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The Most Productive Film Star Ever


I had to file a lawsuit with Webster's dictionary as starting with A for Awesome
they kept using my picture as the definitions of how incredible I am.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to John Barbour and he reviews movies, but the fact is he is too high brow, as he thinks the best script ever was Network. No that script was depressing propaganda. I could point to the best script could be Big Jake, as there is more life sense in that movie than all that other shit out there, and that includes All About Eve starring Betty Davis, another caustic female no one could ever be attracted to.

I have been thinking about this, as Joaquin Phoenix is the greatest actor ever, and as this blog wrote the time line for Mr Phoenix to save the Batman series after Ben Affleck killed it off, after the foundational work of Adam West, just who has created the greatest volume of work which has had the most effect on movies.

Of course the leftists, wanted to create a second Jimmy Stewart in Tom Hanks. Honestly Tom Hanks for all his Opie Taylor billing, has not amounted to anything. Hanks is embarrassing in Bosom Buddies where Peter Scolari was the genius there, and then that Bachelor Party thing, and what else do you have after that but Forest Privates Ryan.

The same with Tom Cruise, what an over billing.

Some in Bruce Willis, Arnold and Sylvester Stalone have made some large movies, as much as Charleton Heston, Lee Marvin, but there is someone else who has made the difference.

Nicholas Cage.

This actor has made so many movies and they are all watchable. I disliked that Vegas movie as I hate depressing movies, but Mr. Cage makes movies and when you put him into the movies those movies are all watchable.

They are all good movies.  The difference is with the greatest actor ever is Joaquin Phoenix is in a number of bad movies or movies which are trying. Walk the Line is a wonderful movie, but it is not one you want to watch again. Nicholas Cage though has movies that you want to watch again. That to me is what is the mark of great films, in you want to watch them again, even though you have watched them a dozen times before, because you enjoy them.

I can watch John Wayne's best films over and over, but even Mr. Wayne did not make the volume of movies that Mr. Cage has. No one has equaled Nicholas Cage's body of work. John Travolta who is just off putting, has made some very watchable movies, just as Mel Gibson has created as fine a group of masterpieces of movies without equal, but Cage pulls away in the volume of work.

I have not seem most of Mr. Cages work, but as proof, look how prolific he has been, and he literally was never disappeared by the large actors he starred with.

