Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Vaxed Women Super Clotted in Brains


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The following was grabbed from My Pillow TV and the entire 30 minutes is very professional.

The source is Dr. Terra Clark, a neurologist, the communications director for Dr. Simone Gold, who originated from Southern California, and it is much more information of the dire straights of this vaxology. America Frontline Doctors is being censored. Their views are not getting old.

Slower, fatigue, memory problems, are the symptoms which are being reported to the Doctor by the children of these vaxed parents. Blood clots are appearing. The problem is the women who have blood clots in the back of their brain, these women do not have platelets. Her exact words are people are super clotted in their brains and super unclotted in their bodies.

We are talking about in actual numbers, fifty to one hundred fifty thousand dead Americans from this vax, with a progression of debilitation.

I wanted to share in this, that I bumped into my neighbor who shed on me. He honestly seemed much improved from several weeks ago. He has been vaxed but was talking about a yearly vax to be taken. I can not on only two observations, but 2 men seem to have recovered from the vax fog and emotional change. They both seem extra happy. So there appears to be an adjustment in the progression of this.  I will project there seems to be a more willing vax zombie for future injections and a willingness to accept direction.

That would project that these vaxes have a phases that people go through. Something has changed people, but they are evolving as this vax was intended to evolve a synthetic human. Sometime I will have to inquire and then figure out how to provide the information to those who donate and are real, as the honor system is not working here in donations.

I know January 2023 AD in the year of our Lord was a waymark in this. Yet I seem to see males recovering somewhat, while I still see cars parked at angles and in other parking spots.

A blood clot brain is a bruised brain. Hence the headaches from swelling. Brain injury is a bad thing. Pedo Joe is a perfect example in personality and reasoning changes. Injure the brain and the persona changes of the person. The common term is punch drunk. A slower thought process and dulled senses. The reason for pointing this out, is for these bruised brains, for even in recovery, they still are injured and each blow or trauma worsens the condition. This vax is not a shot to the arm, but a Muhammed Ali type blow to the brain or a head injury from a car wreck. These brains will never recover and the 1% understand this in what the effects are.

We have witnessed the first wave of this. It appears those who pointed to mass extinction, are going to be mocked as liars, but what is taking place is what was warned. The people are being changed and literally made extinct like a caterpillar evolving into a moth.

The ReFusNik on the outside is learning what the vax guinea pigs are changing into.  It appears in my observations that we are evolving a people who will be happy to believe anything.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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