Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Iran was having a bad day until Donald Trump made it Great

14  But Samuel said, "What then is this bleating of sheep in my ears?
 - Samuel the Judge
Book 1 Chapter 15

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The President might not rue the day, but enough American families will be in mourning, over this President stepping back and down, in not delivering a smashing blow to the mullahs of Iran over the missile salvo the United States bases in Iraq.

Iran was having a very bad day yesterday.

Their missiles did zero damage and killed no Americans. (This blog cringed in those saying, "Donald Trump said there has to be US casualties before he would react, and as no Americans were dead, all is well".)

Then a crowd of turban heads herding like stock for the funeral of terrorists Soliemani, got into a panic and trampled over 50 of the turban heads to death.

Then a Ukraine airliner crashed killing more turban heads.

Tehran Plane Crash Appears To Be "A Shootdown Event," Experts Say   zh

Oh and this just in:

Earthquake hits near Iran nuclear plant, injuring 7   timesofisrael 


To this Donald Trump, did not follow through in these Godless Muslims attacking A US BASE AND UNITED STATES CITIZENS, and showed restraint.

All this did was prove to the murderous communists of Iran that Donald Trump is weak. This blog warned of the problems of a "peace time out" as all this will do is allow Iran the cover and time to launch strikes to murder Americans in mass.
Iran stating that it does not want to escalate, is code for, "Be head up the ass Americans again, and give us time to slaughter more CIA agents, hijack more planes and unleash terror attacks in regimes across the Mideast."

Donald Trump at minimum, should have:

  • Obliterated the new Qud Forces leader and the entire Qud's forces.
  • Went scorch earth on the Republican Guard.
  • Blown up those turban head death chanters in the Iranian parliament.
  • Shoved a JDAM salvo in the Supreme Leader's compound.

Anyone looks sideways at an American should have their nation obliterated. Period.

President Ronald Reagan cut and ran on Iran, after the Marine Barracks bombing, and it has been nothing but promote this MI6 regime ever since.
To put it plainly, when the United States got the atomic bomb, by miracle, so did England and France by association. This has happened time again from Jews linked to South Africa. Pakistan and then their Saudi funders. So for those who state that Iran does not have nuclear weapons, when their ally North Korea has them, is so absolutely Mockingbird propaganda, that it does not allow the explanation of why no one touches Iran, other than Iran has propositioned nuclear weapons as the KGB did in the United States during the Cold War.

This President stated he would not leave Iran for another President, and yet this President has without regime change, (and I do not mean the United States invades Iran, but the United States decapitates and wipes out the turban heads, to give the Patriots or Persian time to form a government with the Crown Prince at the head), has left the same murderous communists in power in Tehran, and these turban heads will retaliate in slaughtering more Americans.

When Iran is speaking of restraint, that is the time you have them concerned, and the reality of raining hell down on them to make them shit themselves.

This is more incorrect United States policy, which is answering to others and not Americans. We already know what Iran will do and is in the process of implementing that terrorism when Americans are distracted again and have forgotten about Soleimani.
The Quds will not forget. The Republican Guard will not forget. The mullahs will not forget, and the reason the mullahs will not forget is due to the reality that if they do not slaughter Americans, the Quds and RG will begin slaughtering the mullahs.

The projections in this are that within one year, the United States will respond to WMD attacks with WMD's, after the Iranians meddle in the 2020 elections.

The Muslim terrorists of Iran were having a horrid day on January 7th by Jesus the Christ. January 8th the Muslim terrorists had a great day, as this President let them escape to implement future terror plots against the United States.

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