Sunday, July 25, 2021

A Wokester in Montana named Dan Bailey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Some of you have probably seen or read about Tucker Carlson being yelled at by a wokester in Livingston Montana, and the wokester being so very pleased that he posted it to his 20 seconds of fame on the internet.

What the Lame Cherry notices in forensic psychology, is how the people on little screens become such gods to those on the other side. By this, we can recall the stalkers of Jody Foster, John Lennon or other celebrities. What is amazing in this is how there is never a definitive trigger for a psychopathy of obsession. Recently we had a glimpse of a woman who does podcasts hating Trump and teed off on Eric Clapton as the most vile anti vaxer on the planet. Now Virginia Heffernan was just as wound up as Dan Bailey spewing hatred and most pleased with their verbal ejaculation, but when reality is examined, Tucker Carlson is no more the worse person on the planet than Eric Clapton, and yet for these people ranting at them, in that moment of association through the media, something inside of them has so triggered a response that they must act out appearing unbalanced, and being cheered by more unbalanced minds, who share the common need in their helplessness to lash out at celebrity. 

"What you have done to this state, to the United States, to everyone else in this world. What you have done to families, what you have done to everybody else in this world. I don’t care that your daughter is here. What you’ve done to people’s families,"

The above statement by Dan Bailey is simply bizarre. Tucker Carlson has done nothing to Montana. Tucker Carlson has done nothing to America. He has done nothing to any person's family or everyone in the world. Yet Dan Bailey has been made to feel so vulnerable concerning the vax that Tucker Carlson has touched something in him which has scared him. So Tucker Carlson has been elevated to the worst person in the world in harming people.

Some questions the wokester did not provide the evidence for is, how has Tucker Carlson stopped any government from dispatching the vax? How has Carlson stopped any person in this world who wanted to be vaxed, from getting that shot? The answer is Carlson has not, but Dan Bailey is afraid, not so much what Tucker Carlson's fictional power is ,but like Virginian Hefferman, it is what Eric Clapton is saying, in there are no safeguards from a plague. You can not protect yourself from a plague. The woke are terrified in they must believe any lie and they want to believe that this vax is going to save their lives and something unknown is not going to kill them. The problem which whispers to these vaxed is that  it is proven that vaxed people catch something that looks like the plague and numbers of vaxed people are sick and degrading.

The message of Tucker Carlson or Eric Clapton is factural. They have made it known the vax is not a cure as there is no cure for the common cold or spike proteins. This is more than people with beautiful lives in New York or Montana want to hear, because after being terrorized by Dr. Fauci for a year and a half, the reality is, the cure is not going to save anyone.

"It’s not everyday you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an asshole!,"

"This man has killed more people with vaccine misinformation, he has supported extreme racism, he is a fascist and does more to rip this country apart than anyone that calls themselves an American,"

None of the above makes any sense, except to someone who is afraid. It is not that the vax protects no one which is the worst moment now for the world, but it is Tucker Carlson asking that, and Dan Bailey degrades to name calling as he has nothing to back up his allegations.

It would be wonderful if Dan Bailey or any vax protagonist could supply just one name of one person who did not take the vax after hearing Tucker Carlson and died, because it would be evidence and not rant. The problem is no one has died from not taking the vax. The fact is unless you ate feces contaminated plague, the only people who died of this coronavirus were people who were going to die from the common cold this past flu season, as they has terminal conditions. 

I have given the example of my uncle who caught the virus, before there was a vax. He got over it. He was pushing 90, but the thing that killed him, was he was wearing a vax in a nursing home non stop, and form that he infected himself with a lethal strain of pneumonia he produced in his vax cocoon. It was regulations he had to follow, but that is what killed him, the NIH, CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci regulations, not Tucker Carlson, Eric Clapton or any celebrity.

The charges of Tucker Carlson being an extreme racist is pure woke as what is a non extreme racist? These adjectives which those of low mental understanding keep repeating expose them for not up to the debate of facts. No more so than calling Carlson a "fascist". Trucker Carlson is not a fascist. Here is the definition


A political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

Carlson has never once espoused anything of the kind or type.

The strange ending of Dan Bailey though is revealing, as he accuses Carlson again to being a god of ripping America apart.........than anyone who calls themselves an American.

Now why would that phrase appear, as are we not all Americans, unless Dan Bailey is saying that Americans are the problem, and as he is not the problem, but the judge, jury and executioner of internet lynching, in front of a little girl, just what is Dan Bailey defining himself as, as a person calls themselves something as a cover, instead of being that something. One calls themselves Americans when one does not believe in things American, instead of naturally in their heart being an American without thought.

Let us review though the validation of Dan Bailey as by his actions, this is what fulfilled him on this day. Dan Bailey saw someone who is on television who scares him. He then goes over and yells at that person, not caring a child was present, because Dan Bailey was so scared he just had to degrade the other person, not with facts, but insults and lies, to make the facts the other person presented as lies to Dan Bailey. Dan Bailey was very proud of his accomplishment as he recorded this, to raise himself to Tucker Carlson's level in his mind, and posted it to the internet to show how courageous he was to other afraid snowflakes, who rolled around in this internet carrion, bathed in the same stench of their own fear.

Dan Bailey thinks he has shown himself as brave and powerful and that is why he proudly posted his trophy. The reality is Dan Bailey exposed himself as someone hiding out in Montana from the outside world. He is afraid and incapable of dealing with real world relationships. He is a large man in a polite world, an if Tucker Carlson was bigger than Dan Bailey, Dan Bailey never would have approached him out of fear. Tucker Carlson is everything Dan Bailey is not. There was zero accomplishment in this for Dan Bailey. He does not comprehend that his audience breaks him down to the same base descriptions he hurled at Tucker Carlson 

So Dan Bailey screamed at Tucker Carlson. The reality is the baboons of Africa do the same thing to the lions an leopards, and when the din clears, Tucker Carlson is still lord of the media jungle and Dan Bailey is still hiding in his Montana tree, afraid of Tucker Carlson.

The good news is that Tucker Carlson is playing the same role that Peggy Noonan to Sean Hannity has on the right, and if Dan Bailey just waits a bit more, Tucker will be defending Hunter Biden..........oh he did that, and will be saying all those comforting woke things that Dan Bailey deludes himself with.

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