Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Nursing Infant Dies From Vax Milk


Being woke lezbo won't save you.

*THIS WAS PFIZER which was labeled a biological weapon.

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This is on BitChute and it is a report of a mother who was vaxed, after having her baby, breast fed the baby and the baby developed symptoms, rashes and the child died.

The prion focuses on lymph, spleen and brain, that is the immune and fat cells. Mother's milk consists of antibodies to protect the baby and high concentrations of fat. This is where this synthetic protein gravitates to by this evidence.

It would be mandatory to not take this vax if you are breast feeding.  It would be prudent to isolate yourself and your child if you have an infant to reduce shedding exposure, because when women are having horrid periods, that same prion is going to be in their milk, and attacking their baby if they beast feed or think tossing the kid to the idiot friends or relatives who are vaxing like it is mother's milk.

Just be aware of the information coming in and use some sense in not engaging in things before thinking them over, as they will have consequences.

Be aware that when feces and mothers milk have this prion, then it would be a reasonable projection like rabies, then so does sweat, saliva, tears, including vaginal fluids and semen are carriers. There is information now that men who have had sex with vaxed women, they developed severe deep muscle bruising.

Sex is obvious in saliva, genital fluids and yes feces if the person is a perv. There is not a great deal of volume in this kind of body fluid or material exchange. Kissing and intercourse have minute amounts of anything going up a man's penis or in saliva  exchange in the mouth. That projects that this hybridized prion which was designed to replicate like a nuclear reaction going of, does not take a great deal of prion material to afflict the infected in the transfer. A small amount in less than 24 hours, or in a night caused deep muscle bruising in large males. That is an incredible replication rate. Babies are ten pounds while males are 180 pounds, so the problem with infants is going to be more severe. Severe because babies will be administered a more concentrated amount in mother's milk.

More information to be aware of.

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