Sunday, July 11, 2021

America Finally Has It's Artistic Hitler


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry realizes that many of you who think that Hunter Biden's artworks look like he sneezed some rainbow paint he was huffing onto a canvas, but that is only because you are looking at the cheap 500,000 dollar paintings this maestro is offering.

Yes some are saying this is the White House getting bribes in using Hunter's paintings as a cover, but let us face the reality that Picasso's paintings go for 150,000 dollars and will Picasso really stand the test of time, compared to the greatest artist of our era, in Hunter Biden.

The Lame Cherry was provided exclusive access to some of the ultra private works of Hunter Biden which only the 1% or leaders with nuclear bombs of underage children will have access to. These works of art are masterpieces and this poor orphan girl believes that Hunter Biden could wipe out the national debt of the United States with one painting as they are this good.

The first exclusive painting is entitled: LINES IN A MIRROR.

Lines in a Mirror is a self portrait in the artists struggling years. If you look real close you will see Hunter's sex partner, Malia Obama with her own straw as she poses naked on the bed.

BONGS WITHOUT BORDERS is the next featured painting.

This work is concerned with Hunter's having sex with his brother's wife and the joy it all brought to the Biden family in love, as Hunter was trying to share the love with children in the family too.

Next up is BABY DADDY.

This touching tribute to the many children that Hunter Biden has fathered and was forced to take bribes in order to pay for the care of his children is a tribute to the male ethos of what a man will do for his family.

My personal favorite is one of Hunter's employers handing him the money, in HUNTER HAS A YEN.

In this the brave artist shows he is above the law in prosecution and how easy it is for anyone to be successful.  Hunter can not be tried over this revelation due to the fact that he can not provide evidence against himself. Such bravery is the message of the Biden legacy.

Lastly, is a gritty painting simply called ROACH.

Hunter calls this his Bruce Springsteen song of the canvas. A man has to do what a Hunter has to do is what he says of this painting. Such a masterpiece and it would be a good thing if Tucker Carlson stopped mocking his friend and start appreciating this virtuoso of the canvas.

The mockery should stop as the one painting which Hunter Biden has sworn he will never part with is from his ultra private collection, simply named Nip & Tuck.

It is believed that Nip is the pet name which Tucker Carlson has for his friend in this portrait Hunter created from memory during the carefree days of their being neighbors, laying on the deck, snapping towels at each other and sharing the occasional Dos Equis.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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