Wednesday, May 5, 2021

PROVEN: The 3rd Wave of Coronavirus Deaths is the Vax


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Maggie kindly shared this Twitter link of a researcher who has been documenting the murder rate due to Ottawa globalist policy which mirrors Washington DC, London, Berlin etc.... What is of interest for the Lame Cherry is when the story broke of the 3rd Wave in India, with the Tri Mutant variety, the Holy Ghost directed me to look for information concerning the vax, as this was vax linked, and the Lame Cherry posted that exclusive. With the additional information below. the Lame Cherry was proven right again, as in EVERY nation which has been vaxing, a trend which includes disturbing information on the Russian Sputnik vax, as Brazil discovered it carries a replicating human cold virus, which is not supposed to happen in adenovirus vaccinations.

Brazil rejects Sputnik V vaccine, says it’s tainted with replicating cold virus

Adenovirus-vector vaccines are supposed to be engineered so they can’t replicate.

What we know for certain is this. Covid Adenovirus of Astra and Johnson, both produce blood clots. The United States is shipping more of this biological poison to India, and India is going to continue with record deaths. In reverse speech, David John Oates on discovered what a racist Anthony Fauci is when it comes to Indians and their nation Fauci, Obama and Biden know the dangers of the vaxes and they are shipping them to India and the result is dead people. That is premeditated homicide.

Canada has ceased to be a nation under Court Fool Trudeau. Canadians are locked up, locked down, imprisoned, criminalized and force vaxed. Canada is the Tower of London and Australia has become the executioners block in this macabre death of the White Commonwealth.
The regime in Canada has now ordered and refused to record any vax murders in a massive cover up. Where the numbers were spiked in fake Coronavirus deaths under Trump, the cover up now is people who are vaxed and dying and being injured. This is a global restructuring of societies. In the West it is aimed at eradicating the Protestant Christian, the foundation of society in work and morals. In all areas it is aimed at killing off the "millionaire competitors" that group of the 3% which could combine to fund opposition. This group of rich is taking the vax in order to survive, but the data is showing it is killing people and will continue to injure and incapacitate people as HIV did.

TL and I weekly have a front seat view of this vaxicide, as a person we do business with, his wife and him both took the vax on her urging, after both had already contracted the virus and recovered. His personality has changed as has her's. While we are not around her, today's installment was a review of what a bitch she is in driving him to the grave in working him on the weekends on the Honey Do list. She even mocked him in the work he was doing.

What it appears to me is this vax intoxication is bringing out the real feelings of people, like being drunk does. With the man he is more fun, cordial, talkative, social. With the woman she appears to be more of a ball buster in trying to make up for what is missing in her, by pushing her spouse around.

This condition is progressing weekly and it is downgrading from what I have observed.

I also have a preliminary data of two women who have a hoarse throat and not from giving blowjobs, and I know one had the vax and the other probably did too as she is a busy body know it all. The condition lasted two weeks and is either a new virus, a vaxinosis of the vax or a proof that this vax is making it difficult to recover from common virus, or people are contracting animal viruses in this bridge has been gapped.

The facts are in the above. 19 nations are now dying from this vax. Pedo Joe is pushing to vax more Americans by July 4th which will continue to spike numbers and people will be affected by 5G transmissions and all sorts of things are going to be blamed for this Covid, but the current Covid is Vaxid, the vax is the disease which has emerged and all of the people directing this know what the cause is, and they are injecting it.

This is once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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