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How Donald Trump Was Cyber Framed

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I honestly would that Richard were writing the tech part of this post as he would provide insights beyond what I could, but it falls to this blog to produce the only narrative of record of how Donald Trump was framed in 2016 and has been impeached in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord, and it all goes back to a premeditated act by the Obama regime in 2011 to infect the framework of the world for their perpetual control. Everything about this centers around the year 2013, as Obama had stolen the 2012 elections again as he did in 2008, on the Blood of Benghazi where Americans were to be captured by Obama terrorists, held hostage and rescued by Obama to secure his heroic re election. Instead Obama's terrorists renigged and murdered 4 Americans.

After that last fiasco, the evidence points to an operation to wrest control of the United States from the Obama faction globalists was unleashed. What this post is about, is the underworkings of the Obama Regime which NSA Mike Rogers began alerting the FISA courts to in Obama had weaponized data in America to overthrow the American elections and destroy Donald Trump.

Absolutely no one paid attention to what was going on in government data. I personally thought it was insane that US classified information was being turned over to private conglomerates. The promise of abuse and catastrophe was evident and Donald Trump is proof.

Obama for his cartel did a great deal of overturning the old established orders. Obama overthrew the global drug syndicate, overthrew terrorism, overthrew Islamic order, overthrew American morality, and in the midsts of this, he was overthrowing the old CIA established order from Harry Truman, in the established government contractors in IBM, were being replaced by the NSA's cyber groups of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.
Obama centralized or in Nazi terms, mandated that a few conglomerates would control American commerce. This is what Marxism and Nazism establish, and the old tech order of GE, ATT and IBM were being removed for the new order of demonic technologies.

IBM fought it in the courts, but lost. Obama in a criminal act, refused the lower bid of IBM for the new security cloud which would house the US Government and handed it over to book seller Jeff Bezos who soon had the CIA's Mockingbird Washington Post advancing the Obama propaganda.

The IBM-Amazon battle over the CIA cloud rages on

The big brouhaha brewing over who gets to build the CIA cloud will continue in a few weeks with oral arguments scheduled for October 7. Both Amazon Web Services(S amzn) and IBM(s ibm) want to claim that business. The arguments will take place at the U.S. Federal Court of Claims.
A quick recap: in March news leaked that the CIA had awarded the $600 million contract to Amazon Web Services over IBM, which actually came in at a lower price. IBM contested that award and in June, the Government Accountability Office held that the CIA should re-do the entire process. Amazon contested that decision and here we are.
The value of this particular contract far exceeds its $600 million value. Amazon clearly hopes to prove it can provide a cloud seen as safe-and-secure by the most stringent standards and IBM wants to build its overall cloud credibility.
In a statement, IBM cited IDC projections that the federal government will spend $9 billion on cloud over the next four years.
“It still is the early days for cloud in the federal government … Our view is, for mission critical workloads in the intelligence community, the federal government can’t rely on the same cloud computing model that hosts some of your favorite consumer applications delivered via the cloud like Netflix or Instagram.”

Amazon under the Nazi Conglomerate lord of Jeff Bezos would move hard and fast with Obama's blessing to expanding control over US intelligence data in two main data clouds of Amazon World Services and Jedi, for the Pentagon.

The Lame Cherry will be the first to explain and warn that there is not any way these Amazon data storage servers are secure, even if they are "unlinked" from the networks or web. When the United States Navy has microwave bursts which can trigger car alarms, and rewrite data on hard drives through the thin air, there is absolutely not any way any of this is is secure.

Seth Rich copied files, the entire group of leakers copied files at the NSA and their contractors, and walked out the door. John Brennan and Susan Rice were the principles who used the Amazon cloud to frame Donald Trump. Those are just wetware units. It is as simple to run conduits through power supply or a WIFI hub to hub, off a cell phone to tap into any cloud unhooked from anything. It has been done numerous times before and it is the real threat of having Amazon employees like the minders at Facebook stalking people and stealing accounts, having access to classified data.
The DOJ has several emotional employees who went Trump Degranged and using fake data framed candidate Trump. All of this is contractors who have a history of being worse than double agents.

Amazon is also the frontrunner to win a separate $10bn cloud computing contract with the Pentagon, known as Jedi, which will in effect move the defense department’s data on to a commercially run cloud computing system.
Amazon already operates a cloud service for the US intelligence community, including a contract with the CIA, and has said it can protect even the most top secret data on a cloud that is walled off from the public internet.
The company’s strength in its defense and intelligence business had largely been attributed to its hiring in 2011 of Steven Spano, a former brigadier general in the air force who has since left the company.

This is where this moves into the actual names beyond Susan Rice and John Brennan, who Barack Obama and now Donald Trump are in the process of establishing for a better term is Terminator's SkyNet.

