Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Survival of the Vax Fittest


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One of the Lame Cherry family asked me recently if blood transfusions can transmit the coof, as his daughter had just brought forth new joy, and she required two quarts to top off the thank.

I want to first tell you that there is a way to beat any effects and His Name is The Great Physician, Jesus the Christ.

With that to begin your focus, of course any transfusion is going to transmit the coof, as that is what Donald Trump was basically cured with, in antibodies. There is a difference between natural antibodies and the mRNA and ADCovid injections, which are a platform based on the weaponized spike protein, which is a synthetic prion, as in mad cow disease which affects the brain.

Again, remember in this that the original coof, Chloroquine, and Ivomec with zinc are effective treatments. We have no information on the synthetic protein if his will kill it, but I can promise you when MERCK invested in antivirals, that antivirals will as in HIV cause this to go into remission.

As women often are relegated to the back burner on issues, there is information in this vax, that women are having disturbing side effects, in menstruation cycles. This includes women who have had contact with other humans who have been vaxed, in the population literally is producing shedders, who are not spreading some super virus, but they are spreading in human to human contact these spike proteins, which are causing blood clots and other issues of brain dysfunctions, which include mood changes to migraines.

Women Complaining Of Severe Menstrual
Disorders Post COVID Injections – Even If
They Did Not Get The Shots - Transmission!

UN-VAXED Women Now Reporting Miscarriages And
Many Other 'Female' Horrors - These Women Appear
To Have Been 'Infected' By Those Who HAVE Been
Vaxed Which Strongly Suggests H2H Transmission

Women Complaining Of Severe Menstrual Disorders
Post COVID Injections – Even If They Did Not Get Shots

I honestly if I have the time, will inquire in how to deal with these problems, as the vaxed are shedding spreader prions. The reason I mentioned Christ, is in the matrix I came across an affirmative response, for prayer being part of the remedy. Remember it is those who ACCEPT the mark of the beast, accepting is a physical mental decision of will. If you do not accept or give control of your body to a vax and this 1%, then there is an internal resistance,  just as when people give up and die, they die, if you will to continue on, you will continue on.

As stated, I will attempt this, but I'm swamped. I'm not playing games here in I'm exhausted, I have massive resistance from satan in trying to get things done. I just can't go out and spend money to solve my problems for fix things. Today, I think was the 5th time in engaging in repairs on a tractor we got cheap. They guy I needed to get a part from, is old, and was not in today, so we were putting gas hose on and fuel in the tank. I will have two more times if things work out. When I have things I have to get done, do not expect answers in how to save your rich lives. As the Bible says, "What price is a man's soul worth?" That is the same thing here, how much would a rich person pay for the information to deal with what is coming. The answer so far is nothing in  the rich took the measures to handle the coof from my real experience and donated nothing.

I will get it down, but even yesterday we had a 30 mph north wind, and it was cold, and we were crawling around under a cultivator, snapping off frozen bolts for four hours.

All of us are facing this coming problem as it is on us. As women are already having blood issue problems from vax shedding, males will have like issues, and children are going to manifest their own chronic problems too.

This once again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.