Saturday, July 24, 2021

Attractive People Make Good Government.


It is a good thing you Kennedy boys are attractive or someone
in government might shoot you.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had hopes when Attorney General Merrick Garland announced his Storm Trooper Force One to attack gun crime in America that when he mentioned that Deputy Attorney General Monaco would join in the attack, that she looked like Kelly Monaco.

Well she short of looks like Kelly and maybe is a cousin or something, but I just can not get inspired by a woman who wears blue green algae colored dresses.  I mean the FBI used to have standards in looking J Edgar Hoover sharp dressed man, but for some reason the standards have lapsed with all of these operations meant to frame up the Jan6ers. 

It is not just that, but the leadership at the DOJ. I don't know who the black guy is, because he never got feature time in gun confiscation, but he looks like that tall guy who use to play basketball for the Houston astros or some NBA franchise that I forget.

I think that the Attorney General should have appointed Don Cheadle as everyone loves this fine actor and he did play like a New York Prosecutor on Law and Order, and did a really great job.

The public would be much more interested in law enforcement if Kelly Monaco was the Deputy Attorney General and Don Cheadel was the Black guy walking by the White people who are in power.

During the Bush years, the ATF really went after gun dealers. ATF would show up when people were not home and smash their offices up and scatter things around. Karl Rove made it expensive for gun dealers to do business which drove lots of people out of making a living.

I'm really an expert on gun purchases as I just purchased one. It was out of necessity as our game departments have a lust for growing predators which murder everything, and I had a coyote just off our driveway yesterday morning, so the remedy was to purchase a centerfire rifle. 

I'm not about to buy an AR 15 and they are ugly guns so I purchased a cheap ugly hunting rifle with a scope. The reason it was possible is I signed up for a credit card I will never use and got 70 bucks taken off the price.

This is not about credit cards but about the BATFE form you have to fill out. You do it on computer now. You fill out your name, address, dimensions, if you are not a Mexican, if you are not a foreigner, it is quite profiling and discriminating, unlike voting, and then they make sure you are the one who is going to shoot the gun, and that you are not nuts, a wife beater, a dope head, a felon, someone who renounced the United States or did things that BLM, ANTIFA and Obama are fond of. I think the form would be easier if they just asked, Are you Barack Hussein Obama, and then answer NO an you would get your gun.

So they copy your driver ID, and you sign the form electronically, date it, and the seller sends it off to the BATFE and the FBI runs your name instantly through the criminal data base, and for me it usually comes back in minutes. As there are not many Lame Cherry's around and none of them are terrorists or things which BLM and ANTIFA are celebrated for now.

That is how some people get delays in like if your name was Christopher Wray, that BATFE flags all federal police and delays their buying guns as FBI agents are deemed dangerous, as the murderer of Ashli Babbitt proved. Of if your name is like, Martha Stewart or Bill Cosby, that is going to cause a hang up. Sometimes it is like fifteen minutes, but sometimes it just sits there and people have to leave. The deal on that is I think it is if the BATFE does not deny you in 3 days, then you get to buy your gun.

When Homeland came and interviewed me, I did have to wait a bit for that one, unless it was just a day that millions of people were buying guns at that moment.  Otherwise when I was in the metro and bought a shotgun that took some time too, as I was out of state.  But in most instances the BATFE people do their job well and it takes longer to fill out the form or to actually buy the gun at the counter than the BATFE wait.

I did surprise the check out gal in the credit card application as that was verified as quickly as she hit the send key.

What can I say, people just like me in positions of power of credit and law enforcement. I would suspect if I called up the White House that they would put me immediately through to anyone there and want to hire me. 

In that, I think I would make a better Attorney General than Merrick Garland, as the AG has done nothing to improve the Homeland agent's ID's. They have these cheap looking badges. Now if I was AG I would hand them all out gold stars and some kind of cool, red, white and blue credit card ID that would change colors as you moved it around. I know I would put all law enforcement into black and white vehicles with a big red orb on top that flashed. All federal agents would get rid of those little pistols and I would arm them with 45 caliber Thompson sub machine guns. They would have nice walnut stocks and grips too, none of this plastic stuff and big drum ammo magazines like J Edgar had. They would all get 38 Special Colts too and could keep them until the vax turned them into retards.

I also would stop the delays in not letting law enforcement officers not get their guns they purchase the same day. Cops should not be penalized for being cops.

I think the biggest problem in America, is there are not any attractive people in power. Once upon a time you had John Kennedy, a real man whore, murdering doper, and no one cared as he was handsome. If say someone like Kiran Chetry was Surgeon General people would be vaxed, That Anthony Fauci looks like those flying chimps on the Wiz of Oz. No one wants to get a vax and look like Fauci. Attractive people make good government. Always has been that way, and the problems arise is when people who do not dress sharp start ordering people around.

I think Rahm Emanuel would have made a good Attorney General as he is handsome and he would have worked some kind of deal out, even if he had to allow crime in Chicago because Obama was breaking the big drug lords for small ones to increase Wall Street profits. That is not Emanuel's fault, no more than it is an ugly person's fault for being not able to get things done.

It is like the choice to head ATF. He is all wrong as he looks like some Kennedy sperm had a bad day.

See what I mean.  No one wants their guns grabbed by something like this. The choice should have been someone like, Alyssa Jayne Milano. ATF agents would relish coming into work. Probably have a mass increase of lesbian agents and transvesters as women would want to have sex changes to have sex with AJM. No that this would have any bearing on law enforcement, but we are no longer interested in enforcing the law, just the woke reasons jobs exist.

So anyway, I hope the best for ending illegal guns, but I don't think the Attorney General is receiving correct information, as gun dealers just can not sell guns in bulk or get by in criminal enterprises as the buyer has to have as Social Security Number or Tax ID, and all of that is cross checked. It is not like stealing credit card information, which the FBI never did respond to my inquiries on that, but I suppose they were busy in the Trump era planning for January 6th.

I know we can all agree that we need more attractive people in government. They are not making movies any more so like Ronald Reagan they should be employed in government to make us all feel better.

Oh one more thing, the Attorney General needs to outlaw cities over 5000 people as it is a proven fact that major crime does not happen in small cities. So if we just outlaw people living in large cities it would solve all of our problems, providing of course we have only attractive people in big government.

You know, they say does a forest make a sound when a tree falls if no one is there to here it. Same difference in, is there really any crimes committed if there was not a government to say there are crimes.

Yes, that makes sense, there would not be any criminals if we did not have a government. It is obviously related that government and laws cause crime. Sure that is why BLM and ANTIFA want to end the police, as no police, no arrests an no crime. Now if we could just solve Merrick Garland's problem in terrorism only happens in the daylight and not the dark when BLM an ANTIFA burn things down.
 You know the 1% had a solution back in the 1950's. They were going to explode a nuclear bomb on Jupiter so earth would have light 24 hours a day so we would never sleep and work all the time. That would solve terrorism as wait that would mean ANTIFA and BLM would be terrorists. No we can not have that, so let's just bomb the sun and turn it off, that way it will all be dark and there will be no terrorism. Well we have to have some light as people will want to see their attractive leaders who are making an end to crime now that it is dark all the time.

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