Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Liars and Manipulators


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

David John Oates on Rense featured more snake tongue from Pedo Joe and included more snake charmers in these frauds that run the CIA Mockingbird public religions.

I'm tired so no need to explain liars and manipulators

Pedo Joe

My agenda not against Russia but for America - A sharp snake

To defend our democratic values - You finance it

In Afghanistan - Snake plans the rest

I did what I came to do - I go walk it tough

We were not going to allow this - Bring your con know you

Let's hug and love each other - Let's kiss and may God bless the trees

Joel Osteen

It's great to have you here - They have guilt

Good friends and - The soul let you skim

Share this page with a friend - Help with those debts

The mistake you made - Damn we get some

He has you in the palm of His hand - I wash my hiss

Going to be happier - Disease lock I fed

Now his customers parked off site - This sermon sucks

The wrong thing happened - The deal will fake you

God had his hands on you - And then I'll ruin you

Family members who have nothing to do with you - Always remember meth

He looked down on himself - See this and you tap misery

Your mistakes are not too many for God - I'm not scared

Letting him think - It will hide little con

Life threw you some curves - You mock satan

Lord as my Savior - Draw harm in the muck

Billy Graham

Let us pray - Help me wash

The crusade was closed - Look at the slime that I have

It was God's will - and God you forget

Committing your life to Him - That satan is true