Tuesday, May 4, 2021

How Much Time Does Joe Biden Have Left


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reversals which David John Oates featured on Rense.com, reveal that Joe Biden appears to be having a life review in an internal conversation, and that his judgment against himself is that he is demonic and dull, and refers to himself as a corpse.

May appears to be the turning point in the Biden time line.

Anthony Fauci, he is revealing the evil he is, in he calls satan a being of light. and is just shoveling the plague propaganda getting innocent people dead and harmed. Fauci is a racist extremist. Oates said Fauci is like Mengele in World War II.

The reversals report that Fauci knows the vaxes America will send India will slaughter Indians.

Joe Biden

Lifted hand off family Bible - Demonic as Joe (Biden links himself to the demonic plague)

Shots in people's arms - Harsh you woke thee enemy (The vax is triggering something in the body.)

Set up vaccination sites -They knew you warn me beloved

Create an agency for health - Fuck off this idiot (Biden talking to himself)

Poor won't pay taxes - Yes so dull and it's awkward power (Biden says he is dull)

Economic growth and opportunity - Boring of inner self (Biden bores himself)

Every nations plays by same rules - And the soul mess it up (Biden says his soul is messed up)

America will stand up to unfair trade - See this fuss

An unfair disadvantage - And the corpse that I show ( Biden says he is the walking dead)

Most hard pressed working families - Screw em now

They get a check back from the government - Cash that they get

Anthony Fauci

New infections a day - satan is light

Shut down temporarily - This word was in you

Shut down six months - Supply the shit

 No central organization in India - We RAPE it. (Emphasized rape)

No organization in India - Mess in it my shares in the goal. (Fauci's reward is in this plague spread.)

What this virus is - But make it nova (Fauci wants this to explode.)

I'm speaking to you as an American - Sneaky smell hole (Fauci judges India is a shit hole)

India's difficult situation - And a dead slum

3000 deaths a day in America - Witness lied ( The stats in America were false.)

People of India hang together - Guess what pain level will be with the help (America is sending vaxes to India and Fauci knows this vax will slaughter more Indians.)

Senator Tim Scott

Kids lost a year of learning - Soul of the sick

We should be expanding opportunities - Hear now marathon

People are making money - Win it damn the value

And that is the epitaph of the rot in America.

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