Two women appeared in this in Anne Rung and Mary Davie. One worked for Amazon, and both were part of the government. In the end there was an incredible email after Obama began handing over classified material to Amazon cloud, that in discussions Mary Davie, told Anne Rung not to be concerned about procurement, BECAUSE EVEN IF CONGRESS SAID NO, THEY WERE MOVING AHEAD WITH THIS EXPANDING CLOUD.

This was in 2017, and has been known for some time. According to the law, Congress collects and appropriates money. Mary Davie wrote that the GSA was going to establish this SkyNet whether they had legal right to by Congress and funding or not.
That is how corrupt this system is, is there are people involved in it, who should be fired for stating this, and should be indicted for this abuse of power and the misuse of Congressional appropriations, but no one does a thing about this, because this is the Nazi Conglomerates and their intent to wrest absolute control over all people.

Top Amazon boss privately advised US government on web portal worth billions to tech firm

The 2017 correspondence between Rung – a former official in the Obama administration credited with transforming the federal government’s procurement policies before she joined Amazon – and Mary Davie at the GSA,

In one early morning email sent from her hotmail account on 20 September 2017, Rung told Davie that she would like to have a conversation with her – she called it a “gut check” – so that they could discuss their upcoming meeting.
She wrote: “IF the legislation is enacted, I have a sense of how GSA will want to approach this (first you have to select providers, then you will want to implement something incrementally/phased approach), but I want to make sure that I’m not way off the mark. It will help me design a discussion/agenda for our meeting next month.”
When Rung asked Davie if they should wait until after the legislation is passed to discuss it, Davie responded that the administration was planning on moving ahead regardless of the outcome of the bill on Capitol Hill.


Anne Rung

Mary Davie GSA 

President Donald Trump spent a great deal of  time grousing about Amazon control, based in the CIA, this past year. Mr. Trump should, as it was Amazon cloud that Susan Rice and John Brennan, ran their Obama coup against Donald Trump with. I have explained all of this in another post, but the layman explanation is Mike Rogers of NSA did not have monitoring of the cloud at Amazon. John Brennan did. Brennan for Obama was reading raw data to frame Donald Trump. Brennan then alerted Susan Rice as the NSA advisor who was the degree of separation for Obama, which calls from Trump needed to be unmasked. Rice then has UN Ambassador Samantha Power unmask the innocent, and this is what Mike Rogers was alerted to as the abuse and informed the FISA courts.
Into this the DOJ was attempting to frame Mike Rogers for the unmasking to cover their criminal actions.

Obama had dumped so much money into Jeff Bezos accounts, that Bezos had built his own NSA headquarters in Fairfax County Virginia to mirror all the collected data which was already being stored by the NSA in various sites across America. The difference is the Amazon cloud, allowed conspirators in the Obama regime to use that data to overthrow elections.

Amazon Web Services Announces Secret Cloud Region For CIA

November 20, 2017

AWS further signaled its intent to corner the growing $8.5 billion federal cloud computing market in opening a new East Coast corporate headquarters in Fairfax County and unveiling a new computing region for government customers. The company also recently announced it can host the Defense Department’s most sensitive, unclassified data.

The AWS Secret Region will allow the 17 intelligence agencies to host, analyze and run applications on government data classified at the secret level through the company’s $600 million C2S contract, brokered several years ago with the CIA. AWS already provides a region for the intelligence community’s top secret data.

AWS further signaled its intent to corner the growing $8.5 billion federal cloud computing market in opening a new East Coast corporate headquarters in Fairfax County and unveiling a new computing region for government customers. The company also recently announced it can host the Defense Department’s most sensitive, unclassified data.
The AWS Secret Region strengthens AWS’ position as “a dominant player” in the federal cloud computing market, according to Katell Thielemann, research vice president at Gartner, Inc.

“One of the big things is that AWS has had an impact with regard to the ability of organizations under the IC umbrella to better share information,” Thielemann said.

It is of interest in this, that the cartel in the United States allowed an outside cartel to steal the elections from John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008. They allowed a great deal of Obama overthrow in control of terrorists, oil, dope and the US government, but when Obama began wresting control from the immortals of the internet, that appears to be the switch which began the operation to root out this group which had installed foreign birthed illegitimate Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama was focused on alien or demon technologies going into the cloud. NASA hardly needs a massive data server, but this web is more than data. It is a central nervous system which amps thoughts into manifestations. I am not going to cover that again, but this entire SkyNet was going operational, and those who were being supplanted, understood the absolute expendable jeopardy they were in.

