off to battle. Interesting a "chance" shot struck Ahab while in disguise between his armor in his ribs. He died from the wound.

What Micaiah revealed was God in Heaven was asking the spirits there who would go and entice Ahab to his death at Ramoth Gilead. Several spirits suggested solutions, but one spirit came forward and stated, "I will be a lying spirit in the mouths of Ahab's prophets and entice him to go to his death".

This has confused many Christians, as they wonder how God could  resort to such things and how can you believe Prophets if this is taking place. The Bible explains all of this, in we are to TRY every spirit and message. God does not send voices for people to go out and mass murder people. We are to weigh everything by the Biblical example and not act out in harmful ways.
God does have vessels to honor and dishonor. Pharaoh was given Egypt and a hardened heat to show the power of God in delivering His People. People make choices that get themselves into their unpleasant ends. God does not force anyone to do anything, but God does rectify situations that interfere with His plans of Grace.

There has always been a question too in the identity of the spirit or spirits involved have not been identified. The Jewish Talmud of Babylonian exile though explains the spirit was Naboth.

Naboth was a farmer, who owned a family vineyard outside of Jerusalem. In the Bible you were never to sell your family lands. Ahab wanted that vineyard, but Naboth would not sell. Ahab's wife Jezebel framed Naboth, murdered him in a trial, and handed the vineyard over to pouting Ahab.

Before you read the Jewish explanation below. Remember this that the Talmud is not Scripture. It is not Inspired. It is theology, and it calls the Virgin Mary a whore and Jesus the Son of God a bastard.
It was written around 500 AD in the year of our Lord, long after the events, and not anywhere in Scripture from Moses or the Prophets does it state that dead people go around possessing hundreds of people, being like satan after they are in Paradise and getting revenge on those who murder them.

Christ teaches exactly the opposite. In Lazarus and the Rich Man, Lazarus was in Abraham's care in Paradise and the Rich Man was in Hell, being tormented. The Rich Man asked Abraham if Abraham would send someone to warn his horrid relatives of what awaited in their rich selfishness, and Abraham said the people on earth had the Prophets and the Law to guide them and if they did not listen to them, they would not listen to the dead.
Jesus told the Thief on the Cross that "Today you will be with me in paradise". There was nothing about, "Today you will be in Heaven to get your revenge on people who ruined your life".
Finally, in Jesus Revelation, the Saints are under the Altar of the Lord, and are pleading with the Father, "How long before we are avenged by You?" There is nothing in these Martyrs who were murdered in life as Naboth telling God they are going to be liars and go out and get people killed on earth.

I’ll begin by answering the final question. Who was the lying spirit that stepped forward? The Talmud (Sanhedrin 89a, 102b) explains that it was the soul of the recently deceased Naboth the Jezreelite. Jezebel, Ahab’s wicked queen, recently had him framed and killed so that Ahab could take his vineyard (see I Kings Ch. 21). Naboth's soul was now in Heaven. Yet it sought revenge for the wickedness perpetrated on it. And so it volunteered to become the tool God would use to lead Ahab to his death.
It is true that this is very atypical of God to punish a person via such means, by deceiving him with false oracles. According to the Talmud, it was really Naboth, who seethed for vengeance, who volunteered to act in such a lowly manner. God had intended to use other means of deceiving Ahab, without resorting to lying (Maharsha to Talmud Sanhedrin 89a). Yet God permitted Naboth to do so once he requested it – no doubt because the wicked Ahab was so deserving of punishment. But it cost Naboth as well. God responded to him, “Go out and do so.” The Sages see an allusion in God’s response “go out” that God further meant “Go out of My vicinity.” I.e., now that you have acted on your desire for revenge, you can no longer dwell so close to God in Heaven. Falsehood cannot dwell before God. Go out – and stay out.
(This entire incident also carries an important message for us. Naboth was not instantly transformed into a lofty angel upon his death, who cared for nothing but God and saintliness. He still carried the same anger and vindictiveness as during his lifetime – and it caused him to lose his closeness to God, in spite of the circumstances of his undeserved death. We too, after 120, will still possess the bad qualities we never corrected in our lifetimes, and they will hinder our ability to fully cleave to God.)

This is the apostasy of Jewry. They worship a God they do not know and have rejected His Salvation. The Talmud is nothing of God and not from the Holy Ghost. This is mysticism that the Bible refutes in both Old and New Covenant.

In the Book of Job, satan does appear with the Sons of God in Heaven, and that spirit is a lying, murdering entity. It is that reality that the lying spirit was demonic and nothing of the souls of the Old Testament or the Spirits of the New Testament.

It is without merit and the hopelessness of Jewry, and nothing of the Inspired Psalms of David, in the above last statement of :

We too, after 120, will still possess the bad qualities we never corrected in our lifetimes, and they will hinder our ability to fully cleave to God

I honestly have no idea what "after 120" means, and am not going to waste my time in this antithesis to Scripture. I do know that the Christian does not possess any bad qualities in Heaven. Jesus the Christ rectified all of that, as Christians are right with God, as David is right with God, because Christians believe Jesus came and David believed that Jesus would come. They trust the Word of God. That is Faith.

The afterlife is not grey areas. You are either saved or you are condemned by your choice. If you are a Jew who can not fully cleave to God, your choice is Hell, as there is not the fiction of Catholic purgatory for "almost got there".

The Jew still has the same offer from the Father through Jesus the Christ. Stop sinning. Submit to Christ as the only payment to return to the Father as He is the Son of God. Be washed in Baptism by the Holy Spirit of God to become the children of God, and in believing that, you will be saved, as Jews were and still have been.
Every person has the responsibility for making the correct choice and being right with God. For those who choose to follow the bastardized manmade creations of Talmud and Koran, and whatever else, those are lies, and they will bring you to eternal death.

Those are the facts and the Talmud has been proven the work of satan.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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