Sunday, May 16, 2021

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I wanted to thank Captain Kirk for this information in dealing with the synthetic prion from the vax and the Vax Leper shedders.  My cousin was amused in how complicated this bioweapon is, in God may have made the most uncomplicated of solutions. It would be wonderful if this worked on all prion diseases, but for now we have something to look at and hope that it will work.

Hi LC!

       writing you is always love/hate for me - I love to write you, but hate to bother you. I wanted to send some follow on info related to your suramin post. The link below has some detail and notes you can get suramin from pine needle tea (or any coniferous tree - cedar, spruce, etc.)

If you search for pine needles on Etsy, you can find some reasonable prices if you don't have easy access to needles.

Please say "howdy" to TL for me. The Lord bless you and keep you both.


Cpt. K

I honestly hope that bad things do happen, because I'm suffering from a sinus headache again today, brought about by this toxic farming. Soil now is dead, and full of the worst plague molds that poisons will not kill. All that gets dispensed into the atmosphere, I breathe it in, along with the sprays, and my head feels like it is expanding from the inside.

I do miss childhood memories of the sweet scent of corn and wheat. The way grain hissed in the fields when touched by wind. For awhile most grain smelled like oil. It is better now, but put heirloom crops by the toxic stuff and the animals will eat heirloom every time.

If you are interested in my assessment of the pine needles. I do believe they will work, but there is a caveat in this. I know that having the virus will work, and having Ivomec will work, but it works to break down the fiberforming assembly and transformation. In other words, it will stop your being turned into a synthetic immortal.  What it will not do is stop the nano particles or the synthetic prion. I have noticed a number of changes in people who had the vax and they are degrading to a more sullen state. The prion infects the brain and deteriorates it. The human body can wonderfully fix, it can cross circuit and other parts of the brain will fill in, but for those who have been injected, that is different than those who have been shed upon. Being shed upon is more like an allergic reaction in your cells die from breathing the sluff in. It is a different matter if the people you are with, are sluffing live prion in their feces, womb placenta, vomit or sexual contact. That is live content, is ingested or absorbed, and that is like being injected. The longer that prion which is a hyper replicator is in a human system, the more damage it does to brain tissue, Mad cow as I have informed you has a 14 month infection to death ratio, and incapacitation is evident by half that time. Yes the Morgellons feeds on this prion or builds on this platform, but without it, the brain is deteriorated. The deterioration can be arrested, but being Stephen Hawking is not a cure.

The reason this poor orphan girl is making this point is, just because there may be a way out, does not mean that you stop wearing latex gloves, masks if you need them, or stop washing things down with bleach.

I do wonder if this Moregellons is going to be in tissues up your nose and toilet paper up your ass. I wonder if Woke Coke in their prices raised and then reduced if Coke is gong to have prions in that nectar as the 1% is not going to accept Dr. Fauci's staff only half of them being vaccinated. The pubic hair on the coke can just may be the prion in the coke can. So if Suramin is a remedy, you just remember that this is hunting season. They got the culls with the easy shots, and now are going to implement the next several phases with Bidencon's full support.

Your focus is to not get infected with this vax so you do not need pine needle tea.

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