Thursday, July 8, 2021

Klaus Schwab Questions World Power Grid Being Taken Down

Ich spreche Englisch, da ich dieses Gangsterrennen zuerst beenden werde, anstatt zuletzt, wie es Führer Hitler beabsichtigt hatte.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The PHD of Death, Klaus Schwab of the globalists in the below examination is asking about the power grids being taken down. Schwab addressed a global pandemic in late 2019 AD in the year of our Lord, which has been used to reshape the world, and now Schwab says that was absolutely a non event compared to the power grids.

The presenter of this video speaks of Bitcoin and what it will look like, and he is wrong, because Bitcoin does not exist without electricity. You can have a billion dollars in Bitcoin and it is not worth jack or shit without power.

In this, the Lame Cherry projects something far more encompassing, as without electricity people will not be able to work or earn money. Money will be hard to come by, as it will be a matter of credit card terminals will probably remain optional, but this is only for control of buy and sell.

I foresee the using of this power grid take down to remove all gasoline for cars, so everyone will not be mobile, and gas will not be available, for the advent of electric cars. It will be a dictatorial policy as people will be melted down in resistance in a few days as their entire world will be gone. They will do anything to get electric back up and some fiction of normalcy. 
Pedo Joe is moving to revamp the electric grid. There is not enough electric for electric cars, unless transportation is public, and people are moved into work camps for their 'employment'. A reduced use and population would provide for the green cars on the fertilizer of dead humans.

The police state will keep it's power for war. Electric though places both Russia and China from technology to their hordes again in war. Nothing is going to operate without major difficulty. Entire grids are going to have to go back to operating BEFORE COMPUTERS. There are probably few experts alive who know how to manage a power grid with gauges, instead of computer breakers.

This would be the great reset. It would allow the police state control and compliance.

I would suggest that you have a 6 month supply of commodities stored. If you do not have an alternative to heat your dwelling than electric or gas, and the funds set aside to pay that bill if the gas is on........which in most cases needs electric to run a furnace, so life is going to be hard for those who have to sit on a furnace turning it off and on so they do not burn their homes down.

If you observe, you can see whose grids are targeted just as who got the bioweapon and the vax. Klaus Schwab it speaking in English and that is whose peoples this is going to be directed at.

Can an entire nation's grid be taken down? No it can not, but I will revisit a text book area as it has been studied previously. Observe North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Minnesota has ceased all gas and coal electric generation. It was exported to North Dakota and South Dakota for pollution, which have problems with wind power clutter, and this crosses the borders in the grid to Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska. So you see a region which the rich contract out their power. The Dakotas have hydro power to supplement. Will this region go black? Yes in regions it will. Now the question comes, what will powerful states do in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas do if they see the electric is on in a land of cow chips? They will seize it of course and begin using long transmission lines. This will have already been factored in by the 1%.

Your guns, your stocks, your cuddle notes with powerful people are not going to amount to jack or shit in this Schwabinland. All the money you are not donating is going to be rationed to you, and I would foresee some Bidencon law which would just seize all bank accounts and stocks, and the regime would ration what you need, and the regime would take the money out of your accounts and portfolios to feed you your daily bread.

This reset is for absolute control, and that means control of everything beyond what you hear in the media which will be one central broadcast, timed like Pavlov's dog for you to huddle in the darkness to hear and be programmed by.

The 1% will have power as they always do. Lights attract attention, but the zombie vax which has been given to most of the police and military, will have them ignorantly not asking why their superiors have lights while they are bit by bugs in the dark. The zombie plays a roll in this to stop a counter revolution before it starts.

Having been through this several times, this is going to be tough on all of you. All of you will go through what they once termed Cabin Fever, or more to the point, you will go psychotic in the isolation, fear and having your normal routine disrupted. I have mentioned that humans usually act out in three ways, they either kill themselves, they either kill others, or they get religion. In any case, people will be goofy as hell and not be creatures you want to be around in being exposed.

Your spheres will have to be your secure home, and then a lie that your getting out will be your yard, and a real cross country adventure you go fetch your mail. You psychologically condition yourself. I'm more fortunate in the Brier Patch as everyone here is nuts already and we are used to being goofy and deprived.  The police state will not want anyone organizing, but you are going to have to find your fellow travelers as of old, and mutual looking out for each other will be your tribal caste.

Do not worry about the old people, nosy people or pests who call the police. They took the vax, will be zombie catatonic and are intended by the 1% to be cropped. They will not survive above animals status for a year.

If you are in a city, a recommendation would be to drill two post holes deep, and cover with disk blades. You will need someplace with your bucket to drop your shit into after dark, if the sewers stop flushing.

In Schwabinland, the structure is not going to go down permanently. This is designed to deprive areas which would rise up to the power grab, and to provide other areas as colonial camps for the Chicom, Muslim and Latin replacements. This will last just long enough to whip your asses to being broken, but not long enough so you start enjoying yourself in figuring out you can live like the Pioneers in making life and war, sleeping under a tree with your smudge fire in your blanket tent.

They are doing this to break the population's will, not transform them into a fighting spirit with a will to live.

- Lame Cherry

If I was in luxury, instead of bitching that you think you have less than this popular girl with God, I would be bribing the popular girl and paying off God to curry favor instead of wrath in donating as Herr Schwab is a prophet with your future.

Put it this way, turn off your cell phone, and then say out loud, "I am rich", now figure out how you are going to pay for things with that phone off, and your credit cards not working in the machines. No electricity means all of that money is gone. It means the 1% is going to seize it all, and decide for the greater good what that money is used for in rationing you your life.

You have proven since 2016 in the election of Donald John Trump, how damned contemptible stupid most of you are in having abandoned me fury and then in fear hung onto your Shylock cons in this pandemic and vax after I saved your luxurious lives. Get your head out of your asses for what is coming and start investing where you should have been all along. This blog by God got you here to this point, away from Hamrod. You were beat since Obama stole it twice and still you act  like you are the geniuses. You are all children and brats who need minding. Either you get it from me or the 1% in Schwabinland. You make the wrong decisions as numbers of you have, and you are so far into the zombie camp you will never get out.

Achtung, meine Kinder, zahlt, was ihr schuldet, wenn das dunkle Pferd kommt.

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