Thursday, April 15, 2021

Biden's Short and Obama's Curlies


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

No sooner does the Lame Cherry warn of Pedo Joe and his Pentagon Pervs were moving into a Black Sea Trap.........


Then Pedo Joe turns rudder and runs for his life.

US Backs Down, Cancels Warships Deployment
To Black Sea - Turkish Diplomatic Sources

I suggest you read the article because it explains how Russia would exploit the sinking of US warships to start a revolution in America, returning America to Washington, Lincoln and Reagan foundations.

This is a warning sign in the US has backed down, blinked, retreated in the face of the Russian power. This is a clear indication that war is imminent in the Ukraine. I'm actually tracking this in the matrix and a different scenario is building. I should publish on this sometime next week, but it will not make sense, until after the facts appear, and then you will comprehend what was being posted. With the majority now protecting themselves, not donating, do not expect me to be pissing off the 1% for your entertainment reading as they reach out and destroy me, and you won't give a damn, but show how brave you are in hiding deeper under your sheets.

Russia and China both have America by the Biden short and Obama curlies. It is no longer the United States setting the agenda. From this point on, it will be Russia, China, Iran, and terrorists pushing the United States back, humiliating America, as this is by design. It is not the DIA and CIA, forcing Russia and China out, but Russia and China forcing America into undefendable positions and positions which America will lose.

China Warns Of Military Action Against Taiwan To
Stop Relations With US On Eve Of Top Level Visit

One more thing, in the original article, it is now even more relevant, as those arrogant FBI agents hunting down Americans, will soon discover they have Chinese, Russians and Muslims who are here and who will be an insurmountable problem, as the Biden state will not protect them, and 100 million armed Americans who they mocked, will not support them.

The tides of the times turn, and this worm is turning. The DIA, CIA and FBI installed election theft Obama and Biden, they will discover the Russians and Chinese have come in 2021 AD in the year of our Lord, and Pedo Joe is not going to protect his alphabets.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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