Thursday, June 3, 2021

May Time Line Reset June Time Line Progresses


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This poor orphan girl has a history of tracking events and has explained the matrix of recorded and combined thought, the reality of horizon points and focal points, how combined thought pushes forward events, but it requires real people to actually engage in events to have those events take place.

There was something or some things which were supposed to take place in May. It is why this blog queried why a certain person disappeared for thee entire month. She was the focal point of the events and thee events and as May has passed, and the events of the time line have been altered, the clock has reset again.

There was supposed to be an event, which would trigger Domestic Terrorism laws and the banning of A5 15 type weapons, and the event did not take place.

It requires to be said as you are  too prejudiced, but the fact remains that Pedo Joe is getting stronger. Strength offset time lines. He is building an energy wave and in that tow Kamala Harris is being empowered. For Pedo Joe to be empowered, means that the image Obama is being disempowered or reduced in power, so events which were supposed to take place are being reset, exactly as the events which led up to June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, had kept resetting until that day.

This does not mean that the Clif Hi projections on time line events are being pushed back. Just because a key event upon which future events did not take place, does not mean that future set events will not generate. All it means is the events will have different character and outcomes. 

Think of it this way if FDR had dropped atomic bombs on Japan, there would have been different characteristics and outcomes than Harry Truman, but the bombs still would have gone off. Things can be altered on a large scale in maybe FDR might have bombed Stalin or maybe it would have been Blue Belle who dropped the bomb instead of Enola Gay.

I do not have time nor finances, nor energy nor health to lock into this for inquiry. Trying to get a garden planted to eat food, is my priority. So if events go scorched earth, then that is your problem as your pennies saved earned you pounds of scorched flesh. Cause and effect.

I have stated that I will not get involved in this from politics to anything else in stopping time lines. I will be cryptic as to events as my only concern is keeping the friends of this blog safe. You have ministered to me, so to the Faithful I will minister with God's shield over you.

It is strange currents in Pedo Joe is gaining strength and Don John is surging in promises of his Qanon August Surprise. June has a building event and it is indeed building, but with Pedo Joe stronger the context of the event will be different than with a weak or absent Joe.
Biden feels like a rapier over hardened in his steel and is projecting forth. Just remember I told you that Pedo Joe is not going anywhere quietly into the night. In his way, he is actually stopping Obama with his people, and a different character is taking place even with Susan Rice sitting sexy in the office next door to the Oval O.

The animation of Pedo Joe has him over hardened. He will last until a cog cracks off or he bridges the gap to immortality, which has it's own pitfalls. I just understand that the time line changed and leadership did not change. There are two building forces in Biden and Trump and Trump is the stronger, but Biden has the power.

Just remember as time lines are resetting that other time lines are generating and the 1% is moving to achieve it's agenda.

Countless FedEx Pallets Full Of 100s Of 1,000s
Of Body Bags - Constant Shipping - Watch

May time line resetting both empowers the June time line and hinders it. It assists in the power surge to propel events, but bleeds energy away from the June time line, producing lesser events of the two, but combined the same greater charge.

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