1982Fast Times at Ridgemont HighBrad's BudCredited as Nicolas Coppola[1]
1983Valley GirlRandy[12]
Rumble FishSmokey[13]
1984Racing with the MoonNicky[14]
The Cotton ClubVincent Dwyer[15]
BirdyAl Columbato[16]
1986The Boy in BlueNed Hanlan[17]
Peggy Sue Got MarriedCharlie Bodell[18]
1987Raising ArizonaH.I. McDunnough[19]
MoonstruckRonny Cammareri[20]
1988Vampire's KissPeter Loew[7]
1989Never on TuesdayMan in red sports carDirect-to-video; uncredited[21]
Time to KillEnrico Silvestri[22]
1990Wild at HeartSailor Ripley[23]
Fire BirdsJake Preston[24]
1991ZandaleeJohnny CollinsDirect-to-video[25]
1992Honeymoon in VegasJack Singer[26]
1993Amos & AndrewAmos Odell[27]
Red Rock WestMichaelDirect-to-video[28]
1994Guarding TessDoug Chesnic[30]
It Could Happen to YouCharlie Lang[31]
Trapped in ParadiseBill Firpo[32]
A Century of CinemaHimselfDocumentary[33]
1995Kiss of DeathLittle Junior Brown[34]
Leaving Las VegasBen Sanderson[35]
1996The RockStanley Goodspeed[36]
1997Con AirCameron Poe[37]
Face/OffCastor Troy[38]
1998City of AngelsSeth[39]
Snake EyesRick Santoro[40]
19998mmTom Welles[41]
Bringing Out the DeadFrank Pierce[42]
2000Gone in 60 SecondsMemphis Raines[43]
The Family ManJack Campbell[44]
Bel AirN/AProducer[45]
Shadow of the VampireN/AProducer[46]
2001Captain Corelli's MandolinCaptain Antonio Corelli[47]
Christmas Carol: The MovieJacob MarleyDirect-to-video; voice role[48]
2002WindtalkersJoe Enders[49]
SonnyAcid YellowAlso director and producer[50]
AdaptationCharlie Kaufman / Donald Kaufman[51]
2003The Life of David GaleN/AProducer[52]
Matchstick MenRoy Waller[53]
2004National TreasureBenjamin Franklin Gates[54]
2005Lord of WarYuri OrlovAlso producer[55]
The Weather ManDavid Spritz[56]
2006The Ant BullyZocVoice role[57]
World Trade CenterJohn McLoughlin[58]
The Wicker ManEdward MalusAlso producer[59]
2007Ghost RiderJohnny Blaze / Ghost Rider[60]
GrindhouseFu ManchuSegment: "Werewolf Women of the SS"[61]
NextCris JohnsonAlso producer[62]
National Treasure: Book of SecretsBenjamin Franklin Gates[63]
2008Bangkok DangerousJoeAlso producer[64]
2009KnowingJohn Koestler[65]
G-ForceSpecklesVoice role[66]
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New OrleansTerence McDonagh[67]
Astro BoyDr. TenmaVoice role[68]
2010Kick-AssDamon Macready / Big Daddy[69]
The Sorcerer's ApprenticeBalthazarAlso executive producer[70]
2011Season of the WitchBehmen[71]
Drive AngryMilton[72]
Seeking JusticeWill Gerard[73]
TrespassKyle MillerDirect-to-video[74]
Ghost Rider: Spirit of VengeanceJohnny Blaze / Ghost Rider[75]
2012A Thousand WordsN/AProducer[76]
StolenWill Montgomery[77]
Can't Stop Losing You: Surviving the PoliceN/AProducer; documentary[78]
2013The CroodsGrugVoice role[79]
The Frozen GroundSgt. Jack HalcombeDirect-to-video[80]
2014RagePaul MaguireDirect-to-video[82]
Left BehindRayford Steele[84]
Dying of the LightEvan LakeDirect-to-video[85]
2015The RunnerColin PryceDirect-to-video[86]
Pay the GhostMike LawfordDirect-to-video[87]
2016The TrustStoneDirect-to-video[88]
Dog Eat DogTroy[89]
SnowdenHank Forrester[90]
USS Indianapolis: Men of CourageCaptain McVayDirect-to-video[91]
Army of OneGary FaulknerDirect-to-video[92]
2017ArsenalEddie KingDirect-to-video[93]
Vengeance: A Love StoryJohnDirect-to-video; also producer[94]
Mom and DadBrent[96]
2018MandyRed Miller[97]
Looking GlassRayDirect-to-video[98]
The Humanity BureauNoah KrossDirect-to-video[99]
211Mike ChandlerDirect-to-video[100]
Teen Titans Go! To the MoviesSupermanVoice role[101]
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VersePeter Parker / Spider-Man NoirVoice role[102]
Between WorldsJoe MajorsDirect-to-video[103]
2019Love, AntoshaNarrator[104]
A Score to SettleFrankAlso executive producer[105]
Color Out of SpaceNathan[106]
Running with the DevilThe CookDirect-to-video[107]
Kill ChainArañaDirect-to-video[108]
PrimalFrank WalshDirect-to-video[109]
Grand IsleWalterDirect-to-video[110]
2020Jiu JitsuWylieDirect-to-video[111]
The Croods: A New AgeGrugVoice role[112]
2021Prisoners of the GhostlandHeroDirect-to-video[113]
Willy's WonderlandThe JanitorDirect-to-video; also producer[114]
PigRobAlso producer[115]
2022The Retirement PlanTBA[116]
TBAThe Unbearable Weight of Massive TalentNicolas CageAlso producer[117


I'm going to show the ability of Nichoals Coppola. He starred with John Travolta in Face Off, an the fact is, you have affintiy with Cage as a criminal, who has heinous crimes and you still like him, because Travolta can never connect with an audience.

The only equal to Nicholas Cage is Clint Eastwood in volume, but Eastwood was never able to hit the comedic range of Cage in bringing humor, Eastwood had to rely on others, like Chief Dan George an Ruth Gordon.

So that is the correct assessment of the most productive film star ever. Cage was the buoy which floated an industry, as the Cars did in Rock n Roll and Ronald Reagan did the Republican Party.

Perhaps the Lame Cherry will do a tribute to the greatest non starring actor, by choice, in Stephen Boyd.

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