Sunday, April 4, 2021

The movies you should never watch.


This was named the most stunning woman in the world,
man brows, cross eyed, butt lips and hair to mop the floor with.



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538 or whatever that site is, ran this list of most watchable movies of all time. It should not be a surprise in this list, that I don't think I watched most of this shit, because I have a natural recoil mechanism to not watch shitty films and the films in this list that I did see, were forced on me by the only thing being on television at the time.

I will have commentary and the films I have seen will be in red. The ones I will not ever look at or have not seen are in blue. 


Some of these movies I might have seen parts of, but was so filled with revulsion I either blocked them out or was so recoiling I still will not ever watch them. Some of them TL had so we watched.



1 Star Wars Childish stupid movie.
2 The Wizard of Oz Boring childish stupid movie
3 The Sound of Music Julie Andrews, yucker.
4 The Lord of the Rings (series) Pure torture.
5 Gone With the Wind Boring.
6 The Godfather Italians are boring making pizza.
6 The Princess Bride Don't know Don't care.
8 The Shawshank Redemption Fag liberal waste of screen.
9 Harry Potter (series) Yeah fag liberal waste of screen
10 It’s A Wonderful Life I suffered more than Jimmy Stewart
11 Forrest Gump Stupid is as Tom Hanks does.
11 Grease Greasy Travolta, ish.
13 Dirty Dancing Sweaty hate of God.
14 Pulp Fiction Never seen it.
14 Titanic Why would I watch this.
16 The Lion King Yeah right.
16 Pretty Woman Whores and Johns..nopers.
18 Casablanca Just saw this....boring.
19 The Matrix Weird
19 The Notebook She does not remember cock.
21 Star Trek Run out of ideas in super boring.
21 Finding Nemo Better if it was lost.
23 Goodfellas More Italian pizza.
24 Pride & Prejudice The PBS was better.
25 Caddyshack This one I liked except for Chevy.
25The AvengersIf this was FBI - I disliked it.



Ok, I could do a list of films, but I swear none of my movies would be from the first list. Just like these mutant alien models of today I do not Mad Max like. I used to think Mad Max was freak, but that is what sociopath 21st century Obama Biden pedo culture is.

Last movie I watched was Young Guns II, it was better than Young Guns I and both were bested by John Wayne in Chisholm which covered the Lincoln County Wars.

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