Sunday, April 25, 2021

Vax Shedder Syndrome - Treatment


I don't think that is supposed to happen.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I told you I was going to keep looking for information on how to deal with the vaxed who are shedding these synthetic spike protein prions. I'm currently reviewing Clif High's latest assessment, and I wanted to share this possible solution which includes prayer.

What High's data is reflecting in the current raw assessments is that while people, women are having miscarriage and blood clot periods, and men are having severe bruising issues in having had sex with vaxed women, the Lame Cherry assessment is on what High is stating, is that these shed prions are more like pollen, meaning people are having an allergic type reaction. a very severe reaction in the reproduction and protein concentrations like muscles, but this is like hay fever in if you stay the hell away from prion infested environments, like closed office buildings or intercourse, you will begin to recover.

I hope this is the case. It reinforces the necessity of staying away from the vaxed, not going to their prion infested homes and continuing working from home. It would behoove you to limit time shopping in buildings and to continue to wear gloves, and to keep washing your things to limit the exposure.

What High is stating is that the prion attacks a cell, it could be millions of your cells in an exposure, but those cells are dying, and they are alerting other cells there is a problem, so the healthy cells start protecting themselves, and the clean up antigens start removing the dying cells. Once the exposure is ended, your body should start repairing itself.

High provided three things which people could try. I'm not rich and many of you are not either, but he suggests these early measures. As stated I'm still waiting on God on this and will inquire when I have time, but this is what he suggests.

 Clif High had more up to date information on the shedders. I will provide the link, is an hour, but the first part is where he thinks that these synthetic spikes being shed, are not long term problems for the non vaxed. I would term it like it is an allergy, where it is a person in an infected environment like closed air buildings are being triggered by them.

He lists HEPA air filters, Chaga tea and C 60 as helps. 

Be prudent in this, as the situation is forming where women are going to revolt against this attack upon them,  and stay away from vaxed people, and environments they are concentrated in, that would be Bidencon regime buildings, geezer homes, schools and these woke businesses.

Got to keep going, but this is something you should be aware of.