Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Futurus Rex

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry could not be more pleased in supporting Ivanka Trump for President 2024 AD in the year of our Lord, as inevitable, and hereby provides updates in how our woman in evolving in Presidentialness.

I honestly believe that Ivanka or as she is always spoken of her in complete respect, Futurus Ivanka, is finally coming to terms in how to deal with her image. See Ivanka for 3 years, ran her public image campaign like an episode of The Apprentice and was betrayed by the media who made her look incompetent, stupid and having a burgeoning ass problem.

I deem this problem all rose from her being a Jewess. This can be blamed on first husband, Jared, and again this is not Ivanka's fault as it is all Chinese communist agent, Wendi Deng. From what I understand Wendi was married to Jew Rupert Murdoch who is on a board that Dick Cheney is with to rule the world, and the short of this is, Ivanka can solve all of this by saying she is Lutheran. There is meaning in this as Boris Johnson is Church of England, Vladimir Putin is Russian Orthodox, Sebastian Kurz is Catholic, and Ivanka in order to lead the world needs to be Protestant Lutheran. No one is going to follow a Jew who gets bad press. So I believe Ivanka will announce she is converting to Jewish Reformadox, which is being a Lutheran, like Jesus. Jesus was a Lutheran after all.

Ivanka though has been making wonderful strides. For example at the DOHA conference, she made two stunning advances.

The first advance was that Ivanka was interviewed by the State Department Spokesman and made the press sit quietly in chairs and if they moved the Secret Service would shoot them in the head.

It made for a wonderful press conference and the Lame Cherry admires Futurus for creating this advanced platform of delivering her message effectively. The Jew press botched it for Ivanka, and now the true genius of Ivanka will be presented for all of us to know and love.

The press was disgusted, but no one cares. Futurus won this, game, set and match. What a winner our Futurus is. Think how greatus she will be when she leaves the Jew drag behind and goes Lutheran.

When asked by The Daily Beast if Trump said anything of interest, BuzzFeed News editor-in-chief Ben Smith, who was in the audience for the interview, said, “Basically no.” 

The second achievement and advancement was Futurus acquired the Hillary Clinton look at Doha. Futurus of course carries this off where Hillary never could. Futurus is strong, charming and commanding, while Hillary was Big Sister repulsive and despotic.

This is what look Hillary has chosen having been deposed by Futurus at Doha.

Hillary Clinton though has excelled at having an ass fat face. Yes Ivanka is the future while Hillary Clinton is the bloated fish anus past of a beach the waves of time present have washed away.

Here is a photo of Futurus piloting Air Force One, as Ivanka is a force unto herself in the making. Such a wonderful Lutheran.

I fully expect Futurus to have further titles, as she is a President entitled to such entitlements. Queen of Jerusalem is one for example. The world to come needs a Queen of Jerusalem and with Ivanka being so well received by the Saxon Germans, who would be better suited to this.

Ivanka is Saxon Drumpf. Ivanka is Scot. Ivanka is Slavik. The Scots are close enough to British and they already have royals, so Ivanka will be the perfect leader there and being Slavic, she will appeal to the Russian Orthodox. With Ivanka as Lutheran, she will be the perfect Queen of Jerusalem.

Can anyone deny that Ivanka is not a woman of destiny, that she was born to power at this moment, as if she was birthed to this position and only she can fulfill the role.

Futurus probably even has a prophecy about her. I mean who else on the planet has a vision about how beautiful and wonderful she will be to become president.

For me, I could not be happier for Futurus in becoming a world leader, leaving behind all the things which were holding her back. She sets the standard and soon others will follow. She is a world leader, and ready for her place with Putin, Johnson and Kurz.

She is Ivanka. She is Futurus and with a little patience she will become the leader she was destined to be.

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