Wednesday, June 16, 2021

When the FBI talks LISTEN


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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK, for a Qanon review, we know that this was an NSA operation, of an original ranter and whoever took over the account. We know it was government, because if it was not, they would have their ass in jail and hauled out like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. So use your reasoning.

The twerks of the Qanon have gone and scattered which is more safe for them than hanging around a government psychological operation. What you have to listen to is the FBI as they are telling you things.

They are telling you that Qanon twerkers are dangerous. That means when an event takes place they will be blamed or shot.

What event is it? It will have to be large as Bidencon intends to grab AR 15's, make Mitch McConnell hide under his bed, blame Trump and his Bannonite Flynnsters, and there is that Domestic Terrrorism Law which is a month behind, so the fruit would seem quite ripe.

Say have you noticed as this blog defended Kamala Harris that other stories are appearing from "Kamala's People" that would be Birther Hussein's people, in being pissed off  that Bidencon is setting her up for a fall on the Border and exposing her in other impossible situations. All is not well in Dr. Jill land as there is infighting in Joe is not going quietly into the night and it appears Pedo Joe & Jill are having buyers remorse for the wog negress and want to name their own legacy child.

A new FBI report warns that QAnon conspiracy theorists could transition from being "digital soldiers" to committing real-world violence in the aftermath of the Jan. 6th attack, CNN reported Monday.

The state of play: The report suggests that this change is propelled by a belief among some fervent QAnon followers that "they can no longer trust 'the plan'" and they will take action instead of waiting for instructions "which have not occurred."

  • Other followers may "disengage" from the conspiracy theory as QAnon is deplatformed from mainstream sites or from the failure of QAnon promises to materialize.
  • However, other followers seek to radicalize and initiate new members on more niche social media sites, the report notes.
  • The QAnon movement began in a sprawling online network that analyzed cryptic messages in online forums by an anonymous figure “Q,," and its followers believe in dark and untrue conspiracies.

The big picture: The FBI describes QAnon as a "constantly evolving conspiracy theory" propelled by a "decentralized online community."

  • More than 20 QAnon followers have been arrested after participating in the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, per the report.

As most of the people attending Flynn rallies are paid by the FBI or Homeland, it would appear in this era of "tracking down 100 million MAGA folk" for January 6th that the same berserkers going off in urging violence, are just like the BATFE paid assets who gave the OKC bombers the bomb making materials. The FBI releasing information to the Mockingbird Media, is planting stories just as that sexy couple of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were planting stories for Russiagate.

Enough of the background as the foreground is the reality of posting this in STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ALL OF THIS, as I keep telling you. You keep your mouth shut, you pay your taxes, you obey the laws, you behave yourself, and you let some other Darwins who are auditioning take the casting call.

The time line in this is compressing. Events will have to be engaged in, for purposes to advance the next part of this. Your part is to trust in Jesus, be peaceful people and just let this storm pass over you.

Just logically look at this, what do you think millions of Homeland and FBI agents are going to do when they figure out if this vax goes south. They will turn on the system, and the 1% already knows this, so that is something the FBI has to work out along with Homeland amongst themselves.

The feds will work things out. Jesus works things out. You stay home and behave.

Nuff Said

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.