Monday, June 21, 2021

White Priv

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading headlines as I do not bother to read stories, as a Caucasian Gender, I simply can not be bothered with reading, as the Negro does not read, as all they do is twerk their genitals and the Mongoloid reads too much and never thinks a Negro like Obama is setting them up on Wuhan bioweapons.

So in not reading headlines I saw the Washington Post had made a digital explaining to White People why they should feel guilty for the responsibility for being White. I have to say I agree with the WashPo, because just look at this world from the CIA 1960's on, blaming White People, and the thing is White People like being blamed, it is some maschosism or they would have rose up and spanked feminist butt and made them bark like a dog and go fetch them a beer. The White Race would have did some real eugenics and impregnated the Quadroon with some more Caucasian blood to raise their IQ past 85. Whites though get off on being blamed for things. It is some kind of penance for being so successful at everything they touch.

Just look at reporter Ivory Hecker. You just know if her name was not Ivory White, and something like Oprah, well she would be this fat old stink interviewing White Harry as you know that no one would watch that woke shit if it was LeBron James married to that Quadroon Meghan. It is White cock that makes Meghan Markle into something not another too tanned droon.

See the world used to be right back in the day. Blacks knew their place and aspired to things, things like straightening their hair and passing at White. That Michael Jackson, the true hero of Blackness, aspired to something great in being White. Poor Negro though spent all his money in Whiteness Remake as there apparently is not enough money in the world to make a Black into White.

What about that Michelle Obama. All that press saying how pretty she was, but all that was, was her dressing up as a White woman. It is tough being Black and while I don't agree they should get reparations as what good does money to these ethnics. Indians get drunk, Indians still eat curry. Chinamen build bioweapons and Negroes lose their jobs as chicken pluckers to Mexicans who first chance they get, they want to get White jobs and of course fail as Mexicans can do one job well, but give them a job to chew gum and walk and they will choke out every time.

So giving ethnics money just wastes money. You might as well give them the rubberbands which hold the money as that will be just as pleasing to them.

The way it is is that it is these Jews out of Asia who are the problem. They pass off as White and they just can't master it, so they feel inferior and then they produce all this propaganda about Whiteism. I would think being an Ashkenaz would be really something to be proud of on it's own as they own sport's plantations owning the Negroes, they import Mexican slave labor, thell they erase Caucasians, as we all know Jews are the best crooks and cheaters in the world as Shylock was William Shakespeare's best character ever, but Jews just got this inferior thing going on as even they do not measure up to Whites and in that the Jew has taken so much from the Mongoloid and Negroid, who all they want in this life is to wake up one day and get as far as Michael Jackson in pretending they are White.

I honestly can not think of one White failure in world history, because even in failure Whites are the best at it and get volumes written about them. Take that Jew cross Adolf Hitler, the best at what he did and they still are talking about him. The Jews have to make up 6 million Jews to equal one Hitler with some Jew in him. That is just sad. You got your Negro Idi Amin and your Mongoloid Pol Pot who murder reams of people, but they just do not measure up to a Hitler or for that matter Joe Stalin who offed like 60 million, a mark that swarthy Anthony Fauci the Italian is trying to beat with his vaxicide.

One wonders what that little Italian told himself for like 80 years what a damned failure he was as a bug maker, and he had to plot his entire life to do what some White person could make in a few minutes, but Fauci got that germ warfare out of a bat's ass and is risking it all to kill of 6 billion people..........again mostly Whites, because that is the thing in this, the mania is to erase Whites as we have seen, 1 White is worth millions of these other ethnics.

Jun 5, 2020 ... Robin DiAngelo forces white people to see and understand how white supremacy permeates their lives and to recognize how they perpetuate ...

Apr 4, 2019 ... The national debate on race — which the president has made more angry and urgent with his racial demagoguery — is hindered by imprecise ...

Jun 11, 2020 ... Steve Majors is a nonprofit communicator and writer who lives in Takoma Park, Md. His book "High Yella" will be published in Fall 2021.

The world was allot better place when Blacks aspired to have White children suckle their breasts as mammies, Chinamen pulled Whites around in carts and Mexicans longed to cut the lawns of Whites. Everyone was so happy, like Indians being called Wogs and look at how fond the Black is in being called Nigger, as they keep calling themselves Niggers after Whites stopped. Yes gone are the good old days when those with the bad suntans could aspire to be ordered around by Whites and not have to do any of that hard thinking. For that matter, all these wokesters, these snowflakes, they are just lost without some other White stealing their lunch money, stealing their wife or just flushing their head in a toilet as they just can not handle being White and need a bit of knocking around to help them cope, otherwise you get Washington Post articles pleading for Whites to allow these culls adore them in making Whites the focal point of all life again, in blaming them for being more beautiful than other races, more talented than other races, more successful than other races, more intelligent than other races and more loved by God than other races. Let's face it in the fact that the White is a chosen Race, an heir to God and they handle it so well as proof that God of course does love the White more than this other primate ooze which is more suited to animal occupations like eating and fucking.

This bad suntan primatery needs to be given what they need most in being told that they will never measure up, never be White and that their entire purpose in life is to exist as proof that God knows all in choosing White People to be His representatives on earth. Only the White could handle it as these other primates go off and make weird religions like Islam, Jewry, Hindu, Buddha, Voodoo, all without God as knowing they can not be White, they are afraid to even acknowledge there is a White God.

The greatest problem in this world is all of these minorities want to be White and it is not in them in how to be White. Queen Victoria tried in vain to teach Africans and Asians how to be White, and what happened? They became Communists as they are just shiftless people who can not be rugged individuals and run for the Obama Collective. Let's face it, that Irish Mic Pedo Joe Biden has done more as a brain tard in one stuttering teleprompt read than Obama did in 8 years trying to be a White man.

So White Priv is not a privilege, it is Birth Right. No other race could handle being so perfect and it has been proven time and again. White People are just born to being wonderful and perfect. It simply can not be helped and it is a testimony to how secure White People are in they put up with this blaming them as Whites know these lesser humans simply would cease  if they did not have the excuse of blaming Whites. I mean there are only so many trees for chimps in Africa, monkeys in South America and orangutans in Asia for habitat, in you can't have 6 billion failures of humanity all taking the trees away from their kindred as those lovely creatures God created to make Negroids, Mongoloids and Lationoids not feel like they are were the bottom of the walking on the hind legs tree. 

So rest assured that after this 1% meltdown of civilization, and a White archaeologist uncovers the treasure of this post, it will be taught in all the schools to White children as little Black children will listen at the door mopping the floors, little Latin children cutting the school lawn and little Chinakids will be working in the kitchens that peace will reign on earth as the Darwin natural order will have returned and everyone will have harmony again as the history in the Lame Cherry will prove what they all really knew deep down.

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