Saturday, May 29, 2021

Vikings in the Mist


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you have ivo for humans as they dispense this over the counter in Kenya, it would be in pill form, otherwise the equine is set in weight and from what  I have heard, it is the same for horses as humans.
They are not going to take horse meds. Zinc is the same daily of one pill per day.

It is news to me on the CD as I have never noticed this. My alarm bells went off on this from a legal standpoint, as the diagnosis goes south and it only strengthens the hand against you. I would run this by your brother and gain his opinion on the ramifications. I would never let her anywhere near this process.

Having read the past events in the cruelty of the mum's passing, not attending the funeral, and then leveling with the things your mum never said and what has followed in isolating you at the other place, I do not see this as a salvaging of anything, but a person and a daughter who had grand monetary ideas, which are now legally not possible, unless the CD leverage comes into play, to reconcile, and then all your assets, house included fall into her rights again, and you fall into a facility against your will.

This is an impossible situation for me to comment. You want this. Others want this and it will be done. You are paying for legals you never started, and now examinations and all of this is you in the balances. Your rights need to be protected. You should weigh this out in looking at it as the worst possible outcome for you if things go wrong. You have to protect yourself.

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