Monday, May 10, 2021

Tap That


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have championed Discover card enough that they should be a sponsor here as I like their services, but something gave me pause today when my email had this in it:

Your current Discover® Card doesn't expire yet, but we want you to have a card with the latest payment technology so you can feel safer at checkout. That's why we're sending you a new contactless card. Simply tap and pay with your new contactless card to help you avoid touching the card reader - or, you can still insert your card or swipe as usual.

Keep an eye out: your contactless Discover
® Card should arrive in 2-4 weeks in a plain, unmarked envelope. It will replace your current card, so be sure to activate it when you receive it.

Discover Card Customer Service

So now with touch screen phones, Discover has a touchscreen credit card, that I can aim and shoot like a Star Trek phaser.

Thing is it makes me wonder if this can be butt dialed or just what is up with this technology, or even if the brier patch has any systems that can be activated by it.

As I was typing this I surfed over to Discover and watched their unimpressive video, but this one on Gaytube explains more in this is either loaded on your cell phone, something I would never do, or it is your Spock Card as this is beyond a smart card, that you just wave it at a thing that looks like a wifi beacon, and the terminal picks up the card and reads it.

This chit looks open for crime, but as they are pushing this hard, and it is global, I can see when they implement the forced digital system of outlawing money, that with Bidencom handouts ordering you how to spend money, that this is going to be how everything is bought and sold. It is just the Coronavirus plague as another excuse to not use those dirty credit cards............yeah but I have to touch the dirty groceries, dirty shopping cart, and then get out the card as it is dirty then, so I see no benefit.

This is though what is coming and mine is on the way again. As TL does this stuff, TL will be waving it at the terminals and I doubt that anything around here has this kind of technology. I see no point in Bank ATM's still require the pin, so waving your card at the ATM still has you pressing buttons. Cyborglobal is coming to all of us. No one may buy or sell.

Nuff Said