How NASA launched its web infrastructure into the cloud

  Dec 19, 2014

2011 saw the Obama administration unveil the cloud-first initiative that called for government agencies to update their old legacy IT systems to the cloud, it hasn’t been the case that these agencies have made great strides in modernizing their infrastructure. In fact, a September 2014 U.S. Government Accountability Office report on federal agencies and cloud computing explained that while several agencies boosted the amount of IT budget cash they spend on cloud services

In another amazing stride, Obama turned over the Pentagon to Amazon, from the quartermaster procurement to the DIA's classified intelligence. That is what Hillary Clinton was ranting about in 17 agencies against Donald Trump. The brilliance of Obama SkyNet is the intelligence community had even greater walls of Jamie Gorelick separation, but that a John Brennan was the only one who had access to all of the data to compare files, or place into the data corrupt information on Donald Trump, which would light up all the other agencies in this framing.

What is Project JEDI? The $10 billion Pentagon project Trump is holding up

Dubbed the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or Project JEDI, the program calls for a 10-year, $10 billion government contract to go to a single company that will serve as the exclusive cloud computing provider for the United States Department of Defense. The project is seen as a means to pull the DoD into the modern computing age and ensure it can use technologies like artificial intelligence

President Donald Trump previously raised concerns about Amazon’s involvement in the bidding process, saying he received complaints from other tech companies, including Oracle and IBM, because the contract calls for a single firm to assume control of the project.

In the Amazon Nazi Conglomerate, there is a continued expansion as what was John Brennan and Susan Rice needing the Washington Post and CNN poison pen to get Donald Trump and innocent Americans, there is now active a CyberWarrior command, actual military with weapons, including nuclear weapons or tiny assassin drones who are in this Non Government Cloud or for the first time here defined as an NGC, which can direct the military to destroy anything and anyone, even by cyber virus.
SkyNet has now been weaponized as Obama weaponized data to destroy Donald Trump.

Defense Digital Service, Army Open New Cyber Training Center Dubbed Tatooine

The Army’s cyber training center at Fort Gordon, Georgia, is getting a new collaboration space intended to bring together the branch’s top tech talent, Defense Department innovators and the private-sector technologists to solve the biggest issue in cybersecurity: the workforce.
Members of the Army’s cyber brigade—dubbed ARCYBER—and leaders from the Defense Digital Service were in Augusta Thursday to announce the opening of a new workspace “designed to house tech teams, cultivate talent, and promote innovative ways to solve mission challenges,” according to a department release.
Following the DDS’ clear affection for the Star Wars films, the space is being called “Tatooine,” a reference to the desert planet that was the adoptive home of Luke Skywalker.
“Tatooine will be a beacon for technical talent across the military—a place to write code and solve problems of impact,” DDS Director Chris Lynch said at the unveiling event Thursday. “Together, men and women in uniform and tech nerds are finding new ways to rapidly solve high-impact challenges.”
At the center, soldiers and DDS technologists will work together on several pilot programs—collectively known internally as “Jyn Erso,” another Star Wars reference—that will both help the department in its warfighting efforts and train the soldiers to adapt and respond to future needs and problems. The first of these pilots will focus on drone detection, active hunting of cyber threats on Defense Department networks and designing better training systems for cyber soldiers.

There have been many people rolling their eyes over this blog for some time in things  too fantastic to comprehend. But all of this goes back to the 2013 period. 2013 is when this entire Obama cloud was established. 2013 is when Edward Snowden and the host of Wikileaks went operational to eat this intelligence community from within, and June 13th 2013 is when Birther Hussein began to change in appearance, in actions, in speech patterns and the entire Obama agenda went stalemate as "Obama" began to rule by executive order.

The matrix has always indicated in the collective thought that Barry Chin was removed from office on that day in June. The body was housed in a freezer in the emergency tunnels under DC and was later removed to Hawaii before the imposter left office.

The facts are in all of this beyond the impossible to believe is the United States by evidence was being moved to wrest control from the established community to an Obama organized community. In 2023 the established community began a counter operation, and Donald Trump was the political part of this, as this inter war has been taking place, under the cover of Robert Mueller probes and impeachment. America is becoming a National Socialist political body, as Webster Griffin Tarpleye stated the elite had on their agenda. That has not changed, but the diversion of all of this is one order battling another order for control.

Edward Snowden
Edward Joseph Snowden is an American whistleblower who copied and leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013 when he was a Central Intelligence Agency employee and subcontractor.Wikipedia
Born:Edward Joseph Snowden, Jun 21, 1983, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, U.S.

What you have just read is how the Obama regime created the structure of Amazon cloud to frame Donald Trump. This is the weaponized data that John Brennan and Susan Rice deployed in the overthrow of America. It is still there and it will be utilized to wipe people out as no system is going to be used for good as this is still being built, in it has a brain and it is has fangs, to collect data and to destroy those who stand in the way of this new system.

You have not been shown the Missing Link, but you have been educated in this post on how this weaponized system was built and how it is expanding to more nefarious ends.

This once again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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