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The Vaxed Brain Prion vs The Vuhan Brain Spike


Newspaper Tells The Truth - 'Vaccine' Deaths Soar

RFK Jr Warns That Fauci And Gates Are Committing
Mass Genocide Against Humanity

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Everything about this biological weapon and vax is disturbing from the cover up in the United States by the 1% to the Obama Fauci funding of it in the Wuhan lab in China on to the Big Pharm Synthetic Prion which is killing people in record numbers, making them ill and the long term projections of this are not good for those who have been vaxed.

I had another vax encounter with a Vax Leper which was disturbing and bizarre. Every time we are in town now I witness people who are not parked correctly in parking spaces. This encounter was not vehicular, but was instead a former teacher, who I did not recognize at first, until he was in my face.

The first thing he said was, "Have you been vaccinated?"

I replied I had not and explained that we had, had the biological weapon, so it was unnecessary.

With that he replied in a most lecturing manner, " I did too, but getting vaccinated was the only thing to do", and with that he was gone like a rocket.

It was offensive and puzzling as I could not figure out what the hell he meant until pondering it in the Holy Ghost for another day. Today the Holy Ghost explained, "The duffer had been having to defend his stupid decision by others. His wife has probably be harping on his ass about how stupid this is, and others have mentioned the bad side effects which begin developing with this vax". That would make sense as he was abrupt and he did not want to deal with what he had done nor what his dismal future was as he was a dying man from the vax. He was fighting back, but I had not started a fight, nor questioned him. He had resigned himself to this was the only choice he had, which it was not, but as he was of that trained caste of tard teachers who will not cut corners for a student as regulations are regulations, he was ordered to take the vax and the vax is what he got.

I will tell you that not everyone we have come into contact with has seemed degraded. I have no idea why. A cousin we spoke with actually looked better, so only time will tell or it is the reality that maybe he got saline or another side effect, but he seemed like himself when we spoke with him which was pleasant.

The reason for this post was the Cleveland Clinic focused on the Wuhan biological weapon, and it's effects on the brain due to the spike protein, Part of this spike protein is the Synthetic prion in all the vaxes which we have noted some very bad side effects in people.
Those who have examined the Cleveland's findings in questioning why they left out the vax, which of course was to scare people to get the vax, to not get the virus, are correct, but for Cleveland Clinic to actually publish data that Coronavirus Wuhan degrades the brain is confirmed information, as it does dovetail in with other information I have received.

Covid Vaccines Cause Alzheimers & Dementia

Cognitive disorders are increasingly being reported as a “complication” from the Chinese Virus, but the reality is that the injections are the virus – meaning the injections are what is causing the brain damage.

“Reports of neurological complications in Covid-19 patients and ‘long-hauler’ patients whose symptoms persist after the infection clears are becoming more common, suggesting that [the virus and the vaccines] may have lasting effects on brain function,” the study authors wrote.

Published in the journal Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, the study backs similar research which found that Pfizer and BioNTech’s mRNA injection for the Chinese Virus triggers the type of brain degeneration that eventually leads to dementia.

TL nor myself never experienced any of the "loss of the sense of taste". We were fortunate that our keepers came out to our sheep pen and hosed us down at least twice. I suspect that we were exposed several other times in a public venue, where food was served, as our debit card tracks and there are cameras where we shop. The first time I contracted this virus was like others in early December 2019 AD in the year of our Lord, and it was a virus with all the symptoms, worse than the Spanish Flu which I did contract over a decade ago and I thought  I was going to die. The December contract was puzzling to me as I knew this shit was bad, but no one was talking about it, as it was not spreading. That is because I was deliberately infected with it as it was not transmitted.  It was 11 days of misery, but I recovered.

Then in late March arrived the bug we were sprayed with as our cat got sick too. This was the inoculation strain, which gave me the red eyes, fever which did not register and the pillow on my chest feeling which was the trademark. This episode brought on 3 weeks of feeling like I was not getting any air while doing chores. I walked with TL and we shared an apple, and I literally felt like I was suffocating eating that apple. I just could not get enough air. I got better, welded some on the tractor, breathed those fumes, went for a walk the next day and for about a mile felt like I had been stabbed in the lung with intense pain, and then it just disappeared and have been good sense. Whether this was a blood clot that moved or like pleurisy which I have had with scar tissue, in my air sacs breaking, I do not know, but by God's Grace I recovered and healed.

The reason for sharing that is never once did TL or myself ever lose our sense of taste. We know of three other friends who have had this happen, and that is important as those cases were listed as being more prone to senility. Our keepers hosed us down with a variant which kept us from getting the virus in the brain degrading form. I have not noticed these three people going senile, so that could be 20 year long term. One took the vax and seems fine, but in that too, this virus appears to have some protections from this Synthetic Prion. This really was an inoculation strain we were sprayed with and it appears something in it, stops this prion from embedding in the vax. That is an important feature to understand in vaxed, recovered from the bioweapon and remaining unvaxed.

I catalogue all of my experiences with this virus and the vax here to attempt to assist others, as not knowing makes people afraid. I have mentioned that I had contact with a vaxed neighbor, in skin contact in fixing a tractor. He had been vaxed due to a heart condition two months ago, but I touched him one evening, and that night  I woke up and my arm burned, like a burn and I had this coin dollar size red raised bump on it. It hurt and I wondered what the hell I had done, but this was close to where I made contact with him, and I put on Vitamin E oil, went to bed, it was not as red, and deep down it enlarged and turned black in a bruise which lasted about 4 days.

As near as I can tell, I did not shed to TL or if TL was exposed, the effects were not that great. For me, I do not notice any other problems in bleeding or brain dysfunction, so that reasons out the keepers spraying us, have a protection in us to this Synthetic Prion. This is as Erica Kahn has explained like getting exposed to poison ivy. Your body reacts like an allergy, fights it off and it does not replicate.

I have made a point to stay the hell away from vaxed people, as I do believe that in washing our food in bleached water, eliminating physical contact, that this prion is waning, in people have a huge bloom and then it lessens to a bloom which will infect as it did myself with the neighbor, but it is not permanent and will become less exposed as people the vaxed begin lessening their activity.

People though are going to have to come to the understanding that the world has been changed. You can not go back to what your excuses in life were in fantasy in things get better. Enjoy each day as worse things may be coming. Everyone is not going to be saved from this, no more than everyone was not saved from millions of people were dying each year before this in potions injected into the mass population from polio to flu shots giving cancer.

There comes a time in this as a Christian that you either confess that you have a better place in Christ in Heaven and stop being like all the rich in getting injected because they have heaven here. I told TL as this was all unfolding that I had made my decision. I was not going to the hospital if I degraded as I was not going to bankrupt what we had in treatments and leave TL destitute. I do not have health insurance and I do not have any safety rails like all you rich people have. So I prepared for the results of my death and trusted in Christ. Too many of you are still fussing for the sugar tit in not accepting that people are going to die. Yes that makes me grieve as I know some very good people who are probably going to be dead in the next years and I will have to watch them die. I can not change those actions they took because the 1% produced a perfect disease for their use to control people as vax zombie or eliminate them in death.

This was life for 5,800 years on the planet, and only the last 200 years people got it into their head they could buy life and cheat death. Everyone still dies so accept that death is a beautiful part of life for the Christian and stop lamenting the death of people who hate Jesus and you.

I will have more on this, which is my intention on observations of the vaxed, hopefully sometime soon, with the subject being women.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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