Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Humanity Leadership is Evil as Exposed by Reverse Speech

 I know I'm the second most beautiful woman in DC,
but my tits are more largely comforting than Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There were not many revelations from the David John Oates reversals on Rense.com, save that Jen Psaki is honest in she is a con woman and the press is satan. The Australian State Premier though mentioned a SORE. I do not know if this sore from a nasal swab or the reference to a sore which will develop. The Oz PM months ago spoke of a scab.

And speaking of a scab, Anthony Fauci was lying again. He is pathological as that is all he does and he enjoys it. He did mention NASA. Something in this is all linked to the black operations which NASA is involved in. This vax is about the SynForms. NASA is linked into demon technology and the connection appears to be this synthetic evolution of humans is NASA expects to benefit from it.

Jen Psaki

To create enforcement on harmful posts - I see your puppet

The homebuilders - Sly release this

They will welcome the Jordanian monarchs - Then they test the blood

Threatening the peace of Hong Kong - Say British and name Iraq

Members of the media - Sly demon

People not taking vaccine and then they die - Then they get conned

Change with grassroots movement - It's a con

American rescue plan - See the lack on this

The lessons we learned - We sell with our boost

As it relates to ransom wear - Do I know her face

Go ahead sorry - Oh a woman

Laid out our schedule - In the con sees that's the name

I think I will finally get lucky with vax zombie sex.

State Premier Steve Marshall

That is positive for this situation - Adored the wolf

Can see what happens with displays - He loves the fuss

Consumption of beverages - See it Lucifer

Some are coming back with PCR - The sores that seek your sick

I want to share that my testicles resemble Valencia raisins

Anthony Fauci

A 90% protection compared to not vaccinated - Look at me the con, I need a con

The grant to Wuhan - Worst evil

People over 65 have received one shut - Hush now seal the beast

Until we get many many more people vaccinated - When you lock the hope

A very low level of vaccination is where the infections occur - Worse with NASA

I you are fully vaccinated - Bring in the big warning, yes.

Nuff Said