Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Vax Religicide


Since the US is in the midst of a massive social and economic experiment that has never been undertaken before, the question is a fair one.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What perplexes the Lame Cherry is reading articles which still show the low mindset of the writers in they still are grasping to a morality which does not exist, as if all of what this world is convulsing in, just happened when it IS ALL BY DESIGN.

The author of the above is calling this an experiment, NO it is not an experiment, and it has happened before in economics in Germany in the Republic to destroy it. It happened in Mother Russia in wiping out the Orthodox Church, it has happened in China with the communists, in Vietnam with the communists, it has happened in Cuba with the communists. The violent overthrow of peaceful societies and the elimination of Christianity is a standard as old as Joan of Arc being burned at the stake.

Yet, the focus is always on the workers and the money they get in handouts which will ruin them. That is interesting in people have the right to not work, and for that they can bring their ruin, but it is a right and people do not have to get up and slave away so someone who has a cushy life gets to continue on with the luxuries as the people find a better deal in getting free money like all the elite do like Buffett, Soros, Zuckerberg and Gates.

If the German sociologist Max Weber, noted for his seminal 1905 work ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’, was correct in his assumptions that individual labor serves a moral and spiritual purpose, then the United States has become a veritable den of iniquity. Indeed, the belief that government benevolence will bail out America from any and all scourges – viral, economic or otherwise – carries all the trappings of a dangerous cult.

I have no problem with people being corrupted by handing out money now as they are corrupt already in none of them did anything to save God's world of Christianity when it mattered. I take regime money as I save it, and for the most part, most people did not spend the handouts, but saved it, which drove the conglomerates into fury, as they did not get the money force fed to their coffers. It was why Biden handed them the blank check this last time.

Money is not gong to corrupt me as there is not enough in a 1400 dollar check to matter. What the hell can you do with 1400 bucks but be sorrowful it is has no buying power. I would have a problem if the badges with guns show up demanding things later for that money, but I think it is a roll of the dice in the big wars are coming and the FBI and Homeland will have more problems with Vaxes killing them and Chicoms and Russians trying to shove a nuclear missile up their twats, than to go out herding up people who took checks.

So the 1% is ruining things for this new system, which appears on examination to be built on a vax to evolve people, which is going to rot them instead. A bunch of zombie wandering around rotting is not something I'm that concerned about as sure they are immortals, but I still figure that Russian and Chinese nukes can scatter them zombies in enough pieces  that they won't be able to moan in my direction.

For that matter, figure they are immortals and have the scab, scabs mean pain, and I don't see scabby zombies walking a thousand miles to the brier patch to do damage as they will be in pain and things in pain do not take long walks.

Amid enormous government stimulus spending to offset the ravages of Covid-19, a whopping 34% of US income now comes not from the sweat of one’s brow, but from that bottomless pit known as Uncle Sam’s pockets. According to the latest Personal Income and Outlays data, which provides statistics on government-subsidized income such as stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, welfare, etc., handouts exploded to an astronomic annualized $8.1 trillion. That is double the $4.1 trillion subsidy figure from February, and has allowed President Joe Biden’s administration to boast about a “record surge in personal income and spending.

My entire purpose is to make me, and you, not a threat to Homeland, the FBI, Chicoms, Russians or this regime. This is not my game, nothing I will do will stop what those who want this kind of regime, so I'm not a problem or a threat as they all want the same piece of the future, so they can have mine as I'm looking for Christ to return.

I figure when FBI and Homeland folks start having medical problems, along with their families and friends that even the Pentagon and CIA are going to focus on those who betrayed them, more than hunting down people Bidencon is making criminals out of. All of this is by design as I have stated before, 'If you are an immortal in the making, are you going to leave alive millions of armed police state agents to contend with? Are they going to leave medical people who can create a contending zombie world, or how about these Silicon Valley techs around to build another network linking people up? Hell no they are not, so this system is a cancer and it will eat itself, so  I do not need to get worked up about it and make myself a target.

What is the concern is that this is religicide against Protestant Christians. which this blog warned you about. That is what captured my attention as the Vatican pissed around in Germany to get rid of the Lutherans and corrupt that religion there hidden in the world wars, and the same corrupting of Lutherans has taken place in America. This is about getting rid of Jesus in YOU, so it can be replaced by a vax resonating in you, to make you part of a global body of energy which is all linked up by a coming 6 G network and the Musk Space Array of immortals and immortal slaves.

Yes this is anti Christian, this is anti Christ, anti Light, it is a contender system to God's and one satan has been providing invention to in the oracles so all of this can be built, including the great deception.

I will end on this reality. What chance do you think immortals stand against an eternal satan, as they abandoned God's Spirit? Sounds like the checkmate that satan would desire in corrupting most of humanity to their doom, and always overcoming these immortals who will not be full of energy as Lucifer was.

The 1% must get rid of the Spiritual Children of Light as they are contenders to this immortal system and those behind this can not overcome with this vax array unless it is accepted.

The most important quality is being a Lutheran and any of the Protestant systems which arose from Martin Luther's Spiritual awakening. That is why Protestants are under genocide attack and having religicide employed against them